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150+ Family-Friendly Funny Rapper Names For Lil Maestros

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Are you looking for cool rap names?

Cool rapper names could be made by simply putting Lil (meaning "small") in front of your given name, such as Lil Peirce, Lil Wayne and so on. But there are many more ideas you can use when choosing a cool rapper stage name.

This list includes over 100 ideas to inspire you, for more check out these funny pirate names and these funny wifi names.

Cool Rapper Names For Girls

This list of rap names includes some famous female rappers.

If you are looking for cool girl rapper names then check out this list of great rap names for girls, including the name of some of the most famous female rappers.

1. Azealia Banks, her real name is Amanda Banks.

2. Bhad Barbie, Bhad Bhabie is also popularly known as Danielle Bregoli.

3. Cardi B, Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Almanzar.

4. CupcakKe, CupcakKe is the rap name of Elizabeth Eden Harris.

5. Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj is the rapping name of Onika Tanya Maraj.

6. Rico Nasty, the Baltimore rap royalty Rico Nasty is actually called Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly.

7. Stefflon Don, Stefflon Don's real name is Stephanie Victoria Allen.

Cool Rapper Names For Boys

Names for rappers should embody your values and character.

Did you know that Snoop Dogg is considered the funniest rapper? Our rapper names list includes lots of cool boys names that are famous in the field of rap music.

8. 2Chainz, 2Chainz is actually called Tauheed Epps.

9. A$ap Rocky, A$AP Rocky's real name is Rakim Mayers.

10. BlocBoy JB, Memphis’s biggest rapper is James Baker.

11. Desiigner, viral hitmaker Desiigner is actually called Sidney Royel Selby III.

12. Fetty Wap, is really called Willie Maxwell II.

13. French Montana, is actually calleds Karim Kharbouch.

14. Future, a 37-year-old rapper from America.

15. G-Eazy, a famous American rapper.

16. Gucci Mane, is known as Radric Delantic Davis.

17. J. Cole, is known as Jermaine Lamarr Cole by his friends and family.

18. Jay Rock, is known as Johnny Reed McKinzie, Jr.

19. Juice WRLD, is also known as Jarad Higgins.

20. Juicy J, Rapper and actor Juicy J is also known as Jordan Michael Houston.

21. Kid Cudi, this Cleaveland based rapper is also known as Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi.

22. Kodak Black, is known as Dieuson Octave.

23. Lil Pump, is also known as Gazzy Garcia.

24. Lil Skies, is also known as Kimetrius Foose.

25. Logic, is actually called Sir Robert Bryson Hall II.

26. Meek Mill, is known as Robert Rihmeek Williams.

27. Offset, is also called Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

28. Post Malone, Post Malone is really called Austin Richard Post.

29. Skepta, Skepta’s real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga.

30. Travis Scott, Travis Scott's birth name is Jacques Berman Webster II.

31. Quavo, Migos man Quavo is known as Quavious Keyate Marshall by his friends and family.

32. Wiz Khalifa, the rap legend Wiz Khalifa's birth name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz.

33. YBN Cordae, is also known as Cordae Dunston by his friends and family.

34. Young Thug, Young Thug is called Jeffery Lamar Williams by his loved ones.

35. Zebra Katz, New York City’s Zebra Katz is known as Ojay Morgan by his family and friends.

Funny Scientific Rapper Names

We have compiled some funny scientific rapper names just for you. Using a clever pun is an easy way to make a catchy rapper name, so check these funny rappers' names out.

36. Bunsen Burner, a rapper name perfect for a chemistry major.

37. Eazy A, a funny rapper name for a student who always comes first.

38. Father Doppler, a rap name for a chemistry teacher.

39. Fizzy Beaker, one of the coolest rapper names for science lovers.

40. Floh Dingah, a perfect rapper name that rhymes with Schrodinger.

41. Foxy Oxy, an ideal rap name for a self-contradicting person.

42. Isotonic, one of the coolest rapper names using a science pun.

43. Heisenberg, a rapper name ideal for a very intelligent person.

44. Juicy Onion Rings, this name sounds similar to the lil rappers' names heard above, but with a sciency twist!

45. Laws Of Motion, this physics based name might make a cool rap name too!

46. Mass Spectra, such creative rapper names are made for really talented rappers.

47. MC CO2+H2O, a cool scientific name for a lil maestro.

48. MC Molecule, this rappers name is both funny and scientific.

49. Mr. Chemistry, for a person who really loves chemistry!

50. Professor Proton, for a fan of TV show 'The Big Bang Theory'.

51. Rapothesis, for a rapper who likes making hypothesis through their music.

52. Sir Mixes A Lot!, for someone who mixes tracks a lot.

53. The Covalent Assailant, a play on words using a chemical bond.

54. Walter White, for someone who loves 'Breaking Bad'.

55. Walt Whitman, for a person from Whitman College.

Funny And Cool Rapper Names

Our list of funny and cool rapper names is made for any music buff.

56. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, for someone who believes in ghosts and monsters.

57. Accidentally Rapping, for someone who accidentally started rapping.

58. Birdman, such funny rappers' names may not make loads of sense but they are certainly unique.

59. DJ Wagsta, such funny rap names are a must for your little rappers.

60. Earl Cardigan, an ideal rap name for an English rapper.

61. Earl Crewneck, a royal name for royal rapper.

62. Earl Sweatervest, such royal rapping names are ideal for a rapper who loves wearing sweater.

63. Em Ji, such good rapper names are suitable for any new rapper.

64. Fiber Optiks, one of the best rap name ideas for those who love technology.

65. H.A.M, for a ham-loving person.

66. Hasty Mane, for a person with long hair.

67. HMS Twister, for a royal rapper.

68. HRH Rocker, ideal for a rockstar.

69. Investment Bank$, for a banker turned rapper.

70. Grand Superstar, for a not-so-humble rapper.

71. Kelly Clarkson, a simple name for a Kelly Clarkson fan.

72. Lil Abner, one of the coolest rapper name ideas.

73. Lil BigPlanet, for a rapper who loves the solar system.

74. Lil Filipa Ioannou, a name inspired by a famous historian.

75. Lonely Island, a play on words using Coney Island.

76. M. Peid, a play on words usingn Robert Browning's poem 'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin'.

77. Mr. Simon, a play on the name Sir John Simon.

78. Mighty Rapper, a simple and powerful rapper name.

79. Moulin Rouge, for a rapper from France.

80. Mo’lasses, a play on the word molasses.

81. Notorious Rap, a cool rapper name.

82. Notre Done, for a rapper who loves the work of Pierre de Montreuil.

83. Philip Seymour Hoffman, a name inspired by three of the most influential people in history.

84. Si's Duet, for duo of rappers.

87. Soilder Boy, for a rapper inspired by the famous rapper Soulja Boy!

88. Stacy’s, a simple name for a female rapper.

89. T-Agony, one of the best rappers' names for a person who loves dinosaurs.  

90. T-Suffering, for a rapper who sings about their sufferings.

90. Tokyo Rapper Tower, for a rapper who loves the architecture of Tokyo Tower.

92. Tumblr, for a rapper who is a fan of Tumblr.

93. Ty The Rap, for a creative rapper

94. Ultimate Rapper, for a rapper who is at the top of his or her game!

95. Voltaire, for a rapper who was inspired by the French Enlightenment movement.

96. Winner Number One, for a rapper who always wins.

97. Winston D Rap, for a confident rapper.

98. Woody Wu, for a cowboy rapper.

99. Xponent, for an exceptional rapper.

100. Versatility, for a rapper who can sing many styles.

101. Yung Songman, one of the cool lil rapper names.

102. Yung Urban Professional, a big name for a lil rapper.

Funny Maths Rapper Names

Do you love math? Then you'll surely love a good mathematical rapper name!

103. Algebros, for a rapper who loves algebra.

104. Always Right, for a rapper who is always right in math.

105. Be ², for a rapper who loves being themselves.

106. Binary Code, for a non-binary rapper.

107. Calculus, a simple name for a rapper who is good at calculus.

108. Calculatin’, for a rapper who is good at calculations.

109. CosSo, a mathematical name for a genius rapper.

110. Deadly Sins, for a rapper who knows how good at rapping he or she is.

111. Denominators, for a rapper who is good with numbers.

112. Feed Me Pi, for a rapper who loves both pi and pie.

113. I’m Not Derive-in, for a rapper who is good with finance.

114. Just Math Man, for a rapper who just wants to rap about math.

115. Live Free, for a rapper who is a fan of math and living as they wish.

116. Math πrates, for a rapper who is a math expert and know his mathematical constant.

117. Mαth∫etΣs, for a rapper who is a math genius.

118. Number Ninjas, for a rapper or a group of rappers who are quick with numbers.

119. Pyramid Scheme, a rapper who is careful of his investments.

120. Princess Geometry, for a female rapper who loves geometry. 

121. Sine Me Up, for a rapper who can dance and sing in tune.

122. Trig Troupe, for a rapper band who are trigonometry fans.

123. Varsity Math, for a rapper who was studied math at university.

124. Well Obtuse You, for a rapper who is slow to understand.

Real English Rapper Names

These cool rapper names belong to British rappers, do you recognise any of them?

125. Bugzy Malone, a proper English rap name for Aaron Davis.

126. Chipmunk, a funny English rap name for Jahmaal Noel Fyffe.

127. Dave, a short and sweet rap name for David Orobosa Omoregie.

128. Dizzee Rascal, a cool British rap name for Dylan Kwabena Mills.

129. Kano, a British name for rapper and actor Kane Brett Robinson.

130. Skepta, a proper English name for Joseph Junior Adenuga.

131. Stormzy, an English grime name for Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr.

Funny Geographic Rapper Names

Here are some geography inspired rapper names, which will you choose?

132. Baltimore Raption, for a person who loves Baltimore.

133. Boston Rap, for a person who raps about everything Boston.

134. Booth Oak, for a rapper who hails from Oakland.

135. Chicagoing, for a rapper from Chicago.

136. Cleve Rap, a play on the word Cleveland.

137. Cosima Memphis, for an Italian rapper who lives in Memphis.

138. DCWashingrap, for a rapper from DC.

139. Detroit, a simple name for a rapper from Detroit.

140. ER Dallas, for any electronic music fan from Dallas.

141. Frank Milwaukee, for a Frank from Milwaukee.

142. Houston, a simple name for rap music fans from Houston

143. Kansas Rap City, for a rapper from Kansas.

144. Lil Atlanta, for a lil rapper from Atlanta

145. MiamicRap, for a rapper from Miami.

146. Pap New Orleans, for a rapper from New Orleans.

147. Rap Angeles, for a rapper from Los Angeles.

148. Big New York, for a New Yorker rapper.

149. SanFran Disco, for a rapper from San Francisco, who merges disco with rap music.

150. Seal Minneapolis, for a rapper from Minneapolis.

151. Searapperttle, for a smart rapper from Seattle.

152. Variadonna, for a Madonna-like rapper who raps a wide variety of songs.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for these great family-friendly funny rapper names for lil maestros then why not take a look at something different like these magical girl names, or these celestial names?

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