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100 Funny Street Names From Across Every Continent

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Street names usually are very serious with highly functional roles to play.

However, once in a blue moon, you'll come across a street name or the name of a city or town that's just straight up hilarious. The best part is that such names exist across all continents.

So, if you're in need of giggles, read on, as we take you through the continents to showcase the funniest road names, town names, and city names. Some of these names are so funny that it may be hard for you to believe that they're real. For more amazing name articles on Kidadl, check out city names for girls and geographical baby names.

Funny Street Names From North America

North America has numerous street names that are just too funny to believe. In this section, you can discover the funniest street names from the USA and Canada.

Not all street names in the world command the sort of respect that New York's Times Square does.

1. Billy Goat Strut Alley, in Kentucky, which came into existence towards the end of the 19th century, when the alley saw frequent goat races.

2. Boring, in Oregon, which hopefully isn't as boring for visitors as the name suggests.

3.Burr Oak Court, in Iowa, which sounds a lot like 'broke' when said quickly.

4. Bucket of Blood Street, in Arizona, which may be funny now, but once, it was a place where cowboys and outlaws used to engage in gunfights.

5. Candy Castle Lane, in Indiana, which has a Christmas-themed street name.

6. Chicken Dinner Road, in Idaho, which is a funny street name dating back to the 1930s.

7. Farfrompoopen Road, in Arkansas, which is truly one of the weirdest street names in the world.

8. Gravy Train Lane, in Kansas, which was named to honor a local business that produced the famous Gravy Train dog food.

9. Haviture Way, in Oregon, which sounds a lot like 'have it your way'.

10. Liquid Laughter Lane, in Maryland, which is only one of the state's many funny street names.

11. Memory Lane, in Mississippi, which isn't a street that's too effective in getting people back to the good old times.

12. Nanny Goat Strut Alley, in Kentucky, which shares a story similar to the street called Billy Goat Strut Alley.

13. North Sandwich Road, in New Hampshire, which is a road in the town called Sandwich.

14. Pig's Eye Lake Road, in Minnesota, which is funny for its name but an incredibly beautiful place.

15. Pleasant Street, in Massachusetts, which makes for a funny street name, particularly if you have an unpleasant time there.

16. Psycho Path, in Michigan, which is a private street that one would think is exclusively for psychopaths.

17. Satinwood Drive, in Maryland, which was misspelled as 'Satan Wood Drive' for almost three decades.

18. Seldom Seen Road, in Ohio, which, believe it or not, is a double-yellow lined highway.

19. Shades of Death Road, in New Jersey, which is a road with a haunted history, making it both funny and creepy.

20. Slaughter Neck Road, in Delaware, which may tickle your funny bone or scare you.

21. Uptha Road, in Maine, which sounds a bit too like the commonly used phrase 'up the road'.

22. Why Worry Lane, in California; a reminder for those passing through the road to be happy.

Funny Street Names From South America

Most South American street names are in either Spanish or Portuguese, which won't make much sense to English-speaking people. However, there are a few cities, towns, and villages that have peculiar names, especially if they're taken at face value.

23. Bananal, a village in Brazil's Sao Paulo state, which doesn't have much to do with bananas, despite its name.

24. Biobio, a southern Chile region with an incredibly funny name.

25. Charity, a port city in Guyana with a funny name.

26. Fordlandia, the name of a rubber plantation in Brazil that was named by Ford, the automobile giants.

27. Mercedes, the name of numerous South American places without any apparent connection to  Mercedes Benz.

28. Sauce, a Peruvian city that's not really famous for its sauces. In fact, sauce is the Spanish word for "willow".

29. Turbo, a small Colombian city, which is accessible using fast boats.

30. Uberaba, a Brazillian city, which unsurprisingly has Uber taxi services.

31. Uberlandia, another Brazillian city with no apparent connection to Uber.

Funny Street Names From Europe

Europe has its fair share of places with incredibly funny names as well.

Many street names around the world will definitely make you sit up and take notice.

32. Best, a Dutch village that unfortunately doesn't rank among the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

33. Castletown Bearheaven, an Irish fishing port that has neither bears nor castles.

34. De Hulk, a Dutch village with absolutely no link to the giant green character from the Marvel universe.

35. Die, the name of a French village that is funny and ominous at the same time.

36. Dull, a Scottish village, which is anything but dull, as it features some incredible scenery and some very friendly people as well.

37. Dumb Woman's Lane, in Rye, UK, which is believed to have been named after a woman whose work revolved around traditional herbs and medicine.

38. Fakenham, a market town in the UK that's far from being fake.

39. Frying Pan Alley, in London, England, which must be a favorite with the chefs.

40. Grandson, a Swiss town with a strange name.

41. Ha-ha Road, a road in Greenwich, London, UK, that's sure to tickle your funny bone.

42. Hell, a Norwegian village that is a little piece of heaven.

43. Kissing, a village in Bavaria, Germany, where love is always in the air.

44. Macroom, an Irish market town without a single Apple store.

45. Mad Dog Lane, a street in Yorkshire, UK, that may have once been a dwelling place for mad dogs, or maybe not.

46. Middelfart, a city in Denmark whose name doesn't really have much to do with flatulence.

47. Monster, a Dutch town that's not as scary as its name suggests.

48. Mousehole, an English village that's far bigger than its name suggests.

49. Nice, a French city that really is quite nice.

50. Nowhere, a marshy area near Norfolk in the UK that surely is somewhere.

51. Pal, a skiing village in the tiny European country of Andorra. A great place to be in with your mates.

52. Petting, a town in Bavaria, Germany, where people do much more than just pet their animals.

53. Police, a Polish town with a funny name.

54. Savage Gardens, a street name in London, UK, that has nothing to do with the Australian pop duo Savage Garden.

55. Shoulder of Mutton Alley, in Canary Wharf, London, which sounds both elaborate and funny.

56. Silly Lane, in Lancaster, UK, which is not that silly in reality.

57. Split, just the strange-sounding name of a Croatian city for English-speaking people.

58. Smellies Lane, in Dundee, Scotland, which isn't as smelly as you'd think.

59. Squeeze Guts Alley, one of the clever street names in this blog, for an alley in Truro, Cornwall, England, which is very narrow.

60. Ugley, a street name in Essex, UK, which you may read as 'ugly'. However, the locals say that the name of the street is pronounced 'yews-ley'.

61. Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, one of the weirdest street names in York, UK.

62. Worms, a German city that might have a few worms, but that's not what its name is about.

Funny Street Names From Oceania

If you're already laughing your guts out after going through funny names for streets such as Farfrompoopen Road, then get ready to laugh some more! In this section, we'll check out some funny addresses and street names from the continent of Oceania.

63. Batman Avenue, a really funny street name in Victoria, Australia. Don't expect to find the dark knight here!

64. Bentley Way, in Australia's Mill Park precinct, probably named by some crazy car enthusiast.

65. Casino, an Australian town that has absolutely no casinos.

66. Coffin Bay, an Australian town with a funny name that's famous for oysters.

67. Decimal Road, one of Australian suburb Salisbury's multiple Mathematics-themed road names.

68. Disappointment Islands, a group of islands in French Polynesia.

69. Equation Road, probably the funniest street name in the Australian suburb of Salisbury.

70. Fear Street, in Victoria, Australia, which isn't a very scary street in reality.

71. Frodo Court, a funny street name in the Australian town of Coolum Beach, inspired by LOTR.

72. Geekie Lane, one of the funniest street names from Perth, Australia.

73. Loco Lane, a funny street name in the Australian town of Casino.

74. Lorien Avenue, another LOTR-inspired street name in Coolum Beach, Australia.

75. Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya, the name of a South Australian hill that means "where the devil urinates".

76. No Name Lane, a funny street name from Australia's Brunswick Heads.

77. Stalker Road, a street name from Perth, Australia that's both creepy and funny at the same time.

78. Tolkien Place, an Australian street funnily named after the author of LOTR, J.R.R Tolkien.

79. Wagga Wagga, a city in Australia's New South Wales that's considered funny even by the locals.

80. Wildgoose Chase, a funny street name from Australia's Clarence Valley.

81. Woolloomooloo, a Sydney suburb in Australia with one of the most absurd names ever.

82. Woolverene Street, a funny street name in Hastings, Australia.

Funny Street Names From Asia

We've arrived at our final continent, Asia. Read on to know some really funny street names from several Asian countries.

83. Air Itam, a Malaysian town that sounds like an airline.

84. Antique, a Philippine province that lives up to its name.

85. Gili Air, an Indonesian island that sounds more like an airline, similar to Air Itam.

86. Guide, a small Chinese town where visitors may make the mistake of thinking that they don't need a guide.

87. Hang Chat, a Thai town that's quite nice to hang out and chat with friends.

88. Indore, an Indian city that's not lacking in terms of outdoor activities.

89. Insein, a township in Myanmar where people generally don't go insane.

90. Java, an Indonesian island that's got nothing to do with the programming language.

91. Mine, a Japanese town that has everything apart from mining activities.

92. My Son, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a funny name in Vietnam.

93. Moron, a Mongolian town with quite an insulting street sign to welcome visitors.

94. Naruto, a Japanese city that's less famous than the anime show.

95. Obama, a Japanese beach that shares its name with you know who.

96. Pop, a city in Uzbekistan that doesn't really play too much pop music.

97. Side, a resort town in Turkey that's also home to historical ruins.

98. Solo, the short form of the city called Surakarta in Java, Indonesia, where you can either travel either solo or in a group.

99. Usa, a Japanese city that's often poked fun at with the use of the phrase 'made in Usa'.

100. Van, a Turkish city that predates motor vans.

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for funny street names from across every continent, then why not take a look at city names, or for something different, take a look at famous and historical sword names.

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