60 Great Nicknames For Maddox

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There are many interesting nicknames for Maddox
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Maddox literally means 'son of Madoc.'

It is derived from Welsh origin and also means fortune. It is a name that can be for both boys and girls.

If you know someone with the same name, keep reading to discover a variety of nicknames to choose from to give them!

Creative Nickname For Maddox

If you are always brimming with creativity and have a never-ending thirst for creative juices, these names will light you up.

1. Clocks - This name can be used for a punctual person.

2. Doc - It is a short form of document and perfect for someone who is organized.

3. Granddox - For a Maddox who acts like a grandfather can be given this name.

4. Mad Hatter - The origin of this lies in the character of 'Alice In Wonderland.'

5. Madzter - It signifies enthusiasm and energy.

6. Mad Rocks - Perfect name for the rockstar personality in a group.

7. Mad Dog - This name is for a person having friendly and adorable traits like dogs.

8. Madicine - For a Maddox who acts like medicine and heals us.

9. Moose - For a Maddox who is as sweet as our favorite dessert or is like a deer.

10. Ma Dream - For a Maddox who is very dreamy.

11. Mufasa - Like the king of the jungle, this nickname is perfect for a Maddox who takes care of everyone. Named after the character from 'The Lion King.'

12. Oxy - For a Maddox who is simply like the oxygen of our life.

Cute Nickname For Maddox

Cute is always the most popular genre for giving nicknames to your loved ones. Hence here are some of the cutest bunch of nicknames shortlisted for you.

13. Doughnut - Doughnuts are sweet and soft, which can be used as a nickname for Maddox.

14. Lil'Idino - This name signifies the word 'Adonis.' Also, 'Lil' is used for children.

15. Lil'Monster - The name is for the tiny mischievous tots. They do get on our nerves and sometimes do crazy things.

16. Muddle - Rhymes with Puddle. Puddles signify fun which can be used as a nickname.

17. MyDox - It is a short version of 'My Maddox' and can be used as a nickname for someone close to you.

18. Marshmallow - Nothing beats the sweet warmth of a marshmallow.

19. Madaron - A personalized version of Macaron Maddox. Macaron is a sweet meringue-based confection made using eggs.

20. Mad Pie - A delicious nickname derived from Mud Pie.

21. Mon Amore - This one is for a cute French Maddox. It is French for my love.

22. Mini - For a tiny cutie who is adorable.

23. Mush Ball - A mushy, warm and cuddly Maddox.

24. Muffin - This reminds you of the sweetness and softness of your Maddox.

25. Momo - This repetitive nickname is easy to use.

Funny Nickname For Maddox

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, and Maddox is indeed the CEO of your life's Laughter Incorporated. Here are some great nicknames for Maddox.

26. Brandox - This name perfectly suits the brand-conscious person.

27. Dodo - For our slow and innocent Maddox. Not to belittle them, but everything works between close friends.

25. Gradox - If your Maddox is an A-Grad scholar, this name will surely cheer him up.

26. Moody Maddy - For the mood-swinging pals of ours. They are tough to be with, but life gets boring without them.

27. Maddoze - If Maddox is a sleepyhead, pick this one.

28. Mt. Maddox - For your group's tall and muscular Maddox.

29. Mid-dox - For a Maddox who annoys by interrupting the conversation, give them this tag.

30. Maddust- This is for a rough and tough one who sometimes gets shabby.

31. Mad-due -For Maddox, who is always behind schedule.

32. Maiddox - This one is for the cleanliness freak who always keeps things tidy.

33. Messy Maddy - This one is for messy friends who rarely get things right.

34. Mc'D - For your perfect burger partner. It is derived from Mcdonald's.

35. Shadowx - If a Maddox is creepy and follows around a lot, this one is for him.

Popular Nickname For Maddox

These names are most used in the community. Hence we put them under the popular category. You may find multiple people with the same nicknames under this category. Nonetheless, these are some cool nicknames.

36. Dox - An adorable name for smart Maddox.

37. Doxy - A sweet yet catchy nickname for girls named Maddox.

38. Maddy - This one is a nice mixture of cool and mischievous.

39. Maddo - Make it more stylish by adding an 'O'.

40. Max - Max is a popular name and a short version of Maximum.

41. Madz - Mad with a suave touch of Z.

42. MD - Abbreviating Maddox as MD.

43. Maxy - An adorable way to call sweetie pie.

Unique Nickname For Maddox

These names are sometimes a little unorthodox, but they are surely special and unique. Some of these names are intellectual, while some are just accidental. Pick your favorite now.

44. Moonlight - This name is reserved for the calming presence of a moon's light.

45. Dagger Dox - The dagger symbolizes bravado and danger. It can be associated with a bold personality.

46. Mad Devil - Few people are pure devils; give this name for your close chimera of a Maddox.

47. Mox - If your Maddox is super resourceful and gets things done, this is a name for him.

48. Mad Lad - This one is for the craziest of all.

49. Mr. M - A sophisticated way to call your Maddox.

50. Baddox - For the bad boys out there.

51. Fox - Your group's glib and cunning person deserves this name.

52. Dot - It's a sure-shot way to name him Dot.

53. Maggot - Maggot is a word associated with low-life insects feeding on carcus. If you want to tease Maddox, call him a Maggot.

54. Major - For the one who is super confident and dependable.

55. Maddy Laddy - Another version of Mad Lad.

56. Mega - Mega means grand and huge.

57. Big Maddy - This one is for the muscular person who is also huge.

58. Geek Mad - We all have that genius in our group. This one is for him.

59. Mad Stud - Some guys are so bold. Reserve this special name for that person.

60. Smoody - For a Maddox who is sometimes super smooth in their conversations.

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