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Cursive 'K' Worksheet

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When they get to third grade, children are often ready to incorporate some of their personality into the way they write.

Cursive K Worksheet.

By learning how to use cursive letters and worksheets, students can begin to develop their own personal writing style and help advance their literary abilities. Writing the cursive letter 'K' in cursive is made easy with these worksheets, with a simple layout and lots of space to practice.

Once they feel confident in cursive writing, kids will be able to apply these skills to all facets of their education. All kids need to do to enhance their skills with this sheet, is copy the letter 'K' in cursive by tracing then repeating across the page. Next, they can take this information and use it to write out a whole sentence: 'Kwame takes his kite out weekly'.

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Written By
Sarah Hallam

Sarah was born and raised in the North West. Her love of art and culture brought her to study in London and she never left! She can be found teaching painting classes, trying out new recipes, or drawing with a cup of tea.

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