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83 Great Nicknames For Felix

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Felix is a boy name usually pronounced as 'Fee-liks'.

The name Felix has its roots in the Latin language. Felix means happy or fortunate, and it makes a perfect name for someone who has made everyone around him happy.

Felix's name is quite famous for boys and is even used for pet cats and dogs. There have also been quite many popular and public figures who have taken up and made the name even bigger. By far, there have been over five Popes who have had the name Felix along with five other Bishops and Priests with the name. There have also been a famous German pianist-cum-composer named Felix Mendelssohn and an Australian actor named Felix Mallard. Do you know that Felix Krull is the protagonist name from the novel named 'Confessions of Felix Krull' by Thomas Mann?

If you have a friend, sibling, uncle, acquaintance, or a pet named Felix, below you shall find quite a number of nicknames for Felix arranged in different categories. These categories with the nicknames for Felix will make choosing the perfect nickname an easier task for you.

Popular Nicknames For Felix

Nicknames for Felix that are famous and popular can make every person named Felix feel on top of the world.

1. Baby Felix - is quite a popular nickname for someone small and cute.

2. Elick - sounds fun and interesting to be used as a nickname for Felix.

3. Fee - is a short form for the name Felix which also means a charge for one's services. It can make for one of the best nicknames for a Felix who works for you or works in your group.

4. Felcia - is one of the quirky and famous nicknames for a Felix that will suit a cute and geeky-looking friend of yours.

5. Felex - sounds similar to Rolex and can be used for a person named Felix who loves watches. Felex also refers to an E-commerce business platform.

6. Felice - is a variation of Felix which also means happy and satisfied.

7. Feliks - is a simple variation usually in the Croatian and Polish languages for the name Felix.

8. Felizia - is a famed musical artist, so it can be used as a nickname for a Felix who likes music.

9. Felizitas - is a variation of the name for Felicita and means fortunate. Felizitas is one of the nicknames for a Felix who seems to be in luck, always.

10. Fellah - a creative term that sounds like fellow. This is a great nickname to use for your brother-like friend.

11. Felo - is a short wordplay for Felix + fellow making Felo. It makes a good nickname for your bestie named Felix.

12. Fey - the word in itself means unconventional. This can make a nice nickname for Felix, who is touched by the unconventional ways of life and still always manages to stand out from the crowd.

13. Fie - is an alternative short-term for the name Felix. The word fie also means outrage and can be a good nickname for someone who is always angry.

14. Fx - just using the first and the last letters of the name. This is a two-letter nickname pronounced as the letters 'Ef-ex' and is a real smart name.

15. Lee - is a swell nickname and short for Felix.

16. Leelee - just a simple but cute-sounding variation of Lee.

17. Lix Fox - this is a wordplay mixing the short for Felix with fox, one of the good nicknames for a Felix who is sly.

18. Lixer - is a fun term to use for Lix.

19. Pearl- a good one for baby Felix who is precious, fair, and round as a pearl.

20. Phil or Fill - this nickname is good for Felix with all different kinds of personalities. The name Phil is quite comfy and warm-sounding too.

21. Philly - a variation for Phil to make the name Felix extra fun.

22. Ringo - if Felix is a drummer, then this is one of the most suitable nicknames for him because Ringo is an official nickname for a drummer.

Cool Nicknames For Felix

Some fun and cool nicknames for Felix can make your friend happy.

Cool nicknames incorporate the character of the person. Here are some cool nicknames for Felix that you can use for an even cooler Felix you may know.

23. Lex Buster - a wordplay with the short for Felix and Buster, which locally means a brat. This is a good nickname for an annoying person.

24. Cool Fex - a cool nickname that comprises of the short for Felix, for the coolest Felix you know.

25. F Dawg - quite a dandy term to use for anyone with the initial letter F in their name. For now, we shall settle it as a nickname for Felix.

26. Fe - is an actual short form for Felix, which sounds cool and quirky at the same time.

27. Fefi - a cool-sounding nickname that you need to use for your high-style and fashionable Felix.

28. Felicitas - this is another variation from Roman history and cultures for the name Felix. Felicitas also means happy and lucky.

29. Felicitee - this is a variation with spellings for the name Felicity which is a variation of the name Felix in itself.

30. Felyx - a spelling variation for Felix, this nickname shall look cooler on name tags and cards for your friend. Felyx also means happy.

31. Fexy - is a wordplay combining the words Felix and Sexy. This is a cool term to be used as a nickname for Felix, who is attractive, smart, and handsome. You can use it for your love interest, crush, or partner with the name Felix to make him feel loved and appreciated.

32. Fifa - if the Felix you know is crazy about football, then this is quite a nickname to describe his passion right away.

33. Flex - is a short variation for the name Felix. Flex actually means the ability to bend, and if your friend is a gymnast or loves stretching, Flex is one of the best nicknames for Felix.

34. Flix - wordplay that blends Felix and Net-flix. This is a good nickname for your friend that loves to watch Netflix all day long.

35. Fox - combines the first and last letter of Felix and is a perfect nickname for a friend who is as sly as this animal.

36. Holt - this is a name that refers to Felix Holt, a character drawn by George Eliot. This can make a great nickname for a Felix who is into literature and loves fictional characters.

37. Ix - is a short and the coolest nickname anyone can get.

38. Lex - this is the smart and perfect short for Felix.

39. Lexi - another variation for the short form of Felix. Lexi also refers to a ball-point pen producing company, widely famous in Indian cities.

40. Lexo - is a variation and sounds cool as a nickname.

41. Lix - is another short for the name Felix.

42. Pix - this is plural for pic/picture. This can be one of the best nicknames for a Felix who loves to click pictures every time. Pix is also known as a system and a channel that focuses on films.

43. X - is a cool single-letter nickname for a Felix who is a mathematical prodigy. This can also refer to Professor X from the 'X-Men'.

Funny Nicknames For Felix

Nicknames often comprise the fun element. Here are some interesting and character attributing funny nicknames for Felix that you may like to choose from.

44. Brutus - quite a villain-ish feel name refers to the Roman leader who was looked on as a conspiracy leader. Brutus can be one of the funny nicknames for a Felix who is wicked.

45. Cat Man - Felix the cat is quite a cool term, and if the Felix you know has a cat and loves him/her just the same, then this is a perfect nickname for you to use.

46. Ex - is Felix also your ex? Well, this one is a name you would love to use then.

47. Fax - if the Felix you know is always caught up with work and never seems to finish his work on time, this is a perfect nickname to use for him.

48. Felan - is a Hispanic variant of the Irish name Phelan meaning to feel. Felan can be a good nickname for Felix, who is quite sensitive.

49. Feleina - This name has a Latin origin and means cat-like. Feleina is usually used for girls but can be used as one of the funny nicknames for Felix, who is a cat lover.

50. Fie-Lex - makes a good nickname for the cool and funny Felix, who is into literature.

51. Fixie - is just a simple variation of the name or term Fix. This is a perfect name for someone who fixates on a particular task for more than 45 minutes.

52. Flick - a good name for Felix, who is addicted to Instagram. 'Flick' is a marketing tool that most Instagrammers use for posting and analysis.

53. Flow - for a guy who stands by the adage 'go with the flow'. Quite a unique and hilarious nickname.

54. Fly - a short and fun nickname for a real-fly Felix.

55. Fly Ix - a funny and cool name for Felix, who is always on cloud nine.

56. Freelix - does your friend always love to hoard free goodies? Well, this is the best suitable name for your Felix, who loves free stuff.

57. Gummi Bear - if your Felix loves sweets and candies, what better than giving a funny nickname like this one? Also, it can be used for a boy who looks like a gummi bear.

58. Lick - is a hilarious term for Felix, who likes ice creams and lollipops.

59. Marge - is a short form for margarine. Marge can make up funny nicknames for Felix, who loves bread and margarine spread sandwiches.

60. NetFelix - a wordplay with the words 'Netflix' and 'Felix'. This is a perfect nickname for someone who is crazy after binge-watching every new content that is released on the Netflix platform.

61. Peelix - for a Felix who always needs to use a washroom, quite a hilarious name that defines a particular need or characteristic of the person.

Unique Nicknames For Felix

Here's a list of some creative nicknames for Felix that will be loved by the person named Felix for sure.

62. Baby Felicity - this is a variation of the name Felix and is a cute and unique name for a Felix who is innocent as a baby.

63. Beelix - for a busy bee-like Felix, this is quite a creative nickname to use.

64. Chief - if your friend acts like a captain and is always the leader of the group, then Chief is surely one of the unique nicknames for Felix.

65. Coolex - what a better nickname for a cool Felix than this wordplay?

66. El - sounds like a short for eleven, but makes for a cool nickname for Felix too. It also refers to a deity based on Semitic cultures and languages.

67. Eli - is a unique nickname that means elevated. It also has biblical references to the son of the devil, although one can only focus on its meaning.

68. Feelie - another term for a Felix who always feels a lot and is sensitive beyond explanation.

69. Félice - this is a female variation for the name Felix and can be used for your friend who identifies as a 'they/them'.

70. Felicienne - is a name of French origin and can be used as a variation for Félice. Felicienne also means happy.

71. Felicity - is a variation of the name Felix or Felicitee.

72. Felike - a perfect nickname for your boy crush with the name Felix. It is just a wordplay for the words Felix and like and can also act as a love confession.

73. Felita - another variation that can be used for Felix, who identifies as they/them. Felita also refers to a titular novel written by Nicholasa Mohr.

74. Felixa - sounds almost similar to Amazon's cloud-based service called Alexa. You can choose this nickname for Felix, who is your younger brother and someone who has to follow your orders just like Alexa does.

75. Felka - is a creative nickname that is inspired by a music band by the same name.

76. Fellie - is just another cooler variation for Felix. It can specifically be used for Felix, who is known for his mishaps and falling or tripping down stories.

77. Fellisha - is a variation of Felix or Felcia or Felizia and has American origin. Fellisha can also be spelled with a single 'L' and means happy.

78. Feltyn - if your friend or acquaintance named Felix is tiny and always feels happy, then this is one of the best nicknames for Felix. Feltyn is a good mix of Felix, feel, and Tiny.

79. Fillo- is a creative variation for Felix and Felo, one of the cooler nicknames mentioned above.

80. Foxy - for a sly and smart-looking Felix that you know of.

81. Lilo - is a cute and unique term to be used as a nickname. It sounds similar to the abbreviation and stage name of Jennifer Lopez 'JLo' and also refers to a popular animated series titular character from 'Lilo and Stitch'.

82. Lixy - just another variation for the term Lexy with different letters to make it sound cooler.

83. XoXo - a term used to define hugs and kisses. You can opt for this nickname for Felix if he is your love interest.

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