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87 Dental Instruments Names To Make Your Dentist Visit Less Scary

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Dental professionals use a variety of dental tools for completing different dental procedures. Did you know that a saliva ejector that a dentist owns is also known as the suction machine? After placing a suction tube in your mouth, the dentist will also keep a soft tissue handy for the removal of any excess saliva or water droplets.

Dentist tools like tooth scalers, dental forceps, dental explorers, and saliva ejectors are some of the dental tools that are used by every dentistry professional. Dentist equipment is available in various shapes to assist with the respective procedures.

Looking for information on dental surgical instruments, pictures, and names? Read on for a vast range of dental instruments a dentist will use, along with images and names to help you understand the dental services to take care of your dental health.

Basic Dental Instruments Names

There are a variety of dental tools used by a dentist to perform different dental procedures. The names of some essential dental tools of various shapes used by dentists are given below. Read on for more dentistry instruments names.

Carver is a dental tool used to remove excess materials from the teeth, contour the surface, and crave anatomy back into the amalgam.

Model is the three-dimensional replica of a patient's teeth to display, study, consider and plan for treatment procedures. 

Mouth Mirror is a dentist's mirror and is used for many purposes, i.e., from reflecting light to retraction of tissues. A mouth mirror is essential for all procedures, whether a periodontal procedure or a simple dental filling. The mouth mirror is handy for the removal procedure as well.

Mouth Prop is also called a tooth pillow and is commonly used for child dental treatment. A dentist will use this to support the mouth to keep open during operative procedures.

Scaler is an ultrasonic device used to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. It is an essential dental hygienist tool.

Suction Device is used during dental cleanings and oral surgeries to draw air and saliva out for a short period of time to keep teeth and mouth dry during treatment.

Syringes are commonly known as injections used by dentists for injecting anesthetics. Syringes are also known as aspirating syringes. 

Dental Assistant Instruments Names

Dental Assistants are responsible for various tasks for dental patients. Dental assistants perform different functions, from making patients comfortable for treatment to taking x-rays. For these tasks, they handle various modern equipment and instruments that you need to know.

Burnishers in dentistry are mainly used for contouring and smoothening new amalgam fillings and are also used to polish composite fillings

Dental Drills, also known as handpieces, remove decayed teeth before filling the cavity. Also, they remove plaque from the tooth surface.

Dental Tray, also known as an impression tray, is used to pick dental materials or instruments. It is an essential piece of equipment used by a dental assistant.

Glass Slab, also known as a mixing slab, is used to hand mix cement and other dental materials

Hoe Excavator is an instrument used by dentists to fill in the dentin cavity and tooth preparation walls.

Mortar and Pestle are a bowl and heavy club-shaped objects, respectively, to crush or grind the amalgam and other dental materials.

Saliva Ejector is a type of dental tool used to remove saliva and pooling water from the patient's mouth

Sickle Probe is generally used to remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surface. The sickle probe helps with the removal of plaque. For more complex procedures, a scaler is used.

A dentist requires a vast range of dental instruments for completing the procedures.

Dental Surgical Instruments Names

Complex dental instruments that are not commonly used. The common dental surgical instruments used are listed below:-

Adam's Pliers are the equipment used for the adjustment of orthodontics appliances.

Amalgam Carrier is the dental instrument used to pick amalgam and fill the oral cavity.

Amalgam Plugger (amalgam condenser) are helpful instruments in condensing the silver amalgam in the cavity.

Apex Locator is an electronic device used to determine apical constriction and length of root canal space.

Artery Forceps, also known as hemostatic forceps, are commonly used to control bleeding and refract the tissues and skin.

Ball Burnisher is a dental instrument mainly used to polish and smooth a restoration. 

Band Pusher is an instrument used in orthodontic treatment for cutting, removing, fitting, and positioning an orthodontic band on a tooth.

Barbed Broach is an instrument used during (endodontic) root canal treatment to remove pulp tissues.

Boley Gauge is a measuring instrument used to measure teeth and spaces.

Bristle Brushes apply whitening agents, resins, sealants, and other user agents. These are also used for polishing and scaling

Cement Spatulas mix dental cement and other materials for prosthodontics procedures.

Cheatle Forceps are used for placing and removing tools within a sterilization container.

Chisel is a cutting instrument having a flat blade with a cutting edge and handle, typically used for splitting teeth in case to remove the damaged tooth.  

College Tweezers are the instruments used to place cotton rolls or small objects between the cheeks and gum. 

Condenser is a hand instrument used to compress amalgam or a gold foil into the cavity.

Cord Packers are used to pack the gingival retraction cord into the sulcus. 

Coupland Elevators are used to loosen the tooth wall and to split multi-rooted teeth. 

Cryer Elevator is a type of dental tool used to expand the socket.

Dental Needles are used for delivering local anesthetics into the patient's mouth. This sharp instrument is crucial for the surgery process.

Dissector is a type of surgical instrument used for separating one tissue from another one.

Egg Burnisher is a high-grade stainless steel instrument used for burnishing amalgam.

Elastic Modules hold down the ash wire into the bracket.

Elevator Apexo is a stainless steel dental tool used to luxate and elevate fractured apical thirds of anterior teeth using wedge action along the side of the root surface. 

Elevator Seldin is for loosening teeth from the periodontal ligament, which is also helpful for ease of extraction.

Enamel Hatchet is a high-grade stainless steel instrument used to remove underlined lips of tooth structure.

Endodontic Instruments are used for root canal preparations. The tool kit involves various instruments like root canal explorers, excavators, barbed broach gates-glidden drills, and many more. 

Excavators are double-headed dental instruments used to remove damaged tissues from the pulp chambers and channels of the teeth. Also used for removing carious dentine.

Extraction Forceps are an instrument designed to extract decayed teeth.

Film Hangers hold any file, reamers, or x-ray film.

Fishtail Elevators are also known as luxators and are used to extract teeth from the roots. 

Forceps Bayonet (thumb forceps) are mainly used for intra-aural procedures. 

Gingival Margin Trimmer is used to cut enamel and to produce bevel on the enamel margins.

Gutta-percha is a temporary filling used to fill a tooth after a root canal procedure.

Half Hollenbach is the tool used to test flash or overhangs.

Handpiece and Bur are used to cut hard tissues and get access into the cavity. 

Heidbrink Elevator is an oral instrument made with surgical-grade stainless steel.

K-files are used for cleaning, canal negotiation, and shaping the root canal.

Lead Coat is an instrument used for protection at the time of X-ray.

Lecrol Carver is used for carving wax blocks and dentures. 

Lentulo Spiral is used to evenly distribute cement and root canal sealer through the root canal system.

Ligation Turner is used in orthodontic treatment to thicken the wire and move the tooth in a particular direction.

Lower Impression Trays take a lower impression of the patient's mouth.

Mallets are dental hammers used to condense direct-filling of gold or silver amalgam while filling the teeth. 

Matrix band is a contoured piece of metal used to aid dental restorations.

Matrix Retainers are used to hold the matrix band on the tooth. 

Mouth Gag is a dental tool used to hold the patient's mouth to keep it open so that the dentist. can perform oral treatments

Needle Holder is generally used to hold suture needles during surgical procedures.

Osteotomy is a tool similar to chisels used in dental implants to cut the bone.

Periodontal Curettes are a type of hand-activated surgical instrument used in dental operations to correct periodontal problems just below the gumline.

Periosteal Elevators are sharp dental instruments used to lift soft thickness tissue flaps from the floor of the mucous membrane.

Phomopressor is used in lining the canal during pulpotomy.

Probe Briault is generally used for the detection of interproximal decay.

Probe Moon is used to detect loose bones and roots in the socket.

Reamers are surgical instruments used to enlarge the canal.

Retractors are the tools used during surgical procedures in dentistry.

Root Elevator is used in oral surgical procedures to luxate tooth particles or fractured roots from their socket.

Ruler Gauze is used for taking measurements.

Scalpel Holder is used by dentists to hold scalpel blades during surgical operations.

Scalpel is a dental surgical instrument used to cut and remove soft oral tissues. 

Spoon Excavator is a tool used for cutting and removing carious dentine of decayed teeth. It is also used to clean and shape a carious oral cavity before filling it.

Stock Teeth are used to replace mixing teeth.

Suturing tips are the tools used to extract excess blood or saliva from the patient's mouth.

Tissue Forceps is a tool used in oral surgical action to grasp tissues. T

Upper Impression Trays make an upper impression on the patient's mouth.

Wax Spacers are devices used to maintain spaces for the adult teeth to grow.

Wedelstaedt is a dental tool used to cleave undermined enamel and shape the walls.

Willis Gauge is a simple instrument used to measure freeway space.

Wooden Spatula is used to mix dental materials and acts as a cheek retractor.

Dental Hygiene Instruments Names

Apart from the dental mirror, a vast range of dental hygiene equipment is required for dental hygiene procedures. Here are some of the most common dental hygiene instruments names.

College Pliers are used for handling cotton rolls, cotton pellets, or other items withdrawn from the mouth

Dental Autoclave is a device also known as a steam sterilizer that sterilizes dental instruments by destroying germs

Janquet is a piece of equipment to remove subgingival calculus.

Periodontal Probe is mainly used by dental hygienists to examine bone health and gingiva around the teeth. These are used with a measuring device to evaluate the area of inflammation.

Ultrasonic Scaler is a device used for removing calculus deposits from the teeth.

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