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230 Gemini Nicknames

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The babies born between May 21st and June 21st fall under the astrological sign of Gemini.

The parents of Geminis are the luckiest and happy ones because these babies are born with amazing traits. Geminis are believed to be gentle, compassionate, witty, and born with god's gift.

While naming your baby, you can choose names inspired by their traits like gentleness and friendliness, such as Buddy, Winnie, Jebediah, Ruth, Raya, and more. Also, you can choose from the Gemini's spiritual color, green such as Olive, Meadow, Jade, Forest, and more. You can also go for spring season-themed names such as Sunny, Daisy, Goldie, Xanth, Orla, and more.

In a fun coincidence, you can also check out some names of celebrities who are Geminis. These include supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowksi, and Heidi Klum. Hollywood actors and actresses like Amy Schumer, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Olsen, Courteney Cox, Mary-Kate, Mark Wahlberg, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, and Zoe Saldana. Prominent athletes like Aly Raisman, Joe Montana, Rafael Nadal Pareira, and Venus Williams. In addition, Alanis Morissette, Blake Shelton, Iggy Azalea, Stevie Nicks, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar are all artists and performers born under the Gemini star sign.

Funny Gemini Nicknames

The funny nicknames you choose for your Gemini boy or girl should be unique, different, and easy to remember.

  • Albino Head: Fair or white head.
  • Angle: God's messenger.
  • Barbie: Traveller from a foreign land.
  • Bee: She who brings happiness.
  • Bee's Knees: Highly admired person.
  • Bionda: Blond.
  • Bubbles: Happy/Bubbly.
  • Butter Cup: Yellow wildflower.
  • Candy: Sweet and lovable.
  • Cador: Nephew of King Arthur.
  • Caelic: Man from Heaven.
  • Cameron: Bent/ crooked nose.
  • Candice: Sparkling/shine.
  • Candiss: Pure/glowing.
  • Caralyn: A variation of Caroline.
  • Coco: Chocolate bean.
  • Corn Pop: Attractive, Magical.
  • Courteney: Courteous.
  • Daffodil: Yellow flower.
  • Dotty: Gift Of god, common for names like Dorothy.
  • Emily: Coincides with Gemini birthstone - emerald.
  • Fiona: Pale/Fair.
  • Fred: Peaceful ruler.
  • Gamboge: Yellow dye derived from plants.
  • Gemini Bomb: Beautiful lady.
  • Gemini Dork: Powerful lad.
  • Gemini Princess: Beautiful princess.
  • Gemini Rod: Island of reeds.
  • Jelly Belly: A healthy person.
  • Little Flower: A tiny plant with small flowers.
  • Liev: Heart.
  • Maggie: Means pearl.
  • Maize: Spanish origin meaning plant/corn.
  • Marigold: Gemini's spirit color, yellow.
  • Neil: Means cloud and passionate.
  • Pink Beauty: An outstanding beauty.
  • Polly: Modern version of Pollux and is classy.
  • Saffron: A Yellow flower.
  • Shiny: Glorious.
  • Warren: Loyal.
  • Zoe Saldana: Inspired by the American actress.

Cool Gemini Nicknames

Parents of Geminis are the most blessed ones because who would not want these cool traits in their children? So, celebrate their zodiac sign and let it inspire them.

  • Alden: Wise friend.
  • Aria: Italian word for air.
  • Aura: Soft breeze.
  • Aurelia: Golden.
  • Birdy: Short form of Bertha or Alberta.
  • Brady: Slow, heavy.
  • Bumblebee: Fly flounderingly.
  • Bunny: She who brings victory.
  • Gritty Gemini: Tough guy/girl.
  • Cassandra: Castor twin.
  • Cala: Castle.
  • Calleigh: A pretty girl.
  • Champ: Champion, winner.
  • Daisy: English origin and means day's eye, wholesome, freshness.
  • Dandelion: Lion's tooth.
  • Dip Gemini: Soft-hearted people.
  • Ellis: Kind, benevolent.
  • Ethan boy: Strong, safe, firm.
  • Finnian: Irish origin and means white color.
  • Flame: Faithful, straightforward.
  • Fruity: Excess sweet or sentimental.
  • Guinevere: Fair one/ white shadow/white wave.
  • Gwen: Holy.
  • Honey: Derived from 'Honeysuckle' flower.
  • Jessamine: Persian origin meaning gift of god.
  • Joe Montana: Inspired by American Footballer, meaning mountain.
  • Kenji: Japanese origin meaning two.
  • Laddy: Young man.
  • Lagniappe: Unexpected gift.
  • Lavender: Official Gemini flower.
  • Lousia: Famous warrior.
  • Maiara: Ideal for girls as it means wise.
  • Mathew: Hebrew origin meaning gift of Yahweh.
  • Pacman: Japanese origin meaning chomp.
  • Rabi: Springtime.
  • Reese: Ardent or fiery.
  • Tweety Bird: Singing bird.
  • Tiger: Powerful.
  • Wahlberg: Surname meaning mountain/hill and is of Swedish origin.

(Gemini babies are good communicators and quick thinkers. So, stick to the article to come up with the perfect, cute, and best Gemini nickname for your kid.)

Cute Gemini Nicknames

Choosing the baby names for your newborn can be a different experience, and this experience varies from parent to parent. Why not choose some cute nicknames from the list below?

  • Aither: Spirit of air.
  • Amazon: Female warrior.
  • Angel: Attendant of God.
  • Apollo: Roman God of sunlight.
  • Bab: Young child.
  • Baby Boo: Lovingly.
  • Biscuit: Ideal for the adorable ones.
  • Bitsy: Pledged to god.
  • Bleach Head: Inspired by the Japanese TV series 'Bleach.'
  • Bree: Nobel, powerful.
  • Cables: Friendly and cheerful.
  • Caitlin: Unsullied and pure being.
  • Calee: Manly/strong/ freeman.
  • Caleigh: A beautiful girl.
  • Caliana: A Moorish princess.
  • Calla: Resembling a beautiful lily.
  • Calli: Fortress.
  • Camelia: Flower.
  • Camini: Careful, meticulous person.
  • Cato: All-knowing.
  • Cheese Ball: Silly.
  • Davis: Beloved.
  • Duck: Diver.
  • Duckling: Baby cute as a duck.
  • Dylan: Son of the sea.
  • Ella: Fairy Maiden.
  • Emerald: Gemini's spirit color and means green.
  • Eye Candy: Attractive.
  • Fei: To dance in the air.
  • Finn: Fair baby.
  • Gannon: Fair-skinned/ Fair-Haired.
  • Gareth: A most notable trait is gentleness.
  • Gemma: Precious stone.
  • Gena: Italian Queen.
  • Genna: White wave.
  • Genoah: Italian origin and means human knee joint.
  • Geranium: Crane.
  • Giacomo: Supplanter, Italian origin.
  • Gian: God is gracious.
  • Gianni: God is merciful.
  • Giano: Archway or Gateway.
  • Ginna: Maiden.
  • Gino: Well-born, ever-living.
  • Gyan: Wisdom, knowledge.
  • Hard Head: Stubborn.
  • Isolde: The one who is gazed upon.
  • James: Substitute or supplanter.
  • Jonas: Accomplishing and peaceful being.
  • Joan: God supports and heals.
  • Latifah: Kind and gentle.
  • Luna: Moon.
  • Mabel: Old-school name meaning lovable.
  • Mary Kate: Denotes the foundation of society.
  • Mercury: Messenger of god.
  • Minerva: Intellect.
  • Mustard: Hot-tempered or vicious tongue.
  • Nemo: Nobody.
  • Peaches: Son of Pies.
  • Peanut: Named after the groundnut legume.
  • Rihanna: Great queen.
  • Sally: Princess.
  • Sky Fairy: A god.
  • Sunny: Happy and cheerful temperament.
  • Tay: Mostly denotes a Tailor.
  • Twinkie: Twin born.
  • Wilbur: Brilliant.
  • Winnie: Gentle friend.

Best Gemini Nicknames

We have made it easy if you are searching for the best baby boy or baby girl names for your Gemini born. So, check out the list below.

  • Alber: (B) Agile mind.
  • Aldara: (G) A winged gift.
  • Alida: (G) The little winged one.
  • Amora: (G) Speaker or interpreter.
  • Amos: (B) Bearer or messenger of God.
  • Angelica: (G) The angelic one.
  • Angelo: (B) Angel.
  • Aniela: (G) An angel in Italian/Polish.
  • Aran: (B) Active or nimble.
  • Ariel: (B) Shakespearean spirit of air; lion of God.
  • Auretta: (B) Light wind.
  • Avery: (B) Ruler of the elves
  • Awel: (G) Breeze.
  • Bavol: (B) The air or the wind.
  • Callena: (G) Chatter, talkative in German.
  • Callum: (B) Dove.
  • Celestine: (G) Heavenly in Latin.
  • Chenoa: (G) White dove in Native American.
  • Clarke: (B) Earned, cleric, or a scholar.
  • Coleman: (B) Like a dove.
  • Colinette: (G) Little dove in French.
  • Danuta: (G) Little deer in Polish.
  • Delphinia: (G) Loving sister.
  • Dexter: (B) Skillful, right-handed, dexterous.
  • Eldred: (B) Storyteller.
  • Elvin: (B) A friend of the elves.
  • Elvina: (G) Elves' companion.
  • Elwood: (B) The ruler of the elves.
  • Engelbert: (B) A bright angel or messenger.
  • Erin: (B) Peace-loving.
  • Erlina: (G) Little elf.
  • Farman: (B) Adventurer.
  • Fay: (G) A fairy or magical creature.
  • Final: (B) Explorer.
  • Gabriel: An archangel.
  • Gabriella:(G) After archangel Gabriel.
  • Galen: (B) Healer.
  • Gemina: (G) A twin.
  • Guthrie: (B) From a windy place.
  • Hamar: (B) Ingenious
  • Hastings: (B) Swift one.
  • Hermes: (B) The messenger of the Gods, Mercury.
  • Hermione: (G) From Hermes (Mercury).
  • Hohokam: (G) White dove.
  • Hugh: (B) Mindful, thinker.
  • Huguette: (G) Intellectual.
  • Irena: (G) Message of peace.
  • Iris: (G) Goddess of the rainbow.
  • Ismene:(G) Learned one.
  • Javan: (B) Angel of Greece.
  • Jay: (B) Bird-like, chattering.
  • June: (G) Month; goddess Juno.
  • Junius: (B) Born in June.
  • Juvelia: (G) Youthful.
  • Kayley: (G) Slender.
  • Keenan: (B) Sharp.
  • Keith: (B) The wind.
  • Kenna: (G) Brilliant.
  • Kineta: (G) Active.
  • Latimer: (B) Interpreter.
  • Malachi: (B) God's messenger.
  • Malaysia: (G) Laughing like a bubbling spring.
  • Malvina: (G) Youthful.
  • Michael: (B) Guardian.
  • Michaela: (G) Archangel.
  • Nathan: (B) Divine messenger.
  • Nodin: (B) Wind.
  • Radinka: (G) Playful, active.
  • Raphael: (B) An archangel; one who heals.
  • Raphaela: (G) From the archangel Raphael
  • Reece: (B) Swift
  • Sherwin: (B) A swift runner.
  • Skeeter: (B) The fast one.
  • Sky: (G) Gemini's air sign.
  • Tate: (B) Great talker; cheerful.
  • Thomas: (B) A twin boy.
  • Todd: (B) Clever like a fox.
  • Tristam: (B) The noisy one.
  • Venus(B) Goddess of beauty.
  • Vivian: (B) Energetic.
  • Vivienne: (G) Vivacious.
  • Zamir: (B) Songbird.
  • Zivan: (B) Lively.

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