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75 Geodude Nicknames

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Why Geodude Nicknames?

Geodude is a Pokémon most commonly found in fields and mountains. Sometimes people step on or trip over them and mistake them for stones. Their arms tend to be very strong, and they can use them to climb mountains. Geodude is a Pokémon generally with a weight of 44 lb (20 kg) and a height of 16 in (41 cm). Geodude evolves from Graveller in Generation I. Geodude evolves to Golem when exposed to linking cords. Geodude is Rock and Ground-type Pokémon. Many characters appear in the Pokémon series, like Ghada, Geidi, Manotas, Tellurio, Roark, Gad, Gitty, and more. Check out the 42 best Geodude nicknames here.

Best Geodude Nicknames

1. Bolus - A small round mass.

2. Boulder - A large rock.

3. Brock - This name means “heavily built”.

4. Chippy - A person who is touchy and defensive.

5. Crag - A steep rock.

6. Crust - A coating on a surface.

7. Dregs - A sediment part of a thing.

8. Dude - A form of addressing.

9. Dwayne - A name meaning Dark.

10. Dwayne the Rock Johnson - Reference to a Hollywood celebrity.

11. El Brokas - Tool making holes.

12. Exalted rock - A person with a high power level.

13. Gad - A person who goes from place to place for pleasure.

14. Gaea - The Greek personification of Earth.

15. Geddy - The one who cuts down.

16. Grado - A name signifying Grade.

Cool Nicknames For Geodude

17. G - A short and cute abbreviation for the name.

18. GD - An abbreviation of the character.

19. Geidi - Someone who Is very sneaky.

20. Geo - A narrow steep formed during erosion..

21. Gidde - A person who can “shake the world”.

22. Gigette - Thie name means “Earth worker”.

23. Gita - This name means “Strong”.

24. Gitty - Feeling whirling or spinning. A take on Geodude’s rocky physique.

25. Good Dude - A name with a similar rhyme scheme.

26. Gravel - Round fragments of rocks.

Cute Nicknames For Geodude

27. Gusta - A Spanish word that means to try. This is.a take on Geodude’s nature.

28. JawBreaker - So strong that can break jaws.

29. Kolossus - A gigantic-sized statue.

30. La Roca - A Spanish word that means Rock.

31. Manotas - A Spanish word for “large”.

32. Pebbles - A small stone made smooth by water.

33. Puñotes - The Siberian term means short.

34. Reef - This name signifies Jagged rock.

35. Rock short - A large mass of stone.

36. Rocky - Unable to balance.

Other Nicknames For Geodude

37. Roark - A name meaning “Illustrious”.

38. Rock - A solid mineral on the surface of the earth.

39. Rubble - This name means Waste stone.

40. Solid Geo - Deals with three-dimensional figures.

41. Terra - A name meaning Land.

42. The rock - A large piece detached from the mountain's cliff.

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