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17 Ghostface Killah Nicknames

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The original name of Ghostface Killah is Dennis David Coles.

He is known by several names. The Wu-Tang Clan has several members, and Dennis Coles is among them.

Wu-Tang Clan is an American hip-hop group. The group was formed in Staten Island, New York City, in 1992. Wu-Tang stands for 'Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game'. Ghostface Killah, also known as Tony Starks, is an American Rapper and a member of Wu-Tang. He is the father of rappers and singers Sun God, Supreme, and Infinite. He is one of the most imaginative storytellers. Pretty Toney has unparalleled storytelling instincts.

Starky Love is one of the best storytellers in rap ever seen. One of his well-known albums is 'Ironman'. 'Ironman' was produced by the clan member RZA on October 29, 1996. After the album, people started to call him Ironman. He has acted in many TV series, movies, and video games.

Funny Nicknames For Ghostface Killer

Dennis Coles is called by many funny nicknames. He is famous as a rapper part of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  • D-Love - A well-known nickname of the rapper Dennis Coles.
  • General Tony Starks - After the character in Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • GFK - Short form of Ghostface Killer.
  • Ghost Deini - One of Dennis Coles' aliases.

Cool Nicknames For Ghostface Killer

Nicknames are very common these days. Mostly Nicknames are given to a person for fame, popularity, success, or out of affection.

  • Ghost Face - A fictional identity.
  • Ghostface Killer - For people with a badass personality after the well-known rapper himself.
  • Ironman - Exceptionally strong.
  • Pretty Toney - 'The Pretty Toney Album' was released by Ghostface Killer in 2004.

Cute Nicknames For Ghostface Killer

Ghost Deini is a famous rapper known by many nicknames. He has enjoyed his success throughout his ongoing career.

  • P Tone - Short for Pretty Toney.
  • Starks - Short for Tony Starks [sic].
  • Starky Love - Another fun reference to the Iron Man film series.
  • Sun God - Coles's son is nicknamed after the Sun God worshipped in various religions.

Best Nicknames For Ghostface Killer

Nicknames are always humorous, and when called by loved ones, they are always appreciated.

  • The Wallabee Champ - Dennis Coles' unofficial album.
  • Tony Starks -  After Ironman [sic] from the Iron Man film series.
  • Wally Champ - A reference to an album released in 2008.
  • Theodore - A reference to the Theodore Unit, a collective of rappers from Staten Island.
  • Khillah - Superior quality.

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