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70 Great Nicknames For Abby

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Abby itself is one of the most popular nicknames for Abigail.

Nicknames are used by both friends and family members and are unique. In fact, a single individual may have numerous nicknames, each very special to the giver of the nickname.

Nicknames in themselves are important for a variety of reasons. They are a way to show loved ones that they are special, which is why they deserve something unique and different to mark the bonding. Nicknames also refer to certain character traits of the person and show that even the minutest details about them aren't ignored. Nicknames are meant to be creative, funny, and unique. A perfect nickname brings joy to the people using it and to the person being referred to by it, which makes choosing a nickname a tough task.

The name Abby actually means 'father's joy' and is a testament to the happiness that daughters bring to their fathers. If there's an Abby in your life you need a nickname for, don't worry! With an entire chunk of funny, cute, and cool nicknames, we've got you covered!

Cool Nicknames For Abby

Everyone wants a cool nickname, whether it be your parents, siblings, or even your friends. Check out these cool nicknames for Abby.

1.     Abagil - A fun spinoff of the name Abigail.

2.     Abbey - Fun nickname for Abby.

3.     Abbie - A simple rephrasing of the name for a cute Abby.

4.     Abby Angel - For a cute and angelic Abby.

5.     Abbyloo - For an Abby who's having to visit the loo one too many times.

6.     Abbyu - A cute name for Abby.

7.     Abbz - Short and cool, just like Abby.

8.     Abifail - A nickname to tease Abby.

9.     Abigator - A fun take on the word alligator.

10.  Abracadabra- A nickname related to magic.

11.  Abs - Short and cool nickname, especially if the Abby you know likes working out!

12.  Absie - A cute take on 'Abby' or 'Abs'.

13.  Aby - Short and simple nickname for Abby.

14.  Baddy - Cool nickname for an Abby who is a rule-breaker.

15.  Gabs - Fun and cool take on Abby, especially Abigail.

16.  Gaby - Cute name by twisting and turning the word, Abigail.

17.  Gail - Short and cute version of Abigail.

Funny Nicknames For Abby

Sporty nicknames for Abby are loved by all!

What's a nickname that doesn't sound funny? A funny nickname moniker can bring joy to both parties in a conversation, so check out some really funny nicknames for Abby.

 18.  Abacado - Creative spinoff on Abby, the avocado lover.

19.  Abbalicious - A fun take on the word delicious.

20.  Abbeth - A very Shakespearean nickname for Abby.

21.  Abbey Girl - Fun spinoff on 'Attagirl'.

22.  Abbieno - A fun but uncommon name.

23.  Abbycakes - For an Abby who loves desserts.

24.  Abbygale - Perfect spinoff on the name Abigail.

25.  Abbygayle - For an Abby who is a fan of Chris Gayle.

26.  Abbyviously - A creative mix of the words Abby and obviously.

27.  Abbzy-Wabzy - An uncommon nickname with a lot of 'bling'.

28.  Absie Daisy - For an Abby who loves daisies.

29.  Aby Kadaby - Crazy-sounding and unconventional nickname for Abby.

30. Baddy Dabbie - A cute nickname for Abby who likes to dab.

31. Gaby Caddy - Cute nickname that rhymes with Abby.

Unique Nicknames For Abby

Abby is a unique name in itself, which is why it has been picked up by the creators of many television series. Abby Sciuto is just one of many such popular television characters. So, if the Abby you're referring to is a fan of a television show with a character of the same name in it, then why not use it as a nickname? Check out this list of unique nicknames for Abby right here.

32.  A Bee - Another fun spinoff on Abby's pronunciation with a pun!

33.  Ababy - A perfect nickname for baby Abby.

34.  Abba - Based on the popular music band.

35.  Abbers - Fun nickname for Abby.

36.  Abbio - An uncommon nickname for Abby.

37.  Abbit - For an Abbie who loves rabbits.

38.  Abbles - A mix of Abby and apples.

39.  Abbrella - A mix of Abbie and umbrella for those scared of getting drenched in the rain.

40.  Abby Newman - Based on the character of the same name from 'The Young and the Restless'.

41.  Abby Wilson - For an Abby who loves 'The Vampire Diaries.'

42.  Abbylynn - For an Abby who loves Marilynn Monroe.

43.  Abiota - A very exotic nickname for Abby.

44.  Abscuit - For an Abbie who loves eating biscuits (cookies).

45.  Ay Bee - Clever spinoff on the way Abby is pronounced.

46.  Beebee - Cute nickname for Abby.

47.  Cabbie - For an Abby who loves traveling in cabs.

48.  Downtown Abbey - Based on the popular series of the same name.

49.  Eiby - A fun play with how Abby is pronounced.

50.  Grabby - For an Abby you just want to hug tightly.

51.  Honey Bee - Cute nickname that rhymes with Abby.

52.  Stabby - For an Abby who's sharp with her words.

Creative Nicknames For Abby

There are innumerable ways to add creativity to nicknames, such as by creating an anagram or a spinoff between different words. The more creative the nickname, the more unique it is, and the more inclined people are to start using it. Here are some examples of creative nicknames for Abby.

53.  Abbison - A formal-sounding but cute nickname.

54.  Abby Day - For an Abby who loves 'New Girl'.

55.  Abby Elliot - Based on the 'Saturday Night Live' cast member.

56.  Abby Mills - Based on the 'Sleepy Hollow' character.

57.  Abby Sciuto - Based on the 'NCIS' character.

58.  Abby Whelan - Based on the character from 'Scandal'.

59.  Abbysaurus - Perfect if Abby is a 'Jurassic Park' fan or loves dinosaurs.

60.  Abbytter - For an Abby who is in a bitter mood.

61.  Abi - Sweet and cute like Abby herself.

62.  A-boo - A loving nickname for Abby.

63.  Abs-Kebabs - For an Abby who loves kebabs.

64.  Arbys - Sophisticated nickname for Abby.

65.  Barbie - For an Abby who is an avid 'Barbie' fan.

66.  Crabby Abby - For an Abby who is often in a grumpy mood.

67.  Sally - Perfect if you want a rhyming name for Abby.

68.  Shabby - For an Abby who aces the unkempt look.

69.  Sweeby - For an adorable and sweet Abby.

70.  Wingardium Abiosa - For an Abby who loves Harry Potter.

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