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225 Grandfather Nicknames

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Grandfathers are the ones who teach us the most important and interesting lessons of life.

In general, grandparents love their grandchildren a bit more than their children, and they spoil the grandchildren well. Nicknames make the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents even stronger and healthier.

The granddad often plays with the kids and is friendly, which makes the kids call them some cool nicknames. Nicknames tell us what the kids think about their grandpa and the grandchildren's taste and personality. Grandpas make a fool of themselves for their grandchildren's sake, making them even more lovable. Whatever might be the situation, grandchildren should always be respectful toward their grandpa.

Funny Grandfather Nicknames

It is a grandchild's responsibility not to make their grandpa feel old. Funny nicknames for Grandpa are generally given by kids, which are hilarious and can make anybody roll with chuckling. Here are some of the funny and stylish nicknames for your granddad.

Big Pops: When grandfathers are like an elder father.

Big Poppy: Similar to big pops, but sounds cooler.

Dabbadoo: Funny way to call a grandpa.

Gampa: Lazy and funny way to call grandpa.

Granddude: When grandfather is your friend.

Grandpups: Funny nickname, inspired by the word puppy.

Grand papa: Widely used as the nickname for grandfather.

Grand chief: Because grandpas are the head of the family.

Grand père: It is a trendy nickname because it is fancy.

Grandoody: Funny way to call grandpa.

Nanno: Traditional nickname with funny slang.

Opa: Short and funny way to call grandpa.

Pap Papa: Baby's innocent language.

Papzo: Stylish way to call grandpa.

Popsy: For the attractive grandfather.

Tutu Kane: Grandpa in the Hawaiian language.

Wai Gong: Chinese way to call your grandpa.

Cool Grandfather Nicknames

(Kids are experts in giving grandfather nicknames while keeping their special characteristics. These nicknames generally don't have the word 'grandpa' in them.)

For the sweetest person in the family, here are some cool nicknames for your grandpa to make him feel young and energetic. These cool nicknames will make one sound different from the normal and bring chuckles to their faces.

Denim: The funky cool grandpa.

GG: The Great-grandpa.

Gee-Paw: Cool way to call your grandpa.

Grandpa Bob: To give a detective feel to your grandpa.

Grand gramps: As an encouragement to your super grandpa.

Grampy pappy: Cool way to call your grumpy grandpa.

Gramps: Cooler nickname for your cool Grandpa.

Grandad: Granddad is less formal than Grandfather.

Granddaddy: Traditional grandfather nicknames.

Pappap: Simple and cute, loved by many grandfathers.

Pa: One of the many variations of grandpa.

Paps: Innovative way to call grandpa.

Papa: A grandpa is referred to as Papa in many places.

Papi: A dad is Papi, but Grandpa can also be called so.

Pops: An informal way to refer to grandpapa.

Poppop: A common grandfather nickname.

Cute Grandfather Nicknames

Kids tend to mispronounce every word and give their cute twist to the name. As you grow, these twists are forgotten. The fun part is retrieving those cute names, making a nickname, and enjoying the fond memories behind the nicknames.

Ace: The grandpa who is an expert.

Adda: The grandpa who has a great fashion sense.

Baba: The father figure.

Babaloo: For the cute grandpa.

Babar: To the grandpa who is strict.

Baboo: Nickname for a sweet and childlike grandpa.

Badda: The grandpas who are tall.

Bebop: Rhythmic jazz way to call a grandparent.

BeDe: To the grandpa who keeps taking lessons.

Big Daddy: Frequently used cute nickname for grandpa.

BigBop: To the cool grandpa who loves to dance.

BigD: The elder grandpa.

Biggie: The bigshot grandpa.

BiggieD: Another cute way to call a rich grandpa.

Biggie Dad: Dad's dad, who is wealthy.

Bo: Shortest and cutest way to call grandpa.

Beau: The grandpa who is your best friend.

Bobaloo: The sweet grandpa.

Bobber: The one like a robber, stealing away hearts.

Bobo: To the one who is stylish.

Bogie: Grandpa who smokes.

Bop: The grandpa who is a detective by nature.

Bop Pops: Rhyming nickname.

Bubba: The nickname of Michael Douglas.

Buck: Similar to Duck.

Bud: The shorter version for a buddy.

Buddy: To your best friend, grandpa.

Buster: The stress buster, grandpa.

Buzz: The grandpa who is enthusiastic and lively.

Buzzy: The grandpa who is exciting and lovely.

Champ: The champion grandpa.

Checkers: The grandpa who loves to play chess.

Chief: The head of the family.

Coach: The mentor grandpa.

Cutie Pops: The cute grandpa.

Dabba: Funny grandpa.

Dabadoo: Cuter form for Dabba.

Daddor: A cute nickname for grandpa.

Dadoo: A common nickname.

Dadsy: Stylish nickname.

Da-Pa: Grandfather.

Da-Da: Like baba.

Dandy: The handsome grandpa.

Dappy: The silly grandpa.

DeDad: 'The' grandpa.

DeeDah: Apple of eyes grandpa.

Derby: The sports lover grandpa.

Dexter: The energetic grandpa.

DoDad: Second dad.

Dodie: Like dodad.

Domino: Inspired by domino's pizza. The pizza lover grandpa.

DooDad: Almost like a dad.

Doody: Cuter way to way call the second father.

Doozy: Kid's mispronunciation for doodad.

Dozer: The strong grandpa.

Faux Pa: The false father.

Fo-Pa: Shorten form for faux pa.

Gaga: Cute mispronunciation.

Grapa: When a child can't say properly.

G-Dad: Great grandfather.

G-Daddy: Another name for your great grandfather.

G-Dawg: Trusted friend grandpa.

G-Dog: The supportive grandpa.

GeeDad: The soft grandpa.

Geepa: The soft grandpa.

GeePee: Cute way to call a sweet grandpa.

GeezGeezer Guy: The unreasonable grandpa.

G-Man: Great person.

GoPa: Grandpa who is like a kid.

Go-Pa: The naughty grandpa.

Gpa: The childlike grandpa.

Grad: The educated grandpa.

Gradaddy: Eldest version of educated daddy.

Graddy papa: Stylish way to call an educated grandpa.

Granda: Grandfather.

Grand-D: Great grandfather.

Grando: Short version for grandpa.

Grandude: For a grandfather who is a great friend.

Grandy: One who is a Friend.

Grand-dude: The best friend, grandpa.

Granite: Nickname inspired by granite stone means tough and strong.

Granpup: Nickname for Grandpa.

Grantie: The trusted friend, grandpa.

Grindiddy: The talented grandpa.

Grindy: The dancer grandpa.

Grumpa: The crabby yet lovable grandpa.

Grand Bear: Huge teddy bear like grandpa.

Grumpy: To the irritating yet sweet grandpa.

Guapo: The handsome grandpa.

Hee-Haw: The grandpa who laughs aloud.

HoHo: The happy grandpa.

Huggy: Grandpa who loves to hug.

Hugs: Like snugs.

HugMe: The lovable grandpa.

Hummer: The energetic grandpa.

Jeepers: The grandpa who loves surprises.

Mellow man: The entertainer.

Napa: The soft grandpa.

Nemo: The strong person.

Odie: The wealthy grandpa.

Paddles: The strict grandpa.

Panda: Cute like panda grandpa.

Papadaddy: Father's father.

Papi: Grandpa.

Papster: Like popstar.

Pappop: Sweet like a lollipop.

Popssi: Trendy nickname for grandpa.

Popozee: Fashionable nickname for grandpa.

Pawser: The solid grandpa.

Pawsey: Like pawser.

PeePa: The hard grandpa.

Peepaw: Like PeePa.

Peepers: The nose poking grandpa.

Pepe: The modern grandpa.

Pepo: Like Pepe.

Peppers: Hot like pepper.

Peppy: The modern grandpa.

Podge: The chubby grandpa.

Pogo: Dance lover.

Pompa: Lively

Popeo: American slang.

PoPo: Police grandpappy.

Poppers: Wannabe grandpappy.

Popples: Bubbly grandpas.

Poppo: An opportunist.

PopZ: Someone who is loved dearly.

P-Pop: Simple.

Puggles: The short grandpa.

Puppa: Doll-like.

Puppaw: Similar to Puppa.

Rocky: Rock like strong.

Rockie: Like Rocky.

Skipper: The captain of the family grandpa.

Smartie: The good-looking grandpa.

Sarge: The police officer grandpa.

Slick: The efficient grandpa.

SloPa: Down to earth grandpa.

Splash: Attractive.

Splashy: Dashing.

Tank: Big.

Ta-Pa: Thank you.

TeePa: Energy booster like tea.

Tug: The grandpa who attracts everyone.

Umpa: Best friend.

UmPaPa: Close friend.

Wampa: Powerful.

Wompa: Irritating yet sweet.

Wompaw: Irritating in a sweet way.

Best Grandfather Nicknames

Nicknames or pet names are coined for people close to the heart and with whom a comfortable relationship is welcomed. Grandpas are the best and deserve the best nicknames.

Amian: The Peacemaker.

Alien: A good, close-to-heart person.

Big Popzy: Eldest person.

Boppa: American name for grandpas.

Boppy: Happy and positive person.

Drampa: Friendly person.

Drampaw: Good-Natured person.

Gamps: Person who is tall and bulky.

G-pa: Grandpas.

Grampa: Father's father.

Grampy: The best way to call grandpa.

Grandpa: One of the most common grandfather nicknames.

Gran: Grandfathers.

Grand: Great man.

Granda: Great father.

Grandad: Father's father.

Grandaddy: Father's father.

Grandiddy: Best and cool nickname.

Grandgramp: Best nickname.

Grandpappy: Every grandpa would like to be called like this.

Granpap: Stylish nickname for your grandpa.

Granpappy: Like gramps.

Granpop: One's Father's father.

Granpoppa: Like Granpop.

Gumpa Gumpy: Spiritual person.

Gwampa: The best way to call your grandpa, Oldie.

Jefe: The nickname of President George W. Bush as a grandfather.

Nion: For the powerful grandpa.

MyMain: The sweetest name you could give to your grandpa?

My Man: The protector grandpa.

Old Man: The most direct nickname disliked by many.

Pampa: Simple man.

PaPa: Daddy.

PapPap: Dad's daddy.

Papps: Modern nickname for Dad's daddy.

Pappy: Short form for Granpappy

PawPaw: Inspired by the papaya, which sounds like papa.

PawPee: Slight twist for pawpaw.

PeePaw: Twist paper, and you get this nickname.

Pip: The person who attracts people by his charm.

Pop: Popular person.

Poppa: Another name for daddy's daddy.

PopPop: A cooler way to say pop.

Poppy: Delicate person.

Popi: Like a flower.

Popsi: Modern way to call Poppy.

Papou: The grandchildren of Tom Hanks call him so.

Popci: Nickname is given to Cedric, the Entertainer, by his grandchildren.

Pop Pop: The nickname kept by the grandchildren of Alice Cooper.

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