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Girls Names Beginning With N That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Are you seeking a great girl's name beginning with N for your new baby? There are a surprising number of gorgeous girls' names that start with this letter – from classic to modern, Japanese to Scandinavian.

Maybe you'd like to name your baby girl in honour of an aunt or granny, but don't want the exact same name – so you've plumped for the same starting letter.  This can be a subtler way to pay tribute – and give your baby girl an N-name you still love.

Perhaps your last name also starts with N, and you fancy some alliteration for your baby name (a trend made popular by the Kardashians).

Or maybe you're simply on the search for any great girl name. It could start with N, or it could begin with any letter, quite frankly – you just want to research what's out there and find a baby name that's unique and special.

Whichever way, we've got you covered with tons of girls names beginning with N. From Nora to Noemi, Nevaeh to Nova, search our hot 100 lists below – you're bound to find an N-moniker you adore for your baby.

Classic Girls' Baby Names Beginning With N

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These popular baby girl names that start with N have stood the test of time.

1. Nancy (English origin), which translates as "grace"

2. Nanette (English origin), meaning "she who bears the wine of life"

3. Naomi (Hebrew origin), means "pleasantness"

4. Natalie (English and French origin), meaning "the birthday of the lord"

5. Natalia or Nathalia (Latin origin), meaning "Christmas Day"

6. Nellie (English origin),  often short for Helen or Eleanor, but also means "light"

7. Nina (English origin), meaning "grace"

8. Noa (Hebrew origin), translates as "movement" or "motion"

9. Noemi (Latin origin), meaning "pleasant"

10. Nora or Norah (European origin), means "fire" or "light"

11. Norma (English origin), meaning "the queen of beauty"

Contemporary Girls' Names Starting With N

Perhaps your search is for something that's a bit more modern. These baby girl names beginning with 'N' all feel just right for now.

1. Nalani (Hawaiian origin), meaning "from the heavens"

2. Navila (Latin origin), means "just"

3. Navy (American or English origin), meaning "dark blue"

4. Nevaeh (English origin) - it's actually the word 'heaven' spelt backwards

5. Noelani (Hawaiian origin), meaning "mist of heaven"

6. Noor (Arabic origin), meaning "light"

7. Nova or Novah  (Latin or American origin), both meaning "new"

8. November (English origin), which simply stands for the month in late Autumn

Russian Girl Names That Start With N

Quite a few popular girl names come from Russia - why not consider one of these for your new baby?

1. Nadia or Nadya (Russian origin), meaning  "hope"

2. Narkissa (Russian origin), means "daffodil"

3. Nastia (Russian origin), meaning "one who sings"

4. Natacha (Russian origin), which translates as  "pretty flower"

5. Natalya (Russian origin), the Russian form of the name Natalia, also stands for "Christmas Day"

6.Natasha (Russian origin) – another name that means "born on Christmas Day"

7. Nikita (Russian origin), means "victory"

Greek Baby Girl Names That Start With N

There are a surprising number of great Greek baby girl names that start with N. Take your pick of one of these beauties.

1. Nara (Greek origin), means "charming or gracious"

2. Narcisa or Narcissa (Greek origin), from the Greek word for "daffodil"

3. Nastia (Greek origin), short for Anastasia

4. Neoma (Greek origin), means "new moon"

5. Neon (Greek origin), meaning "new" or "strong"

6. Neona (Greek origin), means "new moon"

7. Nereida (Greek origin), meaning "sea nymph" or "daughter of Nereus", the Greek sea god

8. Nessie (Greek origin), means "pure"

8.Nicola (Greek origin), means "victory"; the feminine form of the Greek-derived name Nicholas

10. Nike (Greek origin), named after the Greek goddess of victory

11. Nyx (Greek origin), stands for "night", after the goddess of the same name

Indian Girls' Names Beginning With N

There are some beautiful, popular baby names from India that begin with N. Try one of these names.

1. Nabina (Indian origin), means "new"

2. Nachi (Indian origin), means "fire"

3. Naia (Indian origin), meaning "boat" or "flowing"

4. Nasmika (Indian origin), This Indian name translates as "beautiful rose"

5. Naya (Indian origin), means "new"

6. Nila (Indian origin), means "dark blue" or sapphire

7. Nirvana (Indian origin), meaning "bliss"

8. Nisha (Indian origin) meaning "night"

9. Nitara (Indian origin), This translates as "having deep roots"

10. Nivetha (Indian origin), which translates as "pure"

11. Nuri (Indian origin), means "colourful bird" or "flaming lights"

Scandinavian Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) is a corner of the world that has plenty of inspiration for girl N- names, as our examples here show brilliantly.

1. Nansina (Swedish origin), meaning "one who has secrets"

2. Nenne (Norwegian origin), means "strong"

3. Nettie (Danish or Swedish origin), meaning "clean". Can also be short for the names Annette or Jeanette

4. Nilla (Norwegian origin), means "she who watches, discovers the world"

5. Nilsine (Swedish), means "champion"

6. Noomi (Norwegian origin), means "pleasantness"

Japanese Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Perhaps you'd like to take some inspiration from Japan? One of these pretty baby girl names could hit the mark - search below.

1. Nagisa (Japanese origin), meaning "calm" or "harmony"

2. Nara (Japanese origin), means "green" and "beautiful

3. Natsume (Japanese origin), meaning "summer" and "sprout"

4. Nemu (Japanese origin), translates as "dream"

5. Nori (Japanese origin), means "seaweed'

Native American Girl Names That Start With N

For something different, take a look at these N-baby names.

1. Nahele (Native American origin), meaning "forest"

2. Namid (Native American origin), means "star dancer"

3. Nastas (Native American origin), which translates as "curve like foxtail grass"

4. Nata (Native American origin), means "hope"

Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With N

If you want to search for lovely baby girl names that start with N, the Emerald Isle has some popular baby options that won't go out of fashion any time soon.

1. Neala (Irish origin), means "champion" and the feminine form of Niall

2. Neisha (Irish origin), meaning "blessed child"

3. Niamh (Irish origin), stands for "bright or radiant. Variant spellings include Nieve, Neve or Neave

4. Niya (Irish origin), means "radiant", "purpose" or "beauty"

5. Nola (Irish origin), meaning "fair" or "white shouldered"

6. Noreen (Irish origin), meaning "luminous"

7. Norina (Irish origin), means "light"

8. Nuala or Nula (Irish origin), means "lamb" or "fair"

French Girl Names Starting With N

Search for a baby name with some je ne sais quoi below.

1. Nanine (French origin), which stands for "full of grace"

2. Nadine or Nadeen (French origin), meaning "hope"

3. Netta (French and Latin origin), meaning "priceless"

4. Nicole (French origin), meaning "victory"

5. Nicolette (French origin), means "victory of the people"

6. Noelle (French origin), the feminine form of "Noel" which means "Christmas Day"

Other Great Girls' Names That Begin With N

Still on the search for a great baby name? Browse these brilliant girls names beginning with N for further inspiration, ranging from the already popular to the more unique.

1. Nada (Arabic origin), means "decisive)

2. Nala or Nahla (Arabic origin), means "first drink of water", popularised by The Lion King

3. Nan (English or American origin), meaning "grace. Sometimes short for Anne

4. Nariah (Hebrew origin), means "bright light"

5.Nasrin (Iranian origin), means "she who pushes forward"

6. Nayeli (Latin origin), means "I love you"

7. Neelu (American origin), means "champion" or "passionate"

8. Neima (Hebrew origin), means "pleasant" or "agreeable"

9. Nekana (Spanish origin), means "she who bites"

10. Nema (Hebrew origin), means ''thread"

11. Neneh (Spanish origin), meaning "little girl"

12. Neusa (Portuguese origin), meaning "gift of god"

13. Neroli (Italian origin), meaning "orange blossom"

14. Newt (American origin), short for Newton, usually a boy's name

15. Nia (Welsh origin), meaning "bright"

16. Nilda (Spanish origin), meaning "one who listens"

17. Nilofer (Iranian origin), translates as "strong"

18. Nika (Latin origin), shortened form of Veronica

19. Nissa (Arabic origin) means "friendly elf"

20. Nita (Spanish origin), meaning "gift of god"

21. Nixie (German origin), means "water sprite"

22. Nonnie (Latin origin), translates as "ninth"

23. Novella (Latin origin), meaning "fresh" or "spring"

24. Nona (Latin origin), another name standing for "ninth"

25. Novalee (American origin), meaning "new field"

26. Noella (English origin), meaning "born on Christmas Day",

27. Noni (African origin), meaning "gift of god"

28. Nordica (German origin) meaning "from the north"

29. Normina (English and Scandinavian origin), meaning "from the north" and the feminine form of Norman

30 Nubia (African origin), meaning "one who joins in"

31. Nyla (Arabic origin), meaning "winner"

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