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109 Explorer Names For Your Little Traveler

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Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, Amerigo Vespucci, Hernán Cortés, John Cabot, Marco Polo, and Vitus Bering are some of the most popular explorers who are known for their voyages on ships across the Pacific Ocean, North and South Pole, and the New World.

The Age of Exploration took place between the 15th and 17th centuries when explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, James Cook, Amerigo Vespucci, Vitus Bering, and Hernán Cortés set out from the west to search for a new world where the territories of their countries could be expanded. These inspired explorers led expeditions across the globe on their ships.

There are many explorers in the world as well as in the fantasy world. Their dedication and stories are inspiring. Whether their search was for new land, treasure or trade. They opened a whole new world for us to explore. It would be cool to have a name belonging to these pioneers. Check out the list and find out a perfect name for your little explorer.

Female Explorer Names

History is full of amazing and strong women who went against the social norms, decided their life, and wrote their own history. Many times their legacy gets pushed behind. Name your little one after these cool female explorers and revive their achievements.

Adeline Van Buren (French Origin), meaning ‘noble’, sister to explorer Augusta Van Buren, accompanied her sister throughout the journey.

Amelia Earhart (Latin Origin), meaning ‘work’, first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic.

Augusta Van Buren (Latin Origin), meaning ‘great’,  traveled across the continent of America on a motorcycle and was a woman pilot.

Bessie Coleman (English Origin), meaning ‘oath of God’, an African-American woman pilot, traveled to the US and performed aerial stunts for five years.

Egeria (Greek Origin), meaning ‘water nymph’, was a fourth-century woman who traveled from the Mediterranean to the holy land and wrote her first travel memoir.

Eliza Scidmore (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘pledge to god’, is known for exploring Glacier Bay and penning down Alaska's first guidebook.

Emma Gatewood (German Origin), meaning ‘whole’,  was the first woman to hike the 2050 mi (3300 km) Appalachian Trail at the age of 67.

Freya Stark (Scandinavian Origin), meaning ‘noble’, had a strong desire to pursue maps and explore the remote deserts of the Middle East.

Gertrude Bell (German Origin), meaning ‘spear’, an Englishwoman who explored the Middle East, Persia, and Syria. She also helped in drawing the map/borders of Iraq.

Harriet Chalmers Adams (German Origin), meaning ‘home ruler’, explored South America and became the inaugural president of the Women's Society of Geographers.

Isabella Bird (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘God is my oath’, was a famous European voyager who traveled from England to North America.

Jeanne Barret (Frean Origin), meaning ‘God is gracious’, became the first woman who went on a circumnavigation of the world.

Louis Boyd (English Origin), meaning ‘famous warrior’, was the first woman to fly an airplane over the North Pole. She was a famous arctic explorer.

Mary Seacole (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘beloved’, was a British Jamaican nurse from England who traveled a lot.

Nellie Bly (English Origin), meaning ‘light’,  a journalist, traveled around the world in just 72 days at the age of 25.

Sally Ride (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘princess’,  is known for exploring space.

Susie Carson Rijnhart (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘lily’, is known for exploring Asia.

Cool Explorer Names

Don’t you wanna name your kid something cool that will make everyone’s head turn? If yes, then you should check these name options inspired by great explorers who traveled from land to land, sailing many seas! Be it north, east, south, or west, every map in the world owes its origins to the ships of these explorers and their work over the centuries.

Abel Tasman (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘breath’, explored the region of Tasmania.

Addie (German Origin), meaning ‘sweet’, is the nickname of explorer Adeline.

Amerigo Vespucci (Italian Origin), meaning ‘home ruler’. Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian merchant and explorer. It is said America was named after him.

Bartolomeu Dias (Jewish origin), meaning ‘son of talmai’, is known for his explorations in Africa.

Chandan Biswas, (Indian Origin), meaning ‘sandalwood’, is known for solo cycling expeditions in the Himalayas.

David Livingstone (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘beloved’, explored Africa.

Fa Xian (Chinese Origin), meaning ‘send’, explored China, Nepal, and India.

Francisco Vasquez de Cornado (Latin Origin), meaning ‘free man’, was the first European to explore the southwest of North America in Arizona and New Mexico.

Gussie (Latin Origin), meaning ‘grand’, is the nickname of explorer Augusta Van Buren.

Henry Hudson (German Origin), meaning ‘home rule’, is credited with the discovery of the Hudson River.

Hernan Cortés ( Latin Origin), meaning ‘gentle traveler’. Hernan Cortes was a Spanish explorer, who found Mexico and claimed it on the behalf of Spain in the 16th century on the expedition he led on his ship around the globe.

Jacques Marquette (French Origin), meaning ‘supplanter’, discovered the Mississippi River with Louis Joliet, Canadian Explorer.

James Cook (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘supplanter’. James Cook was a British explorer, navigator, and cartographer. James Cook is credited for the discovery of the Hawaiian island.

Jorge Alvares (SpanishOrigin), meaning ‘gorgeous’, first European to land in China.

Joseph Rock (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘to increase’, was a botanist who traveled in west China.

Leif Ericson (Scandinavian Origin), meaning ‘hier’, was a famous Icelandic explorer who settled in the north of Canada.

Mathew Hansen (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘gift of God’ is known for exploring the North Pole.

Peter Minuit (Greek Origin), meaning ‘rock’, is credited with the exploration of the New World.

Ranulph Fiennes (Scottish Origin), meaning ‘shield-wolf’, is a famous explorer of the North and South Pole.

Sebastian Cabot (Latin Origin), meaning ‘revered’, is known for making expeditions to Russia while searching for northwest passage across North America.

Sylvia Earle (Latin Origin), meaning ‘spirit of the wood’, is known for her expedition to the Indian Ocean. She is a sea explorer.

Vasco Nunez De Balboa (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘crow’, was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from its eastern shore.

Violet Cressy Marcks (Latin Origin), meaning ‘purple’, explored Africa and South America.

Space Explorer Names

We have so much to discover about our universe and world galaxies. It feels like a dream to read that people actually went to space. Name your little explorer after those who dared to dream the impossible and made it possible.

Alan Shephard (Irish Origin), meaning ‘handsome’, was the first American man to explore space.

Boris Yegorov (Slavic Origin), meaning ‘battle’, was the first doctor to travel in space.

Christa McAuliffe (Greek Origin), meaning ‘chosen one’, was a space explorer.

Edwin Aldrin (English Origin), meaning ‘rich friend’, traveled to the moon with Neil Armstrong.

Guion Bluford (German Origin ), meaning ‘root’, was the first African American traveled to space.

Ham (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘hot’, was a chimp who made history by traveling to space.

Laika the space dog (Arabic Origin), meaning ‘most beautiful', made history by being the first dog to explore the outer universe.

Neil Armstrong  (Irish Origin), meaning ‘victory’, first man to walk over the moon.

Valentina Tereshkova (Latin Origin), meaning ‘healthy’, was the first female to travel in space.

Yuri Gagarin (Russian Origin), meaning ‘farmer’, was the first man to travel to space.

A travel vlogger shooting at higher altitudes

Famous Explorer Names

Names that come to everyone’s mind when they listen to the word explorer are Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Vasco Da Gama, and many more.

These explorers are known by everyone from kids to the grannies. When your kid will introduce themself with any of the names listed below, people would instantly recognize them.

Cabeza De Vaca (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘big head’, Vaca was the first European to explore Texas and the Southwest.

Christopher Columbus (Greek Origin), meaning ‘Bearer Of Christ’, Christopher Columbus was a famous Italian explorer and navigator who 'discovered' the ‘New Land’, which is known as ‘America’.

Colonel Percy Fawcett (French Origin), meaning ‘column of soldiers', was an explorer of ancient civilization in South America.

Estevanico (English Origin), meaning ‘Stephan’, was the first black man to visit North America.

Ferdinand Magellan (German Origin), meaning ‘courageous’. Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer is known for the first circumnavigation around the world. The voyage by Ferdinand Magellan was called ‘the greatest sea voyage’. This made the name Magellan extremely popular in the age of exploration.

Francis Drake (Latin Origin), meaning ‘free man’. Sir Francis Drake was a navigator known for his circumnavigation of the world.

Fridtjof Nansen (Scandinavian Origin), meaning ‘thief of peace’, is known for exploring Greenland.

Hernando de Soto (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘to be courageous’, explored Florida and southeast America.

Howard Carter (German Origin), meaning ‘high defender’, discovered Tutankhamun and an untouched pharaoh with a treasure in Egypt, Africa.

John Cabot (English Origin), meaning ‘grace of God’, explored and colonized modern Canada.

Juan Ponce de Leon (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘gift of God’, was the first European to arrive in Florida.

Kishen Singh (Indian Origin), meaning ‘Lord of Kisan’, was a native Indian explorer employed by England.

Mani Singh Rawat (Indian Origin), meaning ‘gemstone’, helped in the exploration of Central India.

Marco Polo (Italian Origin), meaning ‘warlike’. Marco Polo is known for his exploration of China and Asia. Marco Polo was also a known writer.

Pedro Alvares Cabral (Latin Origin), meaning ‘stone’, was the first one to discover Brazil.

Samuel De Champlain (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘God has heard’, is created for exploring and founding the city of Quebec.

Sarat Chandra Das (Indian Origin), meaning ‘sage’, explored Tibet. If you are looking for explorer names, this name is really popular.

Sir Ernest Shakleton (English Origin), meaning ‘serious’, set sail in the ship named ‘Endurance’ to explore the Antarctic, passing through the South Pole.

Sir Humphery Gilbert (German Origin), meaning ‘peace’, established St. Johns Newfoundland.

Sir John Hawkins (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘grace by God’, is known for his voyages to West Africa and South America.

 Sir Martin Frobisher (Latin Origin), meaning ‘mars’, is known for his voyages to Greenland and Labrador.

Vasco Da Gama (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘crow’. Vasco Da Gama was a Portuguese explorer who is known for the discovery of an ocean route from Portugal to the east.

Famous Fantasy Explorer Names

If you love literature and watching movies about otherworldly creatures, you must be familiar with these famous fantasy explorer names. There are space explorers, modern-day cartoon explorers, and sci-fi people who have helped create every modern map. So why not name your little explorer after one?

Ahab (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘brother of father’, Captain Ahab from Moby Dick is such a cool name for an explorer. He explored the sea in search of that specific whale.

Bilbo Baggins (Spanish Origin), meaning ‘sword’, is a famous hobbit from Middle Earth.

Davy Jones (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘son of David’, Captain Davy Jones from the 'Pirates of The Caribbean'.

Dora (Greek Origin), meaning ‘gift’, is the name of a famous child explorer, Dora the Explorer.

Frodo Baggins (English Origin), meaning ‘wise by experience’, is a character from 'The Hobbit'.

Gulliver (French Origin), meaning ‘glutton’, explored a remote and unknown island and encounters different species on his journey.

Haddock (English Origin), meaning ‘fish seller’, Captain Haddock created by Herge is a cool name.

Indiana Jones (American Origin), meaning ‘from the land of India', created by George Lucas, is a professor who is exploring the world for treasure.

Isaac Netero (Hebrew Origin), meaning ‘one who laughs’,  is a character from 'Hunter X Hunter' manga, who travels around the world doing odd jobs while exploring treasures.

Jack (English Origin), meaning ‘God is gracious’, Captain Jack Sparrow is a legendary fictional sea voyager.

Nemo (Latin Origin), meaning ‘nobody’, Captain Nemo is a sea voyager written by a French novelist.

Newton Scamander (English Origin), meaning ‘settlement’, a popular character from' Harry Potter' makes a cool name.

Santa (Italian Origin), meaning ‘holy’, Santa Claus adventures to the North Pole are popular among the kids.

Smollet (English Origin), meaning ‘small head’, is from R.L. Stevenson's fictional treasure island.

Tardis (Fictional Origin), meaning ‘time and dimension’, Tardis is the name of the time-traveling machine. Name your little one 'Tardis' inspired by Dr. Who.

Tintin (Swedish Origin), meaning ‘giant iron’, from the ‘Adventures of the Tintin’, created by the Belgian Cartoonist Herge is a reporter who travels the world.

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