40+ Eladrin Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
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Eladrins are mysterious people of Faerie.

These silver-skinned, mythical creatures with beautifully sharp features are enigmatic and extremely powerful. They are the masters of spells and swords and protect their glittering cities with their life!

If you are a D&D fan, you might be looking for some naming inspiration for Eladrin characters. We have put together a great list of more than 40 Eladrin names to provide the inspiration you need. And, once you've got your name make sure you take care to draw your wood elf accurately: to draw a wood elf, a lighter hand and sharper features will be in play while the deep elves will require stronger features.

For more magical naming inspiration, take a look at these blue dragon names and these black dragon names.

Male Eladrin Names

Swashbuckling and spell-binding heroes need grand magical names that suit their enchanting personalities.

1. Aragorn: Among the true blue high elf names, this name means 'noble' or 'respected king.'

2. Arod: An original Elfish name; it means being 'swift' or 'brown.'

3. Balin: From the category of high elf name, it means 'a knight at the round table.'

4. Baron: From a very noble lineage, the name means 'house or home.'

5. Callon: A simple yet rare name; it is from the Sindarin culture, which means 'a hero.'

6. Cirdan: One of the unique male elves names, this one means 'shipwright.'

7. Earendil: The perfect male elves name; this one symbolizes 'the one who loves the sea.'

8. Elrand: From the Elvish Tolkien language, that means 'manly.'

9. Elrohir: One of the unusual male elven names, this name represents an elf, meaning 'an elf man.'

10. Frodo: Popular among the fans, Frodo means 'the one who is very wise.'

11. Garret: This simple name means 'saved' or 'support.'

12. Gildor: With a great sound to it, this name means 'the creator of joy or happiness.'

13. Haldir: It's a beautiful elvish name, which means ' hidden hero.'

14. Iston: Filled with magic, this name from the Quenya language means 'the wise one.'

15. Peregrin: Originating from the Latin word Peregrinus, which means 'traveler.'

16. Rohan: A unique Elvish name, it means 'horse country' or 'horse kingdom.'

17. Wade: An Anglo-Saxon English name, it means 'to go' or 'ford.'

SIlver black d20 dice from Dungeons and dragons

Female Eladrin Names

Here are hand-picked female elves names that you can select for your Eladrin characters.

18. Aerin: Sounds pretty cool, right? This name in Tolkein language means 'ocean.'

19. Anna: A short and sweet name in Quenya language for baby girls, meaning 'a gift.'

20. Aredhel: With unusual phonetics, this name belongs to the Quenya language and means 'the noblewoman.'

21. Aubree: It comes from the French culture, meaning 'a ruler.'

22. Calen: A unique Elvish name, it means 'the green one.'

23. Elva: A rare and unique female eladrin name, Elva, means 'a friend.'

24. Eowyn: In Tolkien language, the name means 'horse joy.'

25. Estel: In Eladrin, Estel is a beautiful name that resonates with 'trust' and 'hope.'

26. Freda: A popular choice among the Dungeons and Dragons elves names, Freda means 'tranquility' and 'peace.'

27. Galadriel: From the Sindring language, this elvish name means 'one with glittering hair' or 'maiden with radiant hair.'

28. Idril: From the Sindarin version of the Quenya language, the name means 'sparkling brilliance.'

29. Lia: From the Elvish Quenya language, and means 'thread'.

30. Melian: The name means 'a dear gift.'

31. Nessa: Originating from the elvish language Quennnya, this name means 'the one who is youthful.'

32. Nienna: A rare name; it means 'tear.'

33. Siofra: Yet again, a rare name from the Irish and Gaelic culture, means 'an elf,' that's all!

34. Tara: This name means 'the one who is elite or wise.'

35. Tamara: One of the unique wood elves names, Tamara, means ' date palm tree.'

36. Yavanna: A beautiful elvish name, it means 'one who is a giver of fruits.'

Unisex Eladrin Names

Eladrin names need not be gender-specific. Since these names are based on characteristics and special powers, finding gender-neutral Eladrin names should not be tough.

37. Lune: From Roman descent, the name means 'the moon.' It is an indirect representation of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna.

38. Rune:  From ancient Germanic, the name stands for 'characters from the ancient alphabets.'

39. Alael: When broken down, 'Al' refers to the sea and 'ael' means great. The name, therefore, means 'being great at sea' or 'the navigator of the sea.'

40. Cathael: From the Irish language, Cathael = Cath (Battle) + Ael (to rule).

41. Gaelean: From the Elvish language, this name means 'the pegasus rider.'

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