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210 Cool Nicknames For Sage

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In ancient Greek history, the seven sages who were famous philosophers were highly regarded and respected.

These seven sages created the future path for other philosophers like Plato. Apart from being an honored title for wise people, Sage is also used as a first and last name.

Sage is said to have an English origin and was first popular in Britain as a family name. The name sage means simple, pious, and learned. The name sage is neither a girl name nor a boy name specifically. It is a unisex name that can be given as a title to a boy or a girl who leads a simple life. Many parents across the world name the baby after a popular sage.

Unique Nicknames For Sage

All parents wish to give unique and best nicknames for their babies. Are you one of them? Then your search ends here. Please find below some unique ideas of nicknames for sage.

  • Aadipta- This means splendid or brilliant and also blazing up.
  • Aaradhya- Aaradhya is of Indian origin, which means to be worshipped.
  • Aboli- Aboli is the name of a flower.
  • Age- The meaning of age is an ancestor.
  • Ani- It is a name of Slavic origin and means very beautiful.
  • Azalea-  This originated from the Greek word Azaleos which means dry.
  • Benjamin- Son of my right hand.
  • Bridget- Vigor, power, virtue, strength.
  • Casper- A personal and family name derived from Ara Treasurer.
  • Chimpu- Joyful, explorer, expert.
  • Cookie- Sweet biscuit.
  • Dahlia- A valley or dahl flower which is of Scandinavian origin.
  • Dicki- Powerful leader.
  • Dino- Little sword in Spanish.
  • Dolly- Gift of God.
  • Emily Sage- To strive or to excel.
  • Genevieve Sage- Woman of the race.
  • Gee gee- The word Gee gee means a pledge.
  • Gina- Famous warrior, queen, well-born.
  • Kylie Sage- A beautiful or graceful person or a princess.
  • Lalita- Talkative, Playful.
  • Leo- Leo means brave personality or a lion-hearted person.
  • Marigold- Golden flower.
  • Michelle- Who resembles God.
  • Namir- Highborn, Noble
  • Nimra- A person who is soft, polite, and humble.
  • Nora Sage- Honor, Light.
  • Nova- Means new, arising from the Latin word Novus.
  • Penelope Sage- A Weaver.
  • Princess- Royal Daughter.
  • Raja- A ruler in ancient Indian history.
  • Saffron- Yellow flower.
  • Sage Adele- God, is eternal.
  • Clover- Meadow flower.
  • Sage River- A flowing body of water.
  • Sage Giselle- To pledge.
  • Sage Iris- Hope, trust, wisdom.
  • Sage Legend- Story, History.
  • Sage Lilliana- Symbol of beauty, innocence, purity.
  • Sage Louise- Famous warrior.
  • Sage Victoria- Symbolizes power and confidence.
  • Sequoyah- Sparrow.
  • Shanaya- Distinguished, First ray of sun, Eminent personality.
  • Shashibala- Moon-like face.
  • Sonam- Fortunate, gifted.
  • Tolu- To God.
  • Tuli- A fine paintbrush.
  • Tulip- Turban and also the name of a flower.
  • Veda- Perfection in speech.
  • Vicky- Victory.
  • Willa- Resolute protection.

Funny Nicknames For Sage

If you are looking for some funny nicknames for your kids, then we may help you with the below suggested nicknames for sage.

  • Aadhish- Believing in the existence of God.
  • Amy- Beloved one.
  • Aspen- A tree with heart-shaped leaves.
  • Avni- The Earth.
  • Azalia- Free-spirited or freedom-loving person.
  • Bebo- Loved one.
  • Bela- It means jasmine flower and white as per Czech origin.
  • Belladonna- Beautiful lady.
  • Benu- Flute, created with immense power,
  • Bill- Resolute protector.
  • Brie- This word means marshland.
  • Chikki- Cute, sweet.
  • Chinu- Short, cute, small.
  • Elizabeth Sage- God is my oath.
  • Emma Sage- Whole or universal.
  • Felix- Lucky or happy.
  • Ginger-  Red hair.
  • Harmoni Sage- A musical combination of chords.
  • Ibha- Elephant.
  • Kanha- Young.
  • Kimana- Butterfly.
  • Laado- Lovely.
  • Lydia Sage- Beautiful one.
  • Melody Sage- Music or song.
  • Mishka- Gift from God, Gift of love, niche for light.
  • Panchi- A bird.
  • Panda- Meaning hope.
  • Paro- Elderly woman.
  • Priscilla Sage- Ancient, venerable, primordial.
  • Raima- Loving, sunshine.
  • Sacha- Defending warrior.
  • Sage Charlotte- Free.
  • Sage Calista- Most beautiful.
  • Sage Carmel- Garden, orchid
  • Sage Gracelynn- Pleasing, elegant, infused with beauty.
  • Sage Irene- Peace.
  • Sage Kiara- Clear, light.
  • Sage Quinn- Wise.
  • Sage Wren- Small brown songbird.
  • Saia- Peaceful, kind, fortunate, merciful.
  • Sandy- Protector of mankind.
  • Sascha- Defender.
  • Sasha- Helper of mankind.
  • Saskia- A Saxon woman.
  • Sequoia- Sparrow.
  • Shae- Admirable.
  • Shaye- Courteous.
  • Shea- Dauntless, admirable.
  • Shiuli- A flower.
  • Skye- Island of clouds.
  • Sue- Lily.
  • Sugey- A desirable person with ambitious nature.
  • Suki- Loved one.
  • Sukie- A rose or a lily.
  • Susie- Lily.
  • Tulsi- Basil.
  • Vana- Golden colored.
  • William- A strong-willed warrior.
  • Zinnia- A flower from the aster family.

Good Nicknames For Sage

According to ancient history, the seven sages were people from different areas like law, politics, and philosophy. Below given are some of the best nickname ideas related to Sage.

  • Addey- Noble.
  • Akki- Lovely.
  • Amee- Beloved.
  • Aroo- A meticulous and patient person.
  • Asya- God, has favored me.
  • Audrey- Noble, strength.
  • Beatrice Sage- Bringer of blessings, joy.
  • Bella- Beautiful.
  • Chikoo- Sweet, beautiful.
  • Cuckoo-  An European bird.
  • Diana Sage- Divine.
  • Francesca Sage- Free.
  • Gwendolyn Sage- A blessed ring or a fair bow.
  • Harriet Sage- Home ruler.
  • Inkberry- A North American tree with blackberry fruits.
  • Joanna Sage- God is gracious.
  • Kale- Free man.
  • Lila- Dark beauty.
  • Makhan- Soft.
  • Manu- Attractive, wise, ruler of the Earth.
  • Mili- Who is like me.
  • Nikki- Victory.
  • Niru- Beauty of Heavenly Goddess.
  • Olive- Olive tree.
  • Pebbles- Small rocks.
  • Piu- Love, Beloved.
  • Rosy- Fame or literally a rose.
  • Sadie- Princess.
  • Sagie- Free-spirited or freedom-loving individual.
  • Saga- The one who sees everything.
  • Sage Jace- Healer. Lord of salvation.
  • Sage Timothy- Honored by God.
  • Sage Darlene- Darling.
  • Sage Eliana- My God, has answered.
  • Sage Gabrielle- God is my strength.
  • Sagen- From the saw mill.
  • Sagy- Perfumed.
  • Saige- Wise.
  • Sashy- Defender.
  • Sayah- A shadow or a shade.
  • Sayge- A prophet.
  • Shakia- An extremely good-looking woman.
  • Shruti- that which can be heard.
  • Surya- Sun God.
  • Toad- Contemptible.
  • Tubl- Blessedness.
  • Viju- Winner.
  • Yudi- Brave, strong, bold.
  • Yuri- The light of God.

Cute Nicknames For Sage

Looking for some cute nicknames for your cute child? Pick any one of the below cute nicknames for sage for your cute baby.

  • Amogh- Fruitful, Unerring.
  • Amu- The name of a river in Central Asia.
  • Arnit- Beautiful flower.
  • Arokya- Very pious.
  • Beatrix- Traveller, voyager.
  • Betty- Oath of God.
  • Cedar- A tree that has a distinct scent.
  • Daisy- Day's eye.
  • Dipu- Light, flame, shining.
  • Dushtu- Spring frog.
  • Flora- It means flower.
  • Gora- Mountain hill.
  • Harper- A person who plays the harp.
  • Iris Sage- Rainbow.
  • Ishu- Beautiful, Angel.
  • Juhit- Jasmine flower, brightness.
  • Lark- A songbird that is playful and lighthearted.
  • Lili- Oath of God.
  • Luna Sage- Moon.
  • Margarita- Pearl.
  • Marshall- Love of horses.
  • Misha- The one who resembles God.
  • Mishty- Sweet personality.
  • Momo- Peach.
  • Mudit- Happy.
  • Nilu- Rich, Beautiful.
  • Nimerah- Modesty, strength, tigress, beauty, power.
  • Nimue- The Lady of the lake.
  • Pakhi- A sweet singing beautiful bird.
  • Pinky- Of pink color.
  • Prishu- Loving, God gifted.
  • Rick- Brave, powerful ruler.
  • Sage Tiffany- Manifestation of God.
  • Sage Cambria- Wales.
  • Sage Elouise- Famous warrior.
  • Sage Harlyn- Army land.
  • Sage Lillian- Purity, Lily.
  • Sage Makenzie- Son of the wise ruler, fire born.
  • Sage Nicole- People of Victory.
  • Sage Paulina- Small.
  • Sage Rae- Female sheep.
  • Sage Raelynn- Princess of divine light, beautiful lamb, a beam of light.
  • Sage Tatiana- Fairy queen.
  • Sage Willow- Freedom, willow tree.
  • Sally- Princess.
  • Shae- Admirable.
  • Sorrel- Reddish brown hair.
  • Srikant- Good, charming.
  • Swara- Self-shining tones.
  • Toshi- Bright.
  • Yasmin- Jasmine flower.

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