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60+ Creative Nicknames For Ariel

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A nickname is an informal term for someone or something, especially one given to you by friends or family, that is generally based on your true name or character.

After the 1989 premiere of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid', the popularity of the name Ariel skyrocketed. Ariel is a Hebrew name for a girl that means 'lion of God'.

Because of its biblical significance the prophecies of Ezra, Ariel was originally a male name. According to 'Baby Center', Ariel is the 127th most common name in 2022. However, the name is commonly used for infant females now, not boys.

The term is employed as a symbolic name for Jerusalem in the Old Testament. Ariel is a Hebrew term meaning 'Lion of God'. It is also the name of an Archangel; Ariel is the Archangel of Rebirth and Healing.

Here are some nicknames for Ariel, which can be used for both boys and girls.

Unique Middle Nicknames For Ariel

Unique nicknames can make someone feel very special. Here are some unique middle nicknames that everyone can use for their special Ariel.

Ariel Amariah - means 'a promise made by God'.

Ariel Amedea - means 'beloved of God'.

Ariel Astrid - means 'strength of God'.

Ariel Aura - means 'someone who glows like light'.

Ariel Bedelia - can be used for someone who has great strength.

Ariel Bella - means 'beautiful'.

Ariel Bette - means 'God is the oath'.

Ariel Blessing - means 'the divine gift'.

Ariel Catalina - means 'someone who is pure'.

Ariel Celine - means 'someone who has a heavenly nature'.

Ariel Christopher - means 'the bearer of Christ'.

Ariel Clove - for a baby girl who is as beautiful as a flower.

Ariel Domenica - for someone who belongs to the Lord.

Ariel Dove - for someone who is the messenger of peace.

Ariel Dulcinea - means 'sweet'.

Ariel Eleanor - means 'light-hearted'.

Ariel Emmeline - for a person who is very hardworking.

Ariel Enzi - means 'powerful'.

Ariel Esmeralda - for someone precious as an emerald.

Ariel Faith - for someone who is faithful.

Ariel Federica - for someone who leads a peaceful life, being a ruler.

Ariel Gregoria - means 'alert and watchful'.

Ariel Gina - for someone with a queen attitude.

Ariel Guadalupe - means 'the valley of the wolves'.

Ariel Hope - for a person who never loses hope.

Ariel Hilaria - for someone who is very happy and cheerful.

Ariel Isadora - means 'the gift of Isis'.

Ariel Larkin - for someone who has a fierce and rough nature.

Ariel Luciana - means 'the light', so is perfect for a your bright star.

Ariel Mahogany - a name that could be suitable for someone who is strong and rich.

Ariel Meg - a nickname for someone who is beautiful like a pearl.

Ariel Mira - for someone who is admirable and also a ruler.

Ariel Nell - can be used for both a boy or girl who has a shining and bright future.

Ariel Olympia - this name is derived from Mount Olympus, so you can use it for an Ariel who is bold and strong.

Ariel Philomena - means 'a lover of strength', 'friend'.

Ariel Raine - a perfect name for a queen.

Ariel Rive - for a person who loves to be a servant of God.

Ariel Royalty - an apt name for an Ariel who thinks they are regal.

Ariel Ruth - for a friend who is very compassionate.

Ariel Shine - a name that is suitable for a person who is very bright.

Ariel Storm - this name is perfect for someone who is powerful.

Ariel Vanessa - means 'the God of love', for someone who is very affectionate.

Ariel Viviana - means 'very lively' or 'full of life', so is the perfect nickname for a vibrant person.

Ariel Bellatrix - for someone whose characteristics are like a female warrior.

Creative Nicknames For Ariel

Here are some creative names that you can use for Ariel.

Arielephants - a fun play on words for someone who loves elephants.

Mariel - for your beloved one.

Nazariel - suitable for intelligent people.

Rosemariel - a mixture of Rosemary and Ariel.

Zariel - this name can be used for someone who has the ability to become a princess.

Cute Nicknames For Ariel

Here are some cute names for Ariel to use for your friends.

Astro Ariel - this name is for a star.

Ariel Caramel - for a sweet person.

Ariel Daydream - perfect for someone who has wishful and pleasant thoughts about life.

Ariel Milk - a nickname for someone who loves their dairy drinks!

Jupiter Ariel - means 'Godfather', so can be used for the wise figure in your life.

Little Mermaid - Ariel was the name of the main character from 'The Little Mermaid', so is an apt nickname for an Ariel!

Moon Ariel - a good name for a person who loves to look at the moon.

Night Ariel - a nickname for an Ariel who is a night owl.

Peachy Ariel - for an Ariel who always looks on the bright side.

Soft Ariel - an apt name for a soft-spoken person.

Cool Nicknames for Ariel

These are some short cool names for Ariel.

Ari - a short form of Ariel and can also be used to call someone whose name starts with Ari.

Arry - a cool name for Ariel, with 'r y' added in replacement of 'i e l'.

Ree - one of the fun names taken from the name Ariel.

Ri - similar to above, but a two-letter version, making a cool nickname.

Riel - for a male friend who believes that God is his strength.

Riri - can be used for someone who is very sweet.

Famous Ariel Names

Here are some names of famous people called Ariel, to inspire you and your friends.

Ariel Erin Kaplan - an Australian dancer, singer, and actress, who starred in 'Neighbours'.

Ariel Gade - an American child actress from California, who appeared in 'Strong Medicine' and 'Envy'.

Ariel Lin - a famous Taiwanese singer and actress.

Ariel Meredith - a popular American model, who appeared in the 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue'.

Ariel Waller - a three-year-old child actress from Canada, who had her first role in 'Cinderella Man'

Ariel Winter - a famous American actress, who starred in 'Modern Family', as Alex Dunphy.

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