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48 Desert Plant Names For Your Precious Plant Babies

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Desert plants are getting more attention and love nowadays.

People mostly prefer dry desert plants for their lawns and gardens to make them look more beautiful. Be it aloe vera, golden barrel cactus, desert spoon, prickly pear cactus, or saguaro cactus, desert plants are able to grow and survive under the bright sun in a hot and arid landscape.

Some of the standout features of plants in desert areas of New Mexico and Southern California are green stems, green leaves, yellow flowers, red flowers, thick and succulent stems, and several others.

This names list provide quite an exhaustive list of desert plant names including those found in Arizona and high desert locations. It will fulfil all your queries regarding these kinds desert plants. Read on for some of the most famous desert plant names that grow in the hot landscape across the world.

Arizona Desert Plant Names

The Arizona desert plant names are some of the best desert plant names you can search for. The are many desert plants like cacti, shrubs, desert trees, wildflowers, succulents among many others. You will surely like all the Arizona desert plant names. Below is the list that contains the Arizona desert plant names for you, select your favorite one among them.

Bluedicks (American origin) is a common name for Dichelostemma capitatum, a lily with pink, white, and purple blossoms.

Brittlebush (Spanish origin), meaning, ‘brittleness of the stem’, is a desert plant with beautiful flowers that generally grows in rocky or hillside regions.

California Poppy (American origin) is a flowering desert plant that is also known as golden poppy or poppy of flame.

Chuparosa (Mexican Spanish origin), meaning, ‘to suck and rosa means rose, is a plant that attracts hummingbirds, and are found in desert regions.

Coulter’s Lupine is a desert plant that is native to North America. This plant has bluish-purple color flowers.

Desert Chicory is a desert plant that is found in the Mojave desert, and also in the Sonoran deserts.

Desert Lily (Latin origin), meaning, ‘white or snowy flowers’, is a flowering plant that grows in the deserts having funnel-shaped and cream-colored flowers.

Desert Marigold (Middle English Origin), a desert plant where 'Marigold is derived from the words Mary’s gold and is an orange or yellow flower’, is a short-lived desert plant whose flowers are usually dark yellow.

Desert Primrose is a desert plant that grows in sandy soil. This generally grows in hill regions with 4500 ft (1371 m) in elevation.

Desert Sage (English, Greek, and French origin) is a small shrub that generally doesn’t require water to grow and only grows with the help of solar energy.

Desert Willow Tree (English origin), meaning, ‘willow tree or freedom’, is a delicate and small shrub having flowers of lavender or pink colors.

Elephant Tree (Latin origin), a plant whose meaning is derived from the Greek word that means 'ivory’, is one of the rare trees in the Arizona desert. The tree is named so because of its large trunk that resembles the elephant.

Fiddlenecks are desert plants that are native to western North America and southwestern South America.

Golden Barrel Cactus is named so because its shape resembles that of a barrel and are a common plant in desert regions. Golden barrel cactus plants have flowers that are orange, yellow, and red in color. The thick and succulent stems allow the cacti to survive harsh sun across the world by ensuring a steady supply of moisture.

Marsh Aster (English and Greek origin), a plant name where, Marsh means 'boundary' and Aster means 'star’, is a desert plant that grows near the water source. One of the cool names, desert plant.

Palm Tree (German origin) is a desert tree that is beneficial as many products are made from this tree.

Purple Mat (Greek origin) is a flowering plant in desert regions. The scientific name of this plant is Nama demisum where Nama in Greek means water spring.

Rock Daisy is a desert plant that is native to California and is also known as Swan River daisy or a cut-leaf daisy. It is a desert flowering plant that is found in the sandy desert region.

Saguaro Cactus (Mexican Spanish origin), meaning, ‘giant cactus’, is a cactus species and has a lifespan of around 150 years. The flowers of this plant bloom during the night time.

Teddy Bear Cholla is a type of cactus plant that is found in the Arizona and Sonoran desert regions. The plant flowers twice in a single year.

Beautiful Desert Plant Names

The desert plant names are adorable. Desert plants generally grow in any condition. They usually don’t require much care. Cacti are the most popular and found desert plants. Some beautiful desert plant names have been listed below for you to choose from!

Creosote Bush (Greek and English origin), meaning, ‘meat preserver’, is a shrub that is also known as Greasewood and Creosote Bush.

Desert Ironwood Plant (American origin) is a desert tree. It is very hard and woody as its name suggests.

Joshua Tree (Hebrew origin), meaning, ‘God is deliverance’, is a desert tree mostly found in the Mojave desert.

Jumping Cholla is a tree as well as a cactus that has spines for leaves. The spines of this tree have spikes that get attached to everything.

Lace or Hedgehog Cactus (Welsh, Middle English, and Greek origin) are small plants that are used as succulents. The colors of the flowers of this plant are deep red and petals are cup-shaped.

Mojave Aster (Spanish and Greek origin), a plant where, Mojave means 'besides the water' and Aster means 'star’, is a  desert plant with green stem and white flowers.

Pancake Prickly Pear Cactus (Middle English origin) is a desert plant that has flat arms just as pancakes, prickly pear because of its thorns, and pear because it is a pear-shaped cactus plant.

Turpentine Broom (Middle English origin), meaning, ‘brown or yellow color semifluid’, is a desert plant and they are named so because they just contain fruits and flowers at the top and no leaves at all forming a shape like a broom.

Plants in deserts have adapted to survive in the bush without any problems.

Desert Plant Names Starting With O

Desert plants are tiny and cute. Hence, people love them a lot. The desert plant names starting with O have been mentioned in the list below. Check them out and select the suitable one for you.

Ocotillo (Mexican Spanish origin), meaning, ‘resinous pine tree’, is a desert shrub also known as desert coral, Jacob staff, candlewood, Jacob cactus, coachwhip, and vine cactus.

Octopus Agave is another succulent. It is named so because it has leaves that look similar to the tentacles of the octopus.

Old Man Cactus is named so because it has white hair on it that resembles grandfather’s hair or beard. It is succulent.

Oleander (Greek origin), meaning, ‘evergreen tree’, is a desert plant having wildflowers in pink, white, and red colors.

Organ Pipe Cactus (Greek and Latin origin), meaning, ‘tool or device that acts a musical instrument’, is a cactus plant that grows in the rocky deserts. The name is given so because of the thin stem it possesses just like an organ pipe.

Owl’s Eye is another succulent that is mostly found in South Africa having flowers of red, purple, yellow, and white colors.

High Desert Plant Names

The desert plants have special characteristics in them. These characteristics vary from plant to plant. You can select one high desert plant name from the list shared here.

Bismarck Palmetto is a variety of palm trees found in the desert regions. The trunk is silver-blue with deep mahogany color.

Bladderpods are desert shrubs native to Mexico and California. It is a member of the caper family.

California Fan Palm is also referred to as desert fan palm. It is a flowering plant that grows in the desert and is also a part of the palm family.

Desert Olive are spiny deciduous shrubs found in the southwest United States.

Ficus are shrubs and vines found in the desert region that is commonly called figs. These are evergreen trees with waxy leaves.

Ghost Plant is an evergreen succulent that is small in size and is found in temperate Asian regions. It grows in sandy and light potting mix soil type.

Lantana is a small shrub that is broadleaf evergreen in nature. It is native to tropical America and Africa.

Palo Verde (Spanish origin), meaning, ‘green pole or green stick’, is a colorful desert plant. It is a fast-growing deciduous tree.

Pindo Palm trees are another variety of palm trees that are found in the regions of Florida. They are also known as Jelly palms.

Queen Palm is another palm variety that is native to Paraguay, Northern Argentina, and Brazil. It has high tolerance against any weather conditions and grows faster in moist soil.

Rubber Rabbitbrush is a desert tree found in western North America. It is great for butterflies.

Screwbean Mesquite is a leguminous shrub that is found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico deserts. It is one of the attractive trees.

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