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45 Great Poliwrath Nicknames

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Poliwrath is a dual-type Pokémon having both water-based and fighting abilities.

The Pokémon debuted in Generation I of the series. When a Water Stone is present, it evolves from a Poliwhirl. 

If you are trying to find the perfect nickname for your Poliwrath, look no further. Here is a list of popular Poliwrath nicknames.

Creative Poliwrath Nicknames

Poliwrath is both a water and a fighting type. If you're looking for fighting-type inspired names, look here:

Balboa - A tribute to the 'Rocky' movies.

Bean - is a rare Poliwrath nickname.

Blue - is a great nickname for a Pokémon.

Brawler - comparable to the last.

Bruce – if you're searching for a name that seems like it might fit a tough person, this is another choice.

Bruce Lee - refers to the legendary martial artist.

Bruno - is a perfect Poliwrath nickname.

Butch- implying a Pokémon with enormous muscles.

Champ - Champ is a wonderful moniker for a Poliwrath that wins every battle.

Crews - Terry Crews was an actor; therefore, Crews.

Croaker - it's a simple nickname. Croaker alludes to the frog-like characteristics of the Pokémon.

DropKick - is named after a martial arts move.

Empoliwrath - it is a cool Poliwrath nickname. The 'wrath' in the name signifies that it is angry.

FistPump - named after the common manner to express joy after success.

Fists - the Poliwrath likes to use its fists in combat.

Frogger - it signifies that Poliwrath is an excellent swimmer. It is a fantastic Poliwrath nickname.

Hercules - refers to the mythological Roman hero known for his brute strength. 

Unique Poliwrath Nicknames

These nicknames work for both Pokémon Go and other Pokémon games.

Aquaman - Poliwrath's Pokedex entry frequently mentions how adept a swimmer he is. Its powerful and muscular form makes this nickname appropriate.

Hulk - is the name of the massive green Marvel hero.

Hypnotoad - the term Hypnotoad is given to it because of the hypnosis circle on its abdomen.

Jean Claude Van Damme - is a reference to a famous actor and martial artist.

John Wick - a character from a film series of the same name.

Magmar - is a rare Poliwrath nickname.

Narutoad - is a cool Poliwrath nickname.

Neptune - for the Roman god of the sea

Onix - is a great nickname for a Pokémon.

Pidgeotto - is a fun nickname for a Pokémon.

Poliwrather - is a rare Poliwrath nickname.

Poliwrathod - is a fantastic Poliwrath nickname.

Cute Poliwrath Nicknames

Playing the games is much more enjoyable and individualized when you come up with amusing nicknames for the Pokémon!

Goku - a reference to the 'Dragon Ball Z' main character.

Pugilo - a reference to Pugilism, another boxing-related work.

Ribbit - is a fantastic Poliwrath nickname.

Ryu - is named after the protagonist of the 'Street Fighter' video game.

Sensei - a martial arts instructor, is known as a sensei.

Slowpoke - is a fantastic Poliwrath nickname.

Sparta - is named after an ancient Greek region renowned for producing some of the strongest fighters.

StreetFight - a play on the name of the video game 'Street Fighter.'

T - it is a short and simple nickname.

Funny Poliwrath Nicknames

Here are some funny Poliwrath nicknames for your Pokémon.

Tadpole - is a fantastic Poliwrath nickname referring to a toad's offspring.

Tatum - named after Mike Tyson-like character Drederick Tatum from ‘The Simpsons’.

Throttle - this Pokémon throws its foes around like they're ragdolls.

Toad - is a cool Poliwrath nickname.

Tyson - named after renowned boxer Mike Tyson.

Warts - is a great nickname for a Poliwrath.

Wrath - the enraged toad's moniker, Wrath, is fitting. Although Poliwrath isn't known for having a temper, he seems angry based on his expressions.

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