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156 Creative Nicknames For Bella

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Bella is an Italian name that means ‘beautiful’ and suits the cuddly character of baby girls.

Nicknames for Bella match the cuteness, charm as well as fun-loving persona of your lovely girl. If you are tired of searching for the best nicknames for Bella, here is a list of such great nicknames to choose from without any hassle.

Nicknames are unique and creative informal names that family members and friends frequently use. They are mainly used for and by children to showcase affection. Here is a list of catchy Bella nicknames you can give to a child you know with the name.  

Unique Nicknames For Bella

Nicknames must be unique and soothing to the ears as much as your unique child is pleasing to the eyes. A list of unique nickname ideas is given below.

  • Amabella – means 'loving', which denotes love and affection.
  • Annabella - means 'favored grace', which signifies elegance and beauty.
  • Arabella - meaning 'prayerful', is a holy name symbolizing divinity.
  • Bell - meaning 'beautiful', is a lovely nickname for Bella.
  • Bellahora - is a lovely nickname for the name Isabella or Bella.
  • Bellaya - meaning 'river', represents calmness and serenity.
  • Belle - means 'lovely one', which symbolizes love and care.
  • Bellie - meaning 'fair', represents beauty and charm.
  • Bellina - meaning 'beautiful', defines gorgeousness and elegance.
  • Bellissa - means 'lovely one' and defines your precious baby.
  • Bellsy - is one of the cool ideas for a lovely Bella nickname.
  • Belsie - means 'intuitive' and symbolizes intelligence and smartness.
  • Bonnibel - means 'attractive', which symbolizes beauty and appeal.
  • Corabelle - means 'maiden', which shows attachment and intimacy.
  • Cybele - means 'goddess', which symbolizes goddess-like beauty and omnipotence.
  • Elizabella - meaning 'beautiful', represents grace and allure.
  • Ella - means 'feminine' and is a cute name for baby girls with the name Bella.
  • Fransabelle - meaning 'free-spirited', signifies a baby's graceful yet clumsy behavior.
  • Gabella - means 'history' and symbolizes maturity and antiquity.
  • Isabel - means 'God is great', which symbolizes purity and divinity.
  • Isabella - meaning 'God is great', is the symbol of divinity.
  • Jezebel - meaning 'unrestrained', symbolizes strength and strong will.
  • Mabel - means ‘lovable’ and is a lovely name for your baby.
  • Marbella - is an excellent name for your sweet baby.
  • Maribel - means 'star of the sea' and represents vastness and brilliance.
  • Marinella - meaning 'sea', symbolizes calmness and tranquility.
  • Maybelle - meaning 'my beautiful one', is the perfect name for your baby.
  • Mehitabel - is a beautiful and unique nickname.
  • Mirabel - meaning 'wondrous', is the symbol of wonder and mystery.
  • Rosabella - meaning 'beautiful rose', symbolizes love and friendship.
  • Sabelle - is one of the lovely ideas for a Bella nickname.
  • Tinkerbella - meaning 'fairy', symbolizes purity and magic.
  • Ysabel - means 'devoted', which symbolizes loyalty and fidelity.
  • Ysabelle - means 'devoted' and represents determination and resolution.

Funny Nicknames For Bella

Is your baby fun-loving and always brings a smile to your face? Given below is the list of funny nicknames for your playful little one.

  • Anaya –meaning 'God's blessing', is a divine and holy name.
  • Baby Bellz - is a cool-sounding nickname.
  • BeeBee - is a cute and mushy name.
  • Beli - is a short, cute, and funny nickname.
  • Bell An - is an amusing Bella nickname.
  • Bella Ciao - is an oddly funny name that signifies goodbye.
  • Bella Mite - is a fantastic nickname for your child.
  • Bella Vanilla - suits your child if she loves vanilla.
  • Bellabiotics - is a funny name combining Bella and antibiotics.
  • Bellabug - is a lovely name for your baby.
  • Bellaette – is a funny-sounding Bella nickname.
  • Bellatear - is a name for your crybaby.
  • Bellinator - mixes Bella with Terminator.
  • Bellusaurus - is a perfect name for a child if she loves dinosaurs.
  • Bellwes - is another random and funny nickname.
  • Belly - is the perfect name for your food-loving baby.
  • Big Boy Bella - is a funny and exciting nickname.
  • BigBella - is a lovely nickname for Bella.
  • Cinderella - meaning 'little ash girl'- represents your baby's timid behavior.
  • Elle - meaning 'bright', symbolizes hope and vision.
  • Golden Bells - is a funny and cute nickname.
  • Hailey - meaning 'hay field', symbolizes vastness and ingenuity.
  • Izzy Bella - means 'God's promise', which symbolizes assurance and honor.
  • Jacobella - is a great nickname.
  • JellyBelly - is perfect if your child loves eating jelly.
  • Jingle Bells - mean 'tinkling' and signifies the always cheerful sounds of your angel.
  • Jumbo Bella - suits if your baby is big.
  • Labella - is a wonderful nickname for your baby.
  • Lucas - meaning 'bringer of light', symbolizes joy and hope.
  • Nbellay - is a weirdly funny nickname for Bella.
  • Revabel - is the perfect funny nickname for a girl child.
  • Robella - meaning 'bright fame', symbolizes popularity and fame.
  • Rosabel - meaning 'beautiful rose', symbolizes love and bond.
  • Rose - meaning 'love', symbolizes warmth and intimacy.
  • Susabella - is another cute-sounding nickname.
  • Taco Bella - means 'half', which refers to the quickly changing emotions of a child.
  • V Bella - is a fantastic nickname.
  • Valerie - is another sweet name based on a song.
  • Visio - is a small and cute nickname.
  • Willabelle - is a fantastic nickname for Bella.
  • Windsor - meaning 'riverbank', symbolizes peace and calmness.

Cool Nicknames For Bella

Besides being creative, unique, or cute, nicknames can also be cool and mesmerizing. Such inspired name ideas are listed below.

  • Abel - meaning 'breath', symbolizes a cool and calm personality.
  • Abella - means 'vapor' and is the perfect nickname.
  • Abzug - is a fantastic middle name.
  • Amana - means ‘loyal’ and represents faith and truth.
  • Anya - means 'graceful', which signifies beauty and charm.
  • Beanie - meaning 'cat-like', is a suitable nickname for cat lovers.
  • Bella Ellish – is derived from Billie Eilish.
  • Bella Navy - is another unique nickname.
  • Bella Woltz - is another cool nickname.
  • Belladonna - meaning 'nightshade', is for those who love nighttime.
  • Bellah - meaning 'beautiful', symbolizes grace and allure.
  • Bellan - means 'beautiful' and represents your gorgeous daughter.
  • Bellatrix - is a character from the Harry Potter series.
  • Bellezza - is a cool-sounding nickname for Bella.
  • Bellissima - is another perfect nickname.
  • Belva - means 'beautiful view', which symbolizes beauty and attractiveness.
  • Belzo - is a cool nickname.
  • Bonita - means 'pretty', which signifies marvel and magnificence.
  • Burbella - is a cool nickname.
  • Cecile - meaning 'blind', represents clumsiness and innocence.
  • Clancy - is another funky and cool name.
  • Dawson - meaning 'beloved', symbolizes love and boldness.
  • Druella - meaning 'Elgin vision', is a cool middle name.
  • Eic Bella - is a lovely nickname.
  • Faris - meaning 'night', symbolizes calmness and serenity.
  • Glabella - meaning 'smooth', represents mild and pleasant.
  • Indy Bella - is a cute nickname for your child.
  • Lestrange - means 'foreign' and is a great middle name.
  • Madera - meaning 'wood', represents strength and stability.
  • Mirabella - meaning 'wonderful', defines glory and delight.
  • Nanette - means 'favor', which represents kindness and goodwill.
  • Paulette - meaning 'humble', symbolizes politeness and respect.
  • Rebel - means 'defiant', which symbolizes power and strength.
  • Savitzky - is a great middle name.
  • Swan - meaning 'pure', describes the purity of your baby's soul.
  • Thomas - meaning 'twin', is a lovely middle name for Bella.
  • Thorne - is a great middle name.
  • Tropicana - meaning 'fresh', signifies lively and transparent.
  • Vida -means 'life' and signifies the ups and downs of life.
  • Vito - means 'life', which denotes energy and vitality.
  • Wave - means 'arched form' and is an excellent name if your child has wavy hair.

Cute Nicknames For Bella

Babies are overwhelmingly cute with their chubby cheeks and should be given cute nicknames. Some nicknames for Bella that resemble her cuteness are mentioned below.

  • Abelle - means 'breath', which symbolizes spirit and vitality.
  • Adabella - meaning 'lovely', symbolizes captivating charms.
  • Adorabella - meaning 'adored beauty', represents cuteness and charm.
  • Amabel - meaning 'loving', symbolizes devotion and affection.
  • Ana - meaning 'grace', represents dignity and honor.
  • Baby Bella - is a great name for your baby.
  • BB - is a short and simple nickname.
  • Beauty - meaning 'pretty', shows beauty and elegance.
  • Bebe - means 'baby', which denotes cuteness and comeliness.
  • Bebesita - meaning 'baby', perfectly suits your baby doll.
  • Bel - is a short but influential nickname.
  • Bella Bean - meaning 'cute', represents sweetness and delightfulness.
  • Bella Bear - is a nickname that represents power and potential.
  • BellaBoo - is an adorable name.
  • Bellabug - is a cute nickname.
  • Bellsy - is a lovely nickname for Bella.
  • Belzo - is a cute Bella nickname.
  • Bluebell - is a cute Bella nickname.
  • Bubble - is a nickname that suits the bubble-like cheeks of your baby.
  • Christabel - meaning 'beautiful', describes allure and attractiveness.
  • Clarabelle - meaning 'bright', signifies brilliance and sharpness.
  • Claribel - meaning 'bright', symbolizes light and hope.
  • Dulcibella - is a funny yet cool nickname.
  • Eloise - is a German name that means ‘famous warrior’.
  • Emerald - means 'precious' and signifies your beloved and cherished child.
  • Ishbel - is a funny yet excellent nickname.
  • Isobel - is a charming-sounding nickname.
  • Jennifer - means 'fair one' and represents charm and elegance.
  • Lulabelle - meaning 'famous', symbolizes fame and popularity.
  • Meredith - means 'great ruler' and symbolizes power and control.
  • Miabella - meaning 'baby falcon', symbolizes sharpness and vision.
  • Mushy - meaning 'loving', represents attachment and warmth.
  • Nina - meaning 'little girl', perfectly suits your baby.
  • Orabella - meaning 'beautiful seacoast', is the symbol of peace.
  • Princess Belle - is the name of a Disney princess.
  • Rosa Bellae - is a nickname that symbolizes beauty and love.
  • Rosabel - means 'beautiful rose', which symbolizes romance and courage.
  • Sophia - means 'wisdom' and symbolizes judgment and insight.
  • Sybelle - meaning 'prophetess', is a divine and holy nickname.
  • Zabelle - means 'fresh', which signifies hope and assurance.

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