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212 Godmother Nicknames

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Godmothers are a cute display of friendly nature, so why not convey our love by giving them charming godmother nicknames?

Only a few people in life are faithful and support us when we need them, and godparents are one amongst this list. Godmothers are gifted with maternal instincts, helping them be a positive influence on their godchildren.

It is observed that, generally, a child's aunt is their godmother, but it is not necessary for a godmother to be of kin. While parents remain the ones a child looks up to, godparents play a pivotal role in the child's upbringing. Like a fairy, the godmother trusts the child's decision while ensuring they follow the right path. A few of the most common godmother nicknames include Ava, Bobee, Godmama, Joellen, Maw, Momstin, Nanan, Nan, Nayney, and Nina.

Godmothers help you bring out the best version of yourself by enjoying every little moment in life, so they deserve the best name! This is a perfect place to find the coolest godmother nicknames for your Nina!

Funny Godmother Nicknames

Fun-loving people need to have creative nicknames reflecting their witty personalities. There's always something special about funny nicknames. See the list below for funny godmother nicknames options.

Bibi- French word for a lady who looks after the house.

Bippity- Fun way of saying Bibi.

Bite-Size- Affectionate tiny woman.

Bobee- Reliable/nurturing.

Boo Boo- Sing songy informal nickname.

Boo- Someone who is admired by everyone.

Boops- Short and crisp slang.

Boogie- Funny nickname.

Boppity- Pretend-word that a child might use.

Cookie- Crumbly and flavorsome.

Funfetti- Fun as confetti!

Gma- Abbreviation of godmother.

Gal Pal- Best/very dear friend.

Gogo- Informal nickname.

Go-mo- Godmother.

Gummy Bear- Who doesn't like gummy bears?

Hugsie- Snuggle pillow.

Hugs- Safeplace.

Lala- Blurt words of infants.

Lolli- Most precious.

Mamma- Maternal.

Mamma Mia- Title of a musical film (2008).

Mama Bear- Most lovable.

Mamoo- Comical name for mother.

Maw- Short for mee-maw.

Maymay- Congenial.

Mamy- Compassionate motherly figure.

Meemaw- Inspired by the TV Show 'Big Bang Theory'.

Meme- Byname for godmother

Momalin- Maternal relative.

Mambo- Priestess.

Momette- Forebearer.

Momica- Sentimental

Mom-i-cle- Rejuvenating.

Momsie- Resolute protector.

Moo Moo- Nurturing as a cow.

Mooma- Means mumma (or mother).

Mooma-bear- Watchful.

Mominator- Inspired by Terminator fiction.

Mummaliese- Funny way of saying, mother.

Mumzie- Friendly.

Nanan- Childminder.

Nayney- Nursemaid.

Net- Valuable.

Nettie- Unafraid.

Nini- Grandparents.

Nona- Godmother (in Greek).

Nonnie- Latin word meaning ninth.

Numnum- Toddlers love repeating words!

Sponsor- Godmother who gives you little treats every once in a while!

Stepmonster- Bobble headed and lovable.

S'mores- Brings a smile on your face!

Squirt- Energy bubble.

Tauntee- Talented auntie.

Weeza- Generous/loyal person.

Wonder Woman- DC comic film-based character.

Yiayia- A word with a Greek origin meaning maternal grandmother.

Cool Godmother Nicknames

(Godmothers are mentors who are always there, through thick and thin, supporting their godchild's aspirations and dreams!)

Godmothers make the coolest people next to kinship! Below are a few cool nicknames that you can give to your godmother.

Ann- Shorthand for Aunt Mom.

Auntsie- Cool/dashing aunt.

Ava- Lively as a bird.

Bee- Active as a bee.

Bibbie- Mispell of Bibi.

Brummy mummy- Rhyming nickname.

Bubbles- A person who is as sparkling as a bubble.

Cool Chick- Sassy and bold.

Dazzler- A show-stopper.

Dazzle- Shimmering bright.

Dope-ma- An unafraid mother.

Dope Mom- Stern yet tenderhearted.

Fang- Sharp-armed.

Faux Ma- Not mother by blood.

Fauxie- Informal/trendy name.

Firefly- One with a sparkling personality.

Gaga- Alluring/stylish.

Glaze- Outgoing.

Godma- Respectable.

Godmama- Widely used nickname.

Godmom- Meaning godmother.

Gran- Cool way of saying, grandmother.

Granny- Common name for grandmother.

Heartbeat- Very precious.

Hero- Courageous.

Heroine- Figure of strength.

M'dear- Darling mother.

Ma Rock- Invigorating.

Mammie- Colloquialism for mother.

Mams- Abbreviation of a mummy.

Mitty- Witty godmom.

Mitten- Like a smitten kitten.

Mom-O- Sing songy nickname.

Mom-i-cle- Rejuvenating.

Mommers- Catchy nickname.

Momstar- Sparkling-star.

Momster- Protective.

Momstin- Self-believer

Momkins- Modification of Munchkin

Mum- Short form for mother.

Nanny- Nana-grammy.

Nina- Generally referred to as the grandmother.

Oma- Life-giver.

O-Ma- Devoting mother.

Patin- Fighter.

Princey- Elegant as a princess.

Queen Bee- Mother of the beehive.

Rock- Symbol of strength.

Rockstar- Glamorous.

Sassy- Full of spirit.

Sass-queen- Bold queen.

Steppers- Informal way of saying, stepmother.

Stepsie- A cooler way of referring to a motherly figure.

Tinks- A shorthand for Tinkers.

Vang- Helps maintain life's balance and control.

Cute Godmother Nicknames

Your dearest fairy godmother deserves to have a cute nickname for the cute display of her love, doesn't she? Here are a few nicknames that are as sweet as honey and that you can consider.

Amy- Amiable.

Annie- Aunt who loves like a mommie.

Amma- Common Indian word for mother.

Avama- Cheerful mother figure.

Awm- Shorthand for avama.

Beau- Affectionate person.

Beaut- Abbreviation of beautiful.

Bella- Italian word meaning beautiful or nice.

Big Mama- Hardworking/inspirational godmother.

Boop- Affectionate gesture.

Buttercup- Soft and sweet.

Cinderella- Princess in an admirable gown.

Cookie crumb- Full of texture and taste.

Dearest- Gentle and most loving.

Emma- Whole/complete.

Fairy- Surreal and magical.

Fairy Gg- Guiding light.

Fairy godmother- Lovely person.

Gammy- Misspell for grammy.

Gigi- Earthworker.

Godangel- Miracle to eliminate your worries.

God beaut- Rare beauty.

Godshine- Heartwarming.

Godlove- Worship-worthy.

Godmomie- Cute nickname for godmother.

Godflower- Blooming.

Gum Candy- Every child's favorite godmother.

Honey- Beloved.

Huggie- Gentle.

Lolly- Loving.

Lovie- Freedom-loving.

Malo- Winner.

Mammy- Feminine figure.

Mava- Close to family.

Millia- Hospitable.

Mimi- Wished for a child.

Minny- Animated character.

Mima- Peaceful as a dove.

Momme-pie- Vibrant.

Momo- Caregiver.

Monica- Unique.

Mumpa- Cute name for mother.

Mumster-cheese- Cheese is everyone's favorite!

Mumsy- Outgoing.

Nan- Experienced.

Nanzie- Bestie/very close sister.

Sissy- As supportive as a sister.

S'Mom- Second mother.

Snuggy- Someone to curl up to.

Stepshine- Caring way of saying, stepmother.

Sugar- Nickname for a sweet godmother.

Sugar bear- Cute and fluffy.

Sugar crush- Irresistibly sweet.

Sunshine- Gentle person.

Tinkers- Someone who mends flaws.

Titi- Aunt (Spanish word).

Best Godmother Nicknames

People give amusing nicknames to the ones they love the most. The human tendency is to draw inspiration from the people around them. Most nicknames originate from TV show characters of influential speakers that leave a print on a person's life. The best godmother nicknames can be an outcome of the special bond the godchild shares. Scroll through for best godmother nicknames!

Abby- Bold and beautiful.

Archetype- Someone as close as kin.

Aunna- French word meaning most gracious being.

Aunnie- Uncanny nurturing nature.

Aunt Mom- Compassionately loving aunt.

Aunt- For a godmother who is like an aunt.

Auntie- Sister of one's mother/father.

Baba- An Asian honorific term.

Barbara- Foreign traveler (Greek origin).

Bibb- Support bracket.

Bubby- Pleasant.

Coach- Someone who guides through life.

Coach-ma- A motherly figure to look up to.

Commere- God-mère (mother).

Compass- Helps find the right direction.

Cummer- Midwife.

Emmet- Embodiment of strength.

Faithful- Respectful/Selfless.

Glory- Full of hope.

Gloria- Immortal.

Godmotherhood- Pampering.

Godmotherly- Gift from almighty.

Godparent- Newborn's religious sponsor.

Good Fairy- Beholding magical powers.

Grammy- Nickname for grandmother.

Joellen- French word for god.

Josephine- Cooperative/adaptive.

Ma- Most common nickname for mother.

Madrina- Italian word for godparent.

Mam- Respectable.

Mama-aunt- Aunt who is like a mother.

Mamacita- Genuine mother.

Marraine- Fraternity.

Mom- Substitute for mother.

Momma- Parental and giving.

Momie- Kinswomen.

Mommy- Typical nickname for mother.

Mother- Delicate-hearted.

Mummy- Most common word for mom.

Nana- Widely used godmother nickname.

Rema- Sanskrit word for goddess Lakshmi.

Step-Steady- Supportive pillar of strength.

Stom- Strong mom.

Tia- Portuguese word for aunt.

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