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61 Fascinating Nicknames For Margaret

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Margaret, an English baby girl name meaning 'pearl,' is quite common today.

A nickname or a moniker is used to identify something or someone. It means a person in this instance who goes by a particular name.

People with comparable personality traits or physical characteristics are likelier to use nicknames. They could use them to address one another or perhaps only their buddies to show love and affection. Girls are named Margaret, derived from the Latin 'Margarita' and the Greek 'Margarites.' Pearl is the meaning of the Hebrew word 'Margaron.' 

These names may have been taken from Persian by the Greeks. Marguerite, the old French version of Margaret, is inspired by a flower, namely the daisy. After Saint Margaret, who allegedly avoided being gobbled up by a dragon and was later crucified in Antioch, Margaret gained popularity.

Common Nicknames For Margaret

Margaret is a very common name for children, especially females. Here are some commonly used nicknames for Margaret.

1. Madge- Madge is Margaret's imaginative alias.

2. Mae- A more distinctive spelling while seeking the correct nickname; common for both Margaret and Mary, meaning the goddess of spring growth.

3. Mag-pie- An adorable name named after the bird.

4. Mag- Margaret's simple and lovely nickname fits her well.

5. Maggie- A sweet nickname. Also named after a character in the 'Simpsons.'

6. Maisie- Margaret's English name, Mairead, became Maisie in Ireland and Scotland.

7. Mar-A common nickname for Margaret that has been around for a while.

8. Marg- Marg is a short and sweet nickname for Margaret.

9. Marga- An imaginative nickname for Margaret that is more original than merely using the first few letters.

10. Margie- This is a sweet nickname but would also be appropriate for older ladies.

11. May- It's a short and charming nickname for numerous names that begin with the letter 'M.'

Cute Nicknames For Margaret

Everyone loves a cute nickname, and they will adore these nicknames. If you are a creative person who wants some cute and creative nicknames for Margaret, then you are just at the right place.

12. Daisy- A frequently used cute nickname since Marguerite, the French equivalent of Margaret, meaning Daisy flowers.

13. Etta- Maretta, the Scottish Gaelic name for Margaret, is reduced to Etta as an endearing nickname.

14. Garet- Usually, nicknames are created by reducing the first letter of a name, so here is Garet.

15. Gigi- An adorable moniker for Margaret used by both younger and older generations.

16. Greta- The abbreviated version of Margaret's name relates to their German ancestry.

17. Gretel- This moniker has some history, albeit it's frequently connected to Hansel and Gretel's fable.

18. Margo- The French word meaning pearls; Margo and Margot are spelling variants of Margaret that might be used as nicknames.

19. Meg/ Meggie- Over time, Maggie changed into Meggie, who then changed into Peg or Peggy for rhyme-themed nicknames.

20. Midge- A creative abbreviation of Margaret.

21. Molly- Means star of the sea.

22. Mugs- Mugs or Muggy, a name that may have been given to her by a young kid or someone who couldn't yet pronounce her name. Both nicknames are sweet and original.

23. Pearl- Margaret means this making this a wonderful moniker.

24. Peg- Meg was changed into the rhyming moniker Peg by British slang.

25. Peggy: Meggie was changed into the rhyming moniker Peggy by British slang.

Cool Nicknames For Margaret

Margaret is a variation of Maggie and has gained popularity as a stand-alone name over the years. If you're looking for some fun and cool nicknames for Margaret, this is the right place.

26. Arya- A cool and warm nickname meaning honorable.

27. Magneto- Part of the marvel comics.

28. Magnificient- It means extremely beautiful.

29. Mags Magster- A fusion of the words 'mag' and 'gangster.'

30. Mags- A cool way to call your friend Margaret.

31. Magstar- A cool name to call your superstar kid.

32. Mara- Mara or Mia, a name that may have been given to her by a young kid or someone who couldn't yet pronounce her name, means joy.

33. Marjorie - A cool and stylish modern nickname.

34. Marley- In reference to the actress Margaret Qualley.

35. Marood- In reference to Margaret Atwood, a Canadian poet, essayist, and activist.

36. Mars- For one who dreams of going or settling on mars.

37. Mary- A sweet and original nickname meaning beloved or marine.

38. Mega: A cool nickname with reference to video games.

39. Megan- A beautiful nickname meaning pearl.

40. Mia- A sweet nickname meaning the ocean goddess.

41. Mini: This one is for small Margaret.

Some Exclusive Nicknames For Margaret

Here are some unique, adorable, yet funny names for Margaret.

42. HenDawg- Modern nickname.

43. Keane- A creative nickname for someone sharp or a fighter.

44. Magock- In reference to Maggie Aderin-Pocock, a British science educator and space scientist.

45. Mahilton- This is in reference to Margaret Hamilton, an American computer scientist.

46. Margarita- A spelling variation of Margaret could be the pizza or the drink.

47. Margdor- In reference to Margaret Tudor, a queen of scots.

48. Marthacher- Inspired by the fictional character Margaret Thatcher.

49. Money Magnet- Made out of the words 'money,' 'mag,' and 'net.'

50. Princess Marg- In reference to Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

51. Reta- An even shorter variant that serves as a unique nickname for Margaret.

52. Rita- Margarita is the Latin word for Margaret; Rita is her shortened name.

Funny Nicknames For Margaret

Funny nicknames are fun to go with or when you want to tease someone. So, here are some funny nicknames for your friend Margaret.

53. Cho-Inspired by the fictional character Margaret Cho.

54. Harriette- Rhymes with the name Margaret.

55. Hattie Mag- A fun name that kids could use.

56. Heikki- A distinctive name.

57. Henri- A unique nickname.

58. Horrid Marg- Nice nickname to tease your friend Margaret.

59. Mango- Taken from the name of a fruit, mango.

60. Margi Kin- A fun way to call a dear friend.

61. Renny Margaret- Renny means mighty, and Margaret means a pearl.

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