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128 Fun And Cool Nicknames For Jasmine

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Do you know someone named Jasmine and are inspired to find some good nicknames?

Jasmine is a name of French origin meaning 'gift from God'. Jasmine is a popular name for girls across the world, necessitating the quest for a good nickname.

Princess Jasmine, the love interest of Aladdin, is probably the most popular person with the same name. There are many other famous personalities named Jasmine, making it a well-known name across the world.

Here are some unique nicknames for Jasmine that will help you select the one you like.

Cute Nicknames For Jasmine

Here is the list of cool nicknames for Jasmine.

  • Gem- meaning 'Jewel', babies are like a jewel and this nickname is cute and perfect.
  • Jam- meaning 'musical get-together', is also named after an edible sweet seasoning.
  • Jasminy- meaning 'gift from God', this nickname is like a gift for a baby.
  • Jas- is short for Jasmine, and enjoys extensive popularity as one of the cute nicknames for Jasmine.
  • Jasey- meaning 'God is gracious', is a graceful nickname for a baby girl.
  • Jasme- meaning 'gift from God', a true gift is a good name. It is one of the perfect Jasmine nicknames.
  • Jasmiso- a perfect short nickname for girls named Jasmine. 
  • Jasmy Bean- is an adorable nickname indeed for baby girls. It surely is one of the fun Jasmine nicknames.
  • Jasmyn- meaning 'jasmine flower', is perfect for newborns who are like flowers. It happens to be one of the cute nicknames for Jasmine.
  • Jazline- meaning 'God's gift', is a cutesy name for a girl.
  • Jazz- meaning 'style of music', is a groovy nickname for a baby. If you are a fan of princess Jasmine, then you will surely like this nickname.
  • Jazzypants- is a cute name indeed for a baby. One of the best nicknames for Jasmine.
  • Jenny- meaning 'God has been gracious', is a suitable nickname for a girl.
  • Jessy- meaning 'God's gift', is another decent and cute nickname for a baby.
  • Jigglypuff- is a Pokemon that looks adorable and has big beautiful eyes.
  • Joy- meaning 'joy, happiness, joyful', a name can be used for both boys and girls.
  • Juju Bean- this nickname sounds too cute and would be suitable for adorable babies.
  • Mazzy- meaning 'Precious, a pea', for a precious baby this cute nickname is precious.
  • Mimi- meaning 'rebellious', also means 'Love' and 'beloved', is a good nickname.
  • Mina- meaning 'Joyful', a name full of happiness is a perfect nickname.
  • Mine- meaning 'Summit, peak', is a perfect and cute nickname for a girl.
  • Minnie- meaning 'of the mind, intellect', is as cute as it sounds for a nickname.
  • Missy- meaning 'Bee', a lovely nickname for a lovely baby.
  • Nemo- is named from the animation movie 'Finding Nemo', and is a cute nickname.
  • Vitasmine- vitamin is crucial, same for the cute nickname which is crucial as well.
  • Yasmin- meaning 'jasmine flower', is a beautiful nickname.

Funny Nicknames For Jasmine

Listed below are all the funny nicknames for Jasmine and it is an English name.

  • Jae-Jae- meaning 'Ability, talent', for a talented personality, this is a nickname.
  • Jasmiami- half Jasmine and half Miami this name is suitable for a baby named Jasmine.
  • Jasminion- the word minion is from an animation movie 'Despicable me', which fits perfectly.
  • Jasmonkey- no name can be funnier than this.
  • Jazaronie- is another funny nickname for a baby. It can be regarded as one of the best nicknames.
  • Jazz boots- is a quirky and funny combination of words to be used as a nickname.
  • Jazz cakes- is an adorable and funny nickname for an adorable baby.
  • Jazz hands- is a humorous nickname but adorable at the same time.
  • Jazzmatazz- meaning 'hip hop and jazz', this nickname is funny yet adorable.
  • Jazztastic- this nickname is for both boys and girls.
  • Jibber-Jabber- meaning 'foolish', already sounds funny for a nickname.
  • Jigerbomb- a silly word to be used as one of Jasmine's nicknames.
  • Jimmy- meaning 'he who supplants'. It is one of the best nicknames for Jasmine.
  • Jo-Jo- meaning 'Gods Raises', raised by God, this nickname is gracious and funny.
  • Jumbo- meaning 'large in size', and named after an elephant.
  • Juno- meaning 'Queen of heaven', this nickname cannot be any more perfect.
  • Lil Jazz- is a funny nickname for a little rockstar.
  • Mimosas- meaning 'tropical tree', is another funny nickname.
  • Mini J- this nickname is funny and is suitable for babies named Jasmine.
  • Slime- sounds adorable for a nickname.

Cool Nicknames For Jasmine

The meaning of the name Jasmine is 'gift from God', however it can multiple meanings in different contexts. Here are some cool nicknames for Jasmine to choose from.

  • Asami- meaning 'future', for good luck this nickname is good.
  • Chaz- meaning 'free man'. A decent nickname for a baby.
  • Gen Z- meaning 'people who are born between 1990 to early 2010'. Is a perfect nickname.
  • J-Lo- is a renowned celebrity Jennifer Lopez is also called by this nickname.
  • JJ- is a perfect nickname shortened for Jasmine.
  • Jabawoki- is a name taken from a poem by Lewis Carroll 'Jabberwocky'.
  • Jace- meaning 'Healer; Lord of salvation.
  • Jambe- is a name that sounds goofy and is perfect for a nickname.
  • Jammies- meaning 'Yahweh may protect, heal', this nickname is beautiful.
  • Jass Bond- is inspired by the renowned fictional 'James Bond'.
  • Jazelle- meaning 'pledge', is a cool nickname with a good meaning.
  • Jazzman- is a name cool enough to be used as a nickname.
  • Jazzmanian Devil- this nickname already sounds cool and nice for a nickname.
  • Jim- meaning 'Supplanter'. Perfect for babies who bring happiness.
  • Jimson- is a cool nickname for a baby.
  • Jinx- meaning 'a curse', a name sounds cool and is precise for a nickname.
  • Joey- meaning 'God will increase', is another icy nickname for a baby.
  • MJ- is the name of a fictional character in the 'Spiderman homecoming' movie.
  • Mojo- meaning 'good luck, charm', compliments the baby's charm.
  • Muse- meaning 'any of the nine sister Goddesses', has its roots in Greek mythology.
  • Ninjas- is a great nickname choice. As cool and brave as ninjas are, this nickname is outstanding.
  • Sassy- meaning 'Bold and spirited', this name is cool to be used as a nickname.
  • Taz- meaning 'a gift from God', is a brilliant nickname.

Trendy Nicknames For Jasmine

Listed below are all the trendy nicknames for Jasmine for you to select from.

  • Awwjess- is a charming nickname.
  • Beemin- is another lovely nickname.
  • Gaz- meaning 'spear', is a cute nickname.
  • J-Twinkle- is another dazzling nickname.
  • Jace- meaning 'Healer; Lord of salvation'. An adequate nickname for a baby.
  • Jamz- is a suitable nickname.
  • Jane- meaning 'God is gracious', is a beautiful nickname.
  • Jasabee- is a word that sounds lovely as a nickname.
  • Jasadoo- is a superb nickname.
  • Jasikes- is a goofy nickname.
  • Jasipoo- is a cute nickname.
  • Jasmijn- meaning 'gift from God', is a beautiful nickname.
  • Jasmonkey- is a funny and cute nickname.
  • Jasper- meaning 'bearer of treasure', is a gorgeous nickname for a boy.
  • Jass- meaning 'happiness, honor, pride', is an ideal nickname for Jasmine.
  • Jassi- who is a clever nickname.
  • Jazaronie- is a pun on the word macaroni.
  • Jazjoy- is a groovy nickname.
  • Jazmin- meaning 'God's gift, coming', is a perfect nickname.
  • Jazmoo- is a perfect nickname.
  • Jazthestar- is a dazzling nickname for a little rockstar.
  • Jazu- is a good nickname for a baby girl.
  • Jazz the spaz- is a groovy nickname.
  • Jazz-o- meaning 'style of music', is a perfect nickname for music lovers.
  • Jazza- meaning 'reward', is a rewarding nickname.
  • Jazzie- is a trendy nickname these days.
  • Jazzman- is a word sounds groovy for a nickname.
  • Jazzmine- is a funny take on the name Jasmine.
  • Jazzsonic- is a fun nickname.
  • Jazzy Fay- is a funky nickname for a funky kid.
  • Jazzy Sue- is a name taken from a song called Peggy Sue.
  • Jazzy blue- is another fantastic nickname.
  • Jazzybell- is an adorable nickname for a cute baby.
  • Jazzykins- Is a great nickname option. Jazzy makes it for Jasmine and kins makes it for 'munchkin'.
  • Jello- is a goofy and cute nickname.
  • Jelly- is a beautiful nickname.
  • Jellybean- for a cute baby this nickname is good.
  • Jem- meaning 'Dove', is a nickname for a boy and a girl.
  • Jenna- meaning 'white shadow' is a nice nickname.
  • Jessamine- meaning 'flower', is a pretty nickname.
  • Jessie- meaning 'the Lord exists', is a good nickname.
  • Jessifoo- another quirky nickname.
  • Jiminy- is another adorable nickname.
  • Jinny- another popular nickname.
  • Jocene- is a beautiful nickname for a baby.
  • Joyce- meaning ‘Lord’, is a decent nickname.
  • July bean- is a cute nickname.
  • Jumpyjas- is a quirky nickname.
  • Maj- meaning 'harmful spirits', is a good nickname.
  • Mazzmine- is a perfect nickname for Jasmine.
  • Mie- meaning 'Bitter; beauty', a perfect nickname for a beautiful baby.
  • Mimi- meaning 'Rebellious' in Greek, is a good nickname.
  • Min- is a nice nickname for Jasmine.
  • Mina- meaning 'joyful', is a nice nickname.
  • Minnie- is as adorable as it sounds.
  • Missy- is a charming nickname for a baby.
  • Princess Jasmine- is inspired by the movie 'Aladdin'. A Disney princess name.
  • Stringbean- is a funny nickname.
  • Yasemin- meaning 'Gift from God' in Persian origin.
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