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89 Great Greek Dog Names For Your Precious Pup

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While selecting dog names, you must consider popular Greek names.

There are plenty of options available for you to consider such as Eros (god of love and beauty), Apollo (god of the sun), Artemis (goddess of the moon and hunting), Iris (goddess of rainbows), Zelus (the god of jealousy), Poseidon (god of the sea), and Persephone (goddess of the spring). These names could certainly enhance the personality of your pup.

Some other popular name options are Titan (god of the ocean), Kratos (god of strength and power), Morpheus (god of dreams), and Eurus (god of the east wind). Read on for some of the popular name suggestions for dogs.

Greek Goddess Dog Names

Some of the popular dog name ideas inspired by Greek gods and goddesses are Rhea (goddess of nature), Selene (goddess of the moon), Dionysus (god of wine), Caerus (god of luck and opportunity), Chronos (god of time), Aphrodite (goddess of love), Demeter (goddess of the harvest), Aether (god of light), and Hephaestus (god of fire). Read on for some more Greek names inspired by ancient Greece for your pet dogs.

  • Aigina (Greek origin), meaning, ‘mother of Aeacus’, is a rare name.
  • Arachne (Greek origin), meaning, ‘spider’, is a perfect name for a female dog.
  • Aretha (Greek origin), meaning, ‘virtuous’, is a very cute name.
  • Ariadne (Greek origin), meaning, ‘most holy’, is a very holy and pure name full of spirit of hope.
  • Atalanta (Greek origin), meaning, ‘equal in weight’, it is one of the cool Greek male dog names.
  • Athena (Greek origin), meaning 'god of wisdom' is a cool name.
  • Callisto (Greek origin), meaning, ‘fair’, is a great name for a gorgeous and faithful hunting partner who is also a star in her own right.
  • Calypso (Greek origin), meaning, ‘to cover’, is definitely an interesting name.
  • Carissa (Greek origin), meaning, ‘beloved’, is a name loved by all. One of the popular names for dogs.
  • Ceto (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of the sea’, if you love the sea and its cool vibe, then this is your charm!
  • Charity (Greek origin), meaning, ‘virtue’, is a beautiful yet common name.
  • Chloe (Greek origin), meaning, ‘blooming’, is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.
  • Dionysus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘hollow’, is a very cute and amazing name.
  • Europa (Greek origin), meaning, ‘where the sun sets’, is a very pleasant name.
  • Grace (Greek origin), meaning, ‘charm’, your pup will fill your life with grace, therefore, you should definitely go for this name.
  • Hecuba (Greek origin), meaning, ‘mother of Paris’, if you desire a real and devoted mate, name your lady dog Hecuba.
  • Helen (Greek origin), meaning, ‘light’, isn’t your dog the light of your life?
  • Kallea (Greek origin), meaning, ‘beauty’, is a very famous and cute name.
  • Kallini (Greek origin), meaning, ‘light’, is again a rare find.
  • Lamides (Greek origin), meaning, ‘wealth’, is a simple name.
  • Naiad (Greek origin), meaning, ‘to flow’, is also a sincere female Greek dog names.
  • Nike (Greek origin), means, ‘goddess of victory’, is one of the popular dog names.
  • Pallas (Greek origin), meaning, ‘youth’, using the name Pallas relates to the notion of keeping a person's memory alive by giving them a name.
  • Penelope (Greek origin), meaning, ‘weaver’, you may nickname her Penny if you want a clever and loyal girl dog that is as quick in her acts as she is in her intellect.
  • Psyche (Greek origin), meaning, ‘life, soul’, if you want a resourceful, loving, and obedient dog who knows what she's doing, name your dog Psyche.
  • Siren (Greek origin), meaning, ‘creature from Greek mythology’, name your little pup this beautiful name.
  • Thalia (Greek origin), meaning, ‘bloom’, you definitely want your cutie pup to bloom, so go for this!

Ancient Greek Dog Names

Are you a Greek mythology fan? Then you will surely like dog names inspired by Greek mythology like Hera (goddess of goddesses and women), Eos (goddess of the dawn), Notus (god of the south), Hermes (messenger of the gods), Hypnos (god of sleep), Nemesis (goddess of vengeance), Uranus (god of the sky), Athena (Goddess of wisdom), and Typhon (god of monsters). Read on for some more name ideas from ancient Greece.

  • Aphrodite (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of love’ is a perfect name inspired by Greek gods.
  • Ares (Greek origin), meaning, ‘courage and war’, is a very cute name taking inspiration from the culture of Greece.
  • Boareas (Greek origin) meaning 'god of the north wind' is a powerful god. Boreas (God of the North Wind) is a god of the air and the winds.
  • Cassia (Greek origin), meaning, ‘cinnamon’, if your lovely pup has beautiful red or brown fur then this is the name you should go for.
  • Clio (Greek origin), meaning, ‘muse’, if you are inspired by your puppy in any way then this is your name.
  • Demeter (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of corn’, is also a cute name ideas.
  • Gaia (Greek origin), meaning, ‘earth’, is one of the perfect names inspired by Greek culture.
  • Hades (Greek origin), meaning, ‘unseen’, is a very famous name. Hades (god of the underworld) is also known as the god of the dead. Hades is one of the popular names for dogs.
  • Helios (Greek origin), meaning, ‘god of sun’, if your puppy loves taking sunbath then this is your clue for her name. Helios (god of sun) is one of the popular names for wild animals.
  • Hercules (Greek origin), meaning, ‘glory of Hera’, is a very amazing name for a new dog.
  • Iris (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of rainbow’, because a lovely dog deserves a lovely name. What's more beautiful than a rainbow?
  • Nyx (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of the night’, is a lovely name. Nyx (goddess of night) is an ancient name with inspiration from the culture of the Earth.
  • Olympia (Greek origin), meaning, ‘Greek goddess of love’, just like your little pup, the name has a beautiful meaning.
  • Ophelia (Greek origin), meaning, ‘Greek goddess of rain’, is one of the Greek dog names inspired by ancient Greece.
  • Persephone (Greek origin), meaning, ‘to destroy’, is an unusual name for your naughty pup.
  • Philo (Greek origin), meaning, ‘loving’, is not only a charming name, but it's also sweet and caring, making it suitable for a wide range of pets!
  • Rhea (Greek origin), meaning, ‘goddess of motherhood’, is a strong name for a cute pup having strong maternal instincts.
  • Selene (Greek origin), meaning, ‘moon’, if you find your peace in the moon then take this name!
  • Sparta (Greek origin), meaning, ‘simple’, is a very simple and cute name. One of the popular Greek names, it is inspired by an ancient Greek city.
  • Titan (Greek origin), meaning, ‘giant' in Greek mythology, is a great Greek dog name.
  • Zeus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘king of Olympus’, if your dog is a brave pack leader, then this is a suitable name.
Two chihuahuas in the meadow.

Strong Male Greek Dog Names

Is there a formula for naming a dog? Male dogs can be given a range of interesting and uncommon names from the Greek pantheon of heroes, gods, and monsters. Remember that the name you pick should reflect the characteristics of the canine friend with whom you will share your life. If you're looking for a great Greek hero or god to look up to, here's a list of some of the most intriguing masculine figures from Greek mythology.

  • Achilles (Greek origin), meaning, ‘Greek army’, is a beautiful name.
  • Ajax (Greek origin), meaning, ‘earth’, is a very famous name.
  • Andronicus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘victory of man’, is a very famous name.
  • Argos (Greek origin), meaning, ‘shining’, is a very gentle and shining name for your cute little dog.
  • Atlas (Greek origin), meaning, ‘not enduring’, is a lovely name for your puppy.
  • Cadmus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘one who excels’, is an amazing name for a male pup in Greece.
  • Castor (Greek origin), meaning, ‘pious one’, is one of a kind.
  • Chaos (Greek origin), meaning, ‘primordial Greek God’, give your wild dog the name Chaos, and love, obedience, and order will follow in due time.
  • Griffin (Greek origin), meaning, ‘fierce’, these fearsome animals were thought to reside in northern Greece, guarding huge riches.
  • Hydra (Greek origin), meaning, ‘water serpent’, is a very cool name.
  • Kratos (Greek origin), meaning, ‘strength’, is a name of great importance.
  • Minotaur (Greek origin), meaning, ‘bull of Minos’, is an unusual name.
  • Notus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘south wind’, is a very graceful name for your dear king.
  • Scylla (Greek origin), meaning, ‘dog shark’, is a very rare name.
  • Sirius (Greek origin), meaning, ‘glowing’, is a unique name.
  • Spartan (Greek origin), meaning, ‘son of Zeus’, is a very cute name.
  • Sphinx (Greek origin), meaning, ‘to bind’, is a very cute and rare name.
  • Typhon (Greek origin), meaning, ‘a child of titans’, is a great name for a cute little pup.
  • Zephyr (Greek origin), meaning, ‘west wind’, if you want a fast, agile dog with a kind nature, name your dog Zephyr.
  • Zeus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘sky dog’, is a popular male dog name that routinely ranks in the top 50 years after year.

Popular Greek Dog Names

Looking for some amazing popular Greek dog names? Here are some amazing name suggestions below!

  • Ajax (Greek origin), meaning, ‘mourner’, is a very empathetic name.
  • Angus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘pure’, is just like the soul of your lovely pup.
  • Castor (Greek origin), meaning, ‘pious one’, is a very adorable male dog name.
  • Evander (Greek origin), meaning, ‘good man’, is a good name for your good dog.
  • George (Greek origin), meaning, ‘farmer’, is a very cool and rare name.
  • Icarus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘follower’, is a very pious name.
  • Janus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘the good beginnings’, just like your little pup who is the beginning of your new life.
  • Jerome (Greek origin), meaning, ‘sacred name’, just like its meaning says, is a sacred name for your lovely dog.
  • Kai (Greek origin), meaning, ‘keeper of the keys’, is a very famous name.
  • Leon (Greek origin), meaning, ‘lion’, if you love lions because of their strength then this is the name you should definitely take!
  • Marco (Greek origin), meaning, ‘Marah’, is a very cool and popular dog name.
  • Nico (Greek origin), meaning, ‘victory’, is an amazing name.
  • Orion (Greek origin), meaning, ‘mountain dweller’, is a really cute name.
  • Pegasus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘from a water spring’, is a lovely name.
  • Perseus (Greek origin), meaning, ‘to sack and slay’, is a wonderful name.
  • Plato (Greek origin), meaning, ‘broad shouldered’, is a very simple yet cool name.
  • Sebastian (Greek origin), meaning, ‘from Sebastia’, is a very authentic name.
  • Socrates (Greek origin), meaning, ‘brilliant’, is a famous name.
  • Thanos (Greek origin), meaning, ‘immortal’, if you are a real big Avenger’s fan then this is a name you should definitely go for!
  • Triton (Greek origin), meaning, ‘god of the sea’, is a very amazing name for your puppy.
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