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85 Darksiders Horse Names And Ideas For Brave Budding Gamers

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Get ready to rule that gaming chair because you're not some rookie anymore. With immense innovative and cool ideas to name your horse, feel strong and confident to face anyone in the game.

'Darksiders' is an action-adventure and very popular video game series. The game 'Darksiders' have four releases, Darksiders I, II, III, and 'Darksiders Genesis'. It is an appealing game to budding gamers that revolves around demons, angels, apocalypse, and deadly wars.

Read on for more information on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Darksiders Horsemen Horse Names

The Charred Council's fear lies in the protagonists of the 'Darksiders 2', famous as Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If you're a constant gamer and always stick close to your gaming set, read on for names related to the Charred Council and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Binky (English Origin), meaning 'field of beans', Death's white horse, is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Binky has the ability to time travel and stand still in the air.

Mayhem (Germanic Origin), meaning 'to maim', is a white horse war-ridden by Strife. It is covered with purple and grey heavy armors and a cape.

Rampage (Middle English Origin), meaning 'violent rush', is the black horse of Fury. Rampage is also her only companion. Fury is the third horseman of four horsemen, who has been sent to capture the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins were released by the council itself. In 'Darksiders 3' , Fury discovers that her brother War has been imprisoned by the council.

Ruin (Latin Origin), meaning 'destroy', is a phantom black colored horse with a heavy build and has a leader named War, who frees him from the imprisonment of demons. His counterpart, named Despair, is ridden by Death.

Darksiders Phantom Horse Names

Feel the courage flowing through your veins while naming your horse. Choose the most epic name from the list of phantom horse names for a better balance during the mission.

Apollo (Greek Origin), meaning, 'Sun god', is considered the Roman and Greek god of Sun, a typical name for creatures who have fire-related prowess to take on any demon during the mission.

Arrow (Celtic Origin), meaning 'stream', is an awesome name to be called for horses who are sharp in action and calm in trait.

Assault (Latin Origin), meaning 'to leap', is a name for powerful and unbeatable phantom horses.

Bullet (French Origin), meaning 'small ball', is a suitable for fast horses with great agility.

Demon (Greek Origin), meaning 'supernatural being', is an ironic phantom horse name to denote its magical existence and capabilities.

Despair (Latin Origin), meaning 'without hope', is a wonderful name for phantom horses that resembles aspiration and great ambition.

Dynamite (Greek Origin), meaning, 'power', is a strong name that signifies the courage and might of the race of horses that is ready to tackle anybody for his rider.

Excalibur (Welsh Origin), meaning 'cut-steel', symbolizes the sharp and precise attacks of your well-trained horse.

Gunner (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'defender', symbolizes defensive powers for his rider and crude attacking abilities to destroy enemies.

Gunpowder (Chinese Origin), meaning 'snow', is a bold name that signifies the immense power of your horse that the world can witness.

Houdini (French Origin), meaning 'to vanish', is an attractive and defining name for phantom horses.

Hunter (English Origin), meaning 'chaser', symbolizes great hunting skills to track down enemies in the games.

King (Old English Origin), meaning 'tribal leader', is the perfect name called for phantom horses for battle.

Nephilim (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'fallen one', sounds magical as a name, and is best suited for phantom creatures with magical abilities who have aligned with the Council's wishes. It is a race that is a combination of an angel and a demon.

Nexus (Latin Origin), meaning, 'to bind', symbolizes the loyalty and trust of a horse towards its rider.

Orb (Latin Origin), meaning 'circle', is a mysterious and attractive name to denote the supernatural powers of phantom horses and the riders in the games.

Phantom (Middle English Origin), meaning 'unheard', is the best name for horses with mysterious incomprehensible magical power.

Phoenix (Greek Origin), meaning 'fire bird', symbolizes the burning desire of your overpowered phantom horse.

Rain (Estonian Origin), meaning 'advice', is an astonishing name since it denotes the power of the race to sense danger beforehand.

Ransom (English Origin), meaning 'shield's son', is the name with the perfect balance for pale-colored creatures, which typically means a shield of protection for riders during a battle with demons in the games.

Seven (Turkish Origin), meaning 'loving one', is a cool name for horses into whom you put all your trust and affection for the apocalypse. A great name or a death's angel.

Silver (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'gray', is a suitable name for phantom horses which are silver in color and appear to glow under the moonlight.

Trigger (Dutch Origin), meaning 'to pull', as a name, is best for those horses who never back down and are always aggressive to fight.

Viking (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'pirate', is also a pretty good name called for cunning phantom horses and riders in the games.

Volcano (Roman Origin), meaning 'fire', as a name, suits the best on horses with magical fire abilities.

Xena (Greek Origin), meaning 'warrior princess', is a lovely name for female phantom horses symbolizing leadership in wars.

Zorro (Spanish Origin), meaning 'fox', is a suitable name for clever and smart horses.

Darksiders II' is one of the most popular games.

Darksiders 2 Horse Names

Don't forget to check out the names of 'Darksiders II' horse names listed below related to the Charred Council.

Aalto (Finnish Origin), meaning 'sea wave', is the perfect name for horses that have magic powers related to water.

Abel (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'breath', is the perfect name for mesmerizing and handsome horses that can take anybody's breath away.

Blade (English Origin), meaning 'sword', signifies the sharp and accurate attacks of your horse.

Blizzard (Thai Origin), meaning 'frost', is suitable for horses having destructive strength.

Champion (Old French Origin), meaning 'victor', as a name, suits the best to the horses and considers victory synonymous to true strength.

Conquest (French Origin), meaning 'conquer', symbolizes the yearning and urge for strength to annihilate enemies.

Dawn (Old English Origin), meaning 'daybreak', is a lovely name for female horses that have brought meaning to your life.

Devil (Greek Origin), meaning 'slanderer', is an astonishingly suitable name for pale horses who are merciless on battlefields.

Diablo (Spanish Origin), meaning 'devil', is a well-suited name for your red horse with devilish strength.

Flame (French Origin), meaning 'fire', is the perfect name for your red horse based on its trait of appearance.

Fuego (Spanish Origin), meaning 'fire', is a fiery name for fierce horses that yield fire magic.

Gandalf (Old Norse Origin), meaning 'staff elf', is a lovely name for calm and peaceful horses.

Hercules (Latin Origin), meaning 'glory of Hera', is a strong and inspirational name for horses.

Hermes (Greek Origin), meaning 'heap of stones', symbolizes all the hard work and drops of sweat that contributed to becoming an invincible horse.

Iris (Greek Origin), meaning 'goddess of rainbow', is an adorable name for female horses that have variations in their magical powers.

Libra (Latin Origin), meaning 'equality', is a calm name for horses who have a peaceful and tranquil character and attributes.

Mars (Roman Origin), meaning 'god of war', is a strong name for horses that are unmatchable and undefeated during wars and emerg victorious.

Merlin (Latin Origin), meaning 'sea fortress', is an adorable and well-suited name for female horses.

Nyx (Greek Origin), meaning 'night', is a lovely name for black or pale horses or those that are active, especially at night.

Rambo (Swedish Origin), meaning 'raven's nest', is a cool name for a pale horse with dark magic power.

Shadow (English Origin), meaning 'shade', is a perfectly suited name for horses.

Tank (English Origin), meaning 'armored vehicle', is the perfect name for horses covered in heavy armors.

Thor (Scandinavian Origin), meaning 'god of thunder', is an influential name for horses.

Thunder (Old English Origin), meaning 'lightning', is a suitable name for horses that derive their power from thunder and storm.

Vulcan (Greek Origin), meaning 'god of fire', is a suitable name for horses that control fire or exercise fire powers.

Wing (Chinese Origin), meaning 'glory', signifies the adamance of your horse to always be victorious, aiming for triumph over malice.

Zorak is another strong and influencing name that suits determined horses the best.

Darksiders Genesis Horse Names

Go through the 'Darksiders Genesis' horse names mentioned below and live the world of 'Darksiders'.

Aldon (German Origin), meaning 'elder', is an awesome name for well-trained horses.

Amber (Arabic Origin), meaning 'jewel', is a handsome name for female horses who are yellow colored with jewel-like gold eyes.

Angel (Greek Origin), meaning 'messenger', is a pure name for a pale horse.

Azazel (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'scapegoat', is a name for rather calm and composed horses.

Barbas (Greek Origin), meaning 'man with a beard', as a name, suits those horses the best that have long hair.

Black (Middle English Origin), meaning 'absolute darkness', is again a well-suited name for black-colored horses.

Casper (German Origin), meaning, 'treasurer', is another good name for the horse whom you treasure the most.

Chrome (Greek Origin), meaning 'color', is the perfect name for horses with expertise in different levels of magic powers.

Clarice (Latin Origin), meaning 'bright', is a cool name for horses with intelligence and awareness skills.

Claw (English Origin), meaning 'wickedly beautiful', symbolizes the aggression with which your horse marches on the battleground.

Colt (Middle English Origin), meaning 'young horse', is an adorable name and perfect for young horses.

Darth (American Origin), meaning 'dark', is the perfect name for dark-colored black horses.

Eden (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'place of happiness', is another good name for your horse that has brought the glow in your life.

Fang (Chinese Origin), meaning, 'canine', symbolizes the honed, piercing, and stabbing attacks of your horses.

Felix (Latin Origin), meaning 'successful', symbolizes triumph and victory in wars.

Lucifer (Latin Origin), meaning, 'morning star', is a devilish name for your ruthless horse.

Marcus (Roman Origin), meaning 'from Mars', is a well-suited name for red horses that yield fire powers.

Nova (Latin Origin), meaning, 'new', is a name for newly born horses.

Phobos (Greek Origin), meaning 'panic', signifies the fear that the opponents feel on encountering your horse.

Reaper (Middle English Origin), meaning 'cutter', signifies the ruthless strike during battles.

Regan (Irish Origin), meaning 'sovereign', symbolizes the thirst for conquest and win.

Rex (Latin Origin), meaning 'king', is a name suitable for leadership skills and the ability to be trustworthy.

Sidero (Latin Origin), meaning 'evil nymph', is a name for horses whose magical power yields evil intentions.

Snow (Anglo-Saxon Origin), meaning 'frost', is the perfect name for horses dealing with water's magical powers.

Topaz (Latin Origin), meaning 'golden gem', symbolizes the importance of your horse as a companion.

Ubel (German Origin), meaning 'evil', is the devious aura that your horse imparts, terrorizing the enemies.

Whip (English Origin), meaning 'to strike', describes the powerful clashes and fights led by your horse.

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