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Nicknames showcase your immense love for your baby.

Nicknames are the way you can really call your baby among families and not make them feel embarrassed. Nicknames can be based on your baby's nature, favorite color, song, fruit, even your baby's favorite show.

Despite having a first name, most people have second names, also known as a nickname given by their loved and dear ones. They are a substitute for the name of a person, mainly used to show love and affection for that person by their near and dear ones. A nickname or a pet name literally means "additional name". It can be a shortened or modified name of the baby's first name can be a completely different name. Sometimes a nickname can act as a term of endearment and can show the relationship with the person. It underlines the relationship between you and your baby.

Unlike the baby's first name, the nickname doesn't necessarily have to be very meaningful or serious. They can be fun and creative; it can be something just for the two of you, you and your baby. Choosing a pet name for your little baby isn't really hard; anything which comes to your mind out of love could be your baby's nickname. Your newborn baby is the newest light of your life, and to mark the love that the two of you share, here is a list of nicknames to help you brainstorm and choose the perfect pet name for your little one.

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Adorable Nicknames For Girls

Looking for an adorable nickname for your baby girl? Here is an incredible list of baby names for your baby.

1. Angel

2. Bella

3. Coco

4. Fairy

5. Fifi

6. Lady

7. Lovey

8. Lulu

9. Pookie

10. Sweetie

11. Twinkle

Adorable Nicknames Names For Boys

Browsing for a cute name for your little bundle of joy? Here are some cutest names for boys.

12. Alex

13. Bean

14. Bud

15. Captain

16. Champ

17. Cheeks

18. Chip

19. Chubs

20. Chris

21. Gus

22. Lion Cub

23. Ted

Unisex Good Nicknames For Kids Inspired By Food

Show some love by choosing the cutest nickname for your baby. Here is a list of unisex baby nicknames inspired by food for your little one.

24. Apple

25. Cupcake

26. Cutie pie

27. Dumpling

28. Honey

29. Honeybun

30. Lemon Drop

31. Marshmallow

32. Muffin

33. Peachy

34. Plum

35. Pudding

36. Pumpkin

37. Sugar

38. Sugarplum

39. Sweet pea

Sweetest Cute Nickname For Your Baby

Shower your baby with all your love; here are some great baby nicknames for your young one.

40. Ace (F)

41. Blaze (F)

42. Boss (M)

43. Duchess (F)

44. Duke (M)

45. Gem (M/F)

46. Moonpie (M/F)

47. Princess (F)

48. Queenie (F)

49. Rockstar (M/F)

Unisex Funny Nicknames For Kids

Funny names can be great nicknames for your child. Here is a list of unisex nicknames for your babies.

50. Bubba

51. Cutie-Patootie

52. Doodles

53. Giggles

54. Itsy-Bitsy

55. Kiki

56. Rollie-Pollie

57. Scooby-Doo

58. Silly-Billy

59. Smooches

60. Snug-a-bug

61. Wiggle Bum

Cute Nicknames For A Girl Inspired By Flowers

What can be a better inspiration than nature? Here is a list of sweet nicknames for baby girls inspired by flowers.

62. Blossom

63. Bluebell

64. Briar Rose

65. Buttercup

66. Daisy

67. Leilani

68. Lily

69. Petal

70. Petunia

71. Poppy

72. Posy

73. Rosie

Some Cute Merry Boy Nickname

Show how awesome your little boy is with these cute, popular baby nicknames for boys.

74. Abhi

75. Eli

76. Ian

77. Leo

78. Levi

79. Miles

80. Milo

81. Robbie

82. Sid

83. Sam

Adorable Nicknames Inspired By Colors

Sweet, delightful, cute little nicknames for your babies can really bring forth the love in your relationship.

Add some color and joy to your baby's nickname. Here are some adorable nicknames inspired by colors.

84. Alice blue (F)

85. Aqua (M)

86. Aquamarine (F)

87. Blueiee (F)

88. Blush (F)

89. Cyan (M)

90. Fuchsia (F)

91. Ginger (M)

92. Goldie (M/F)

94. Hazel (F)

94. Honeydew (F)

95. Jade (M)

96. JetB (M)

97. Lavy (F)

98. Limiee (F)

99. Magenta (F)

100. Mint cream (F)

101. Pinky (F)

102. Plumpy (F)

103. Red (M)

104. Ruby (F)

105. Turquoise (M)

106. Violy (F)

Cute Girls Names With Nicknames

Thinking of baby names and a nickname both at the same time can be a bit time-consuming. To make it easier, here is a list of girl names along with nicknames.

107. Amelia - Amy, Lia, Mia, Millie.

108. Christine - Christie, Chrissy.

109. Elizabeth- Beth, Liz, Lizzy.

110. Gabrielle - Gabby.

111. Isabella - Izzie, Bella.

112. Jennifer - Jenna, Jenny.

113. Katherine - Kat, Katie.

114. Margret - Maggie, Meg.

115. Patricia - Pat, Tricia.

116. Veronica - Nicki, Vera.

117. Victoria - Vicki.

Cute Boy Nicknames With Names

Looking for nicknames for baby boys? Here is a list of boy names along with their nicknames.

118. Benjamin - Benji.

119. Elijah - Ellie.

120. Liam - Limey.

121. Mason - Messie.

122. Noah - Nooh.

123. William - Will, Liam.

124. James - Jamie.

116. Oliver - Olive, Oli.

125. Philip - Phil, Phillie.

126. Samuel - Sammy.

Nicknames As Names

One can also use nickname names for your baby. Here are some baby names which can be used both ways as baby names and nickname.

127. Abbie (F)

128. Allie (F)

129. Bob (M)

130. Dave (M)

131. Debb/Debbie (F)

132. Emmy (F)

133. Eva (F)

134. Lucy (F)

135. Minnie (F)

136. Rob (M)

137. Sunny (M)

Sweet And Cute Nicknames For Boys Inspired By Disney

We have combined our love for baby boys and Disney together. Here are some baby boy nicknames.

138. Abu from 'Alladin'.

139. Baloo from 'Jungle Book'.

140. Flynn from 'Tangled'.

141. Goofy from 'Mickey Mouse'.

142. Hans from 'Frozen'.

143. Jim from 'Treasure Island'.

144. Koku from 'Poncahontas'.

145. Kriss from 'Frozen'.

146. Max from 'Mickey Mouse'.

147. Olaf from 'Frozen'.

148. Sven from 'Frozen'

Sweet And Cute Girls Nicknames Inspired By Disney

What can be a better nickname than a Disney inspired pet name for your little princess? Here are some Disney inspired Nicknames.

149. Alana from 'Little Mermaid'.

150. Bianca from 'The Rescuers'.

151. Eilon/Eilonwy from 'The Black Cauldron'.

152. Gissy/Giselle from 'Enchanted'.

153. Jess/Jessica from 'Who framed Roger Rabbit'.

154. JP/Jane Poter from 'Tarzan'.

155. Juddy from 'Zootopia'

156. Lilo from 'Lilo and Stich'.

157. Mim from 'The Sword in the Stone'.

158. Meg from 'Hercules'.

159. Nala from 'Lion King'

160. Rida from 'Brave'.

161. Stasia from 'Anastasia'.

162. Wendy from 'Peter Pan'.

Popular Nicknames For Baby Girls

You can always use the baby's name as inspiration to come up with a nickname.

These sweet pet names are overloaded with cuteness; here are some cutest popular names for your little angel.

168. Betty

169. Callie

170. Casey

171. Edie

172. Ella

173. Ellie

174. Evie

175. Julie

176. Maddie

177. Mia

178. Nina

179. Nora

180. Thea

Popular Baby Boys Nicknames

Looking for cute, charming nicknames for baby boys? Here are some sweet names.

181. Bambino

182. Bear

183. Beast

184. Bunny

185. Cub

186. Grumpy

187. Guppy

188. Jass

189. Loki

190. Muscles

191. Pal

192. Ray

193. Rocket

194. Slugger

195. Spike

196. Super baby

197. Thor

198. Teddie/Teddy Bear

199. Tigger

200. Titan

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