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Felicity is a unique name and dates back to the 16th century.
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Felicity is a name given mostly to girls, which means fortunate and lucky.

Felicity is a virtue name and is much more feminine than any other name. The name is particularly famous due to Saint Felicity of Rome, a Roman Catholic saint from the second century.

The year 2000, after the premiere of the television program 'Felicity', saw the name reach its peak popularity in the US. The red-headed colonial doll Felicity Merriman is made by the American Girl brand. The doll, which includes a companion book series, a couple of movies, and other accessories, was first made available in the US in 1991. In 2007, almost 236 girls born in England and Wales were named Felicity. The name dropped from 619th position in 2006 to 706th place in 2007 as the most common name for females born in the United States.

Cool Nicknames For Felicity

Cool nicknames are creative and never go out of style. Check out these cool nicknames for Felicity.

1. Cia - the name literally translates to the Greek goddess of the moon and is a great nickname to give to your Felicity.

2. Cit - it is a shortened version of the name Felicity.

3. Fay - this can be used when she is destined to be a fairy.

4. Félicité - it is the French version of the name Felicity. Anything in French does sound exquisite.

5. Felicyta - the name means 'lucky' in Polish. It is really useful when you are trying out any sport.

6. Felix - the perfect nickname for the perfect happy friend like Felicity.

7. Felly - this nickname can be used when she is your partner in crime.

8. Feltz - a perfect nickname for when Felicity is way too cool to be in high school.

9. Fial - this can be used when she is honored with awards.

10. Fiaz - this can be used when she is being generous and helping you with homework.

11. Fila - this nickname is used to signify the strength and power of her love.

12. Fish - this nickname is excellent if she loves sleeping in a water bed.

13. Flay - this nickname for Felicity can be used when she is being lazy and doesn't want to move around.

14. Fleabag - this nickname is best when she just doesn't want to come back home.

15. Flip - a cool nickname for when she loves to play in the dirt.

16. Flossie - a great pun for when Felicity is always preoccupied with her teeth.

17. Flyee - the extra ee can really make her annoying personality adorable.

18. Fox - this nickname can be used when she is as cunning as a fox.

19. Lici - this nickname can certainly be used for a noble lady like Felicity.

20. Licia - this name translates to 'happy' in Spanish. You can call her this because she is a free-spirited lady.

21. Litt - this cool nickname can be used when Felicity is just perfect for your friend tribe.

22. Lynx -it is a type of wild cat found in the European forests. You can surely use this when she is untamed.

23. Philly - it can be used if Felicity is a great horse rider and loves to play polo.

Cute Nicknames For Felicity

The name Felicity originates from the Latin name Felicitas.

Are you confused about what to call your Felicity? This list contains nicknames for Felicity based on their different personalities. Check out these creative and cute nicknames for Felicity.

24. Cecilie - the name best suited to name the talented prodigy of the family, almost resembling the blind talented musician, St Cecilie.

25. Cichlid - the funny name to use when she looks as cute as a fish.

26. Cici - this nickname can be used when she is being utterly adorable while playing with animals.

27. Cicilia - a perfect name to give your child if they are interested in football, similar to the footballer Rigino Cicilia.

28. Effie - this nickname is suitable when Felicity is well-mannered.

29. Fai - a cute way to say that Felicity is a little fairy.

30. FeeFee - a repeated sound used to express your feelings for Felicity.

31. Felicitas - the name is given to the Roman Goddess of Good Luck. A cute nickname to show your gratitude towards her.

32. Felidae - the name implies the deity-like innocence and power that Felicity possesses. An excellent choice to highlight her cuteness.

33. Felistas - this is the Spanish interpretation of the name Felistas. An ideal choice to spice up the name.

34. Fe-Litt - this nickname is excellent for Felicity, given by younger siblings.

35. Felpie - a charming nickname to match her winning smile.

36. Flea - there are no other words to call the sweet little kid who just can't stop smiling.

37. Fleecy - it can be used when she looks adorable and has cute whiskers.

38. Fluff - this nickname can be used when she is as fluffy as a teddy bear.

39. Izzy - the name signifies the goddess of nature. It can be used to show her true connection with nature.

40. Lil fae - a charming way to call her when she is just a kid.

41. Lily - a lovely choice to represent her purity and innocence.

42. Litty - this nickname is terrific for expressing her artistic abilities.

Unique Nicknames For Felicity

Every nickname should be unique and endearing. Here is the list of unique nicknames for Felicity.

43. Annabel - this graceful name best evokes the nobility and elegance of young women like Felicity.

44. Cita - the name addresses the musically inclined people who always have their headphones on.

45. Effy - the name translates to 'fair speech' in Greek. A perfect match for Felicity, who loves to seek justice and believes in fair play.

46. Euphemia - this nickname is suitable for a noblewoman like Felicity.

47. Fae - it can be used when young Felicity wants to dress up as a fairy.

48. Fee - this name means 'flowing.' Felicity is certainly a consistent driving force in life.

49. Felicia - in Latin, the word translates to 'happy.' An excellent choice to express the beaming and jolly nature of Felicity.

50. Fiadh - a perfect choice to represent a respectful and dignified woman like Felicity.

51. Fianna - the name is given to the leader of warriors who is full of strength and justice.

52. Fifi - this name is to signify that she is a wise protector of her friends and will keep no table turned to accomplish her goals.

53. Filly - it can be used to address a young girl.

54. Finty - it can be used to indicate the pure heart of a child.

55. Flame - this name signifies the passionate flame that drives us to success.

56. Floy - the name represents the flourishing, prosperous life of Felicity.

57. Folo - it can suggest the strong bond of love and trust among family members.

58. Penelope - this elegant Greek name made its first appearance in Homer's Odessy and is also the name of a famous Spanish actress, Penelope Cruz.

59. Philley - the name is given to the one who can love freely.

60. Rosaline - the nickname best suitable to highlight the gentle nature of Felicity.

61. Ruby - this precious red-colored stone truly captures the distinct personality of Felicity.

62. Saskia - the name is used to signify a Saxon woman, similar to Rembrandt's wife.

Popular Nicknames For Felicity

The spotlight is always on the one who bears the sweetest name and adds a luster to the same. Check out this list of popular and creative nicknames for Felicity.

63. City - a short yet trendy name for Felicity to showcase her bubbly nature.

64. El - in Hebrew, the name translates to 'deity'. A powerful nickname best suited for Felicity.

65. Ellie - this nickname can be used when she is your only source of light on gloomy days.

66. Faiz - this is a popular nickname that can be used to signify success and victory.

67. Fanta - the name is a pun on fantasy. A funny nickname to give Felicity.

68. Faris - this is a pun on the city name Paris. It is an excellent choice for Felicity since she is a knight in shining armor.

69. Feli - this name implies the forgiving and nurturing personality of Felicity.

70. Fellow - this name can be used to celebrate your friendship or comradery with Felicity.

71. Felt - this is a royal nickname suitable for royal ladies like Felicity.

72. Fill - the name signifies the abundance of knowledge and power. A perfect nickname for Felicity.

73. Fire - the name is perfect for her because she is never afraid to fire away her doubts.

74. Flavia - this name is used to point to the transcendent beauty of her soul.

75. Fred - a great reference to the famous cartoon character Fred Flintstone. The name can also be used if Felicity wants to be a magical elf.

76. Lee - the name implies the one who is sheltered from the storm, much like Bruce Lee.

77. Licity - this is a short form of the name Felicity. An adorable way to call her that.

78. Lis - a nickname bestowed to manifest abundance and success.

79. Lit - the nickname expresses the sharp mind and intelligence of the kid.

80. Lizzy - this name signifies a promise made to a friend.

81. Phil - it can be used if Felicity is an ardent carer of horses and loves to spend time in stables.

82. Sia - this is a Swedish name derived from the Old Norse name, which translates to 'victory.' A nickname best suited for the champion.

83. Tee - an endearing way to call your friend.

Funny Nicknames For Felicity

Are you out of creative ideas on how to torment your friend, Felicity? Then this list of funny and catchy nicknames for Felicity will certainly help you.

84. Ciao - the name is quite easy to pronounce and flows effortlessly, and is famous for the greeting Ciao Bella.

85. Facility - a perfect pun when she can provide for all your academic needs.

86. Faculty - this is a pun on the name Felicity when she is acting as the teacher's pet.

87. Falcon - the bird is famous for its driving speed and its hawkeye. It will certainly suit her character, just like the Marvel comic hero Falcon.

88. Felicidade - this is the Portuguese form of the name Felicity. A name enriched with history and discovery.

89. Felìcita - it means 'good luck' in Italian, just like the international success of the country's best-known song, 'Felicita.'

90. Fella - it is a pun on the name Felicity to make fun of her name.

91. Fia - this nickname can be used when she experiences a wild and twisting turn of events.

92. Fizzy - the name suggests a highly charged personality that can attract powerful ideas and pranks.

93. Floss - the nickname is the best reminder for Felicity to never skip flossing.

94. Fly - a nickname to convey how much she loves to annoy and irritate you.

95. Leech - this nickname is a great choice to mock Felicity when she keeps on leeching old jokes.

96. Lippy - this funny name can be used when Felicity is being a bit mischievous.

97. Lissie - a funny yet endearing name for little Felicity.

98. Phi - a perfect nickname to imply that she is an irrational mathematical constant.

99. Plus - a mathematical pun is indeed the best way to tease her when she is poor at adding and subtracting.

Unique Names To Use With Felicity

Did you know that Felicity can also be used as a middle name? Apart from nicknames for Felicity, here is a list of creative names that can be used with Felicity.

100. Adalie Felicity - people with this name often have a natural gift for analysis and research.

101. Arden Felicity - this is the name of the magic forest in the play 'As You Like It' by William Shakespeare.

102. Ari felicity - this name translates to 'lion' in Hebrew. This name will certainly complement strong and confident people.

103. Corinna Felicity - this name can be used if the person resembles the famous actress Corinna Kopf.

104. Daphne Felicity - Daphne is the Greek goddess of spring and fountains and is often associated with Apollo.

105. Desmond Felicity - this name can match the personality of a gracious defender.

106. Elena Felicity - it is for the people who gain joy by shining a light in the darkness of the world.

107. Etta Felicity - this name signifies a ferocious warrior brimming with power.

108. Gideon Felicity - the name denotes the strength and power of a great warrior.

109. Jasper Felicity - the name of one of the three wise men in the Bible who are the bearers of treasure.

110. Justus Felicity - a perfect name for those looking forward to serving justice to the innocent.

111. Louis Felicity - this name is best suited for people with superior taste.

112. Oliver Felicity - this name will enhance the sweet and pure nature of one's soul.

113. Rosaline Felicitas - in Spanish, Rosaline means 'a beautiful rose.' When paired with Felicitas, the names can symbolize the one blessed with beauty.

114. Samuel Felicity - indicates that the one who listens to God will certainly bear good results.

115. Scarlett Felicity - expresses courage, joy, and passion of the heart.

116. Seth Felicity - in the Hebrew Bible, it is the name of the third son of Adam and Eve.

117. Viola Felicity - a perfect name for people gifted with innate talents. They possess the perfect rhythm of a violin.

118. Warren Felicity - a mature, sharp-minded person, such as Warren Buffett, can live up to the true meaning of the name.

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