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41 Group Chat Names That Are Almost As Funny As Your Friends

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Friends are the backbone of our life, and with social media, we are in constant touch with them for sweet nothings, chit-chat, or life-changing discussions.

Social media has become an important aspect of our life. Being up-to-date with friends and having daily conversations about life has become easier now.

It is natural to want to name each of your groups, not only to uniquely identify or distinguish one from the other but also to add some spice and some spark to the arrangement. With these funny group chat names, a personal touch can be given to your circle.

Here there is a list of funny group chat names which are as quirky as the bond you share with your besties. Some of the funniest group chat names are described below –  use these or come with your own creative names for a group chat.

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Three-People Group Chat Names

Three best friends can bond for a lifetime. Check out these crazy food names for your group chat name.

1.Three Fries: The foodie gang who love fries and burger.

2.Ketchup Crew: The threesome who needs ketchup with almost every food they eat.

3.Life-of-Pies: One of the funny chat group names for friends who love math and pies.

4.Madhouse: If you love eating pizzas, go in for this one!

5.On the rocks: The party-monsters asking for three more shots.

6.One is Vegan!: One of three vegan friends who gets amiably teased.

7.Dinner for three: For friends who love to go out for dinner together.

8.Doughnut call me: Who bakes the doughnut amongst you?

9.Spice of Life: A group chat name to spice up your lives.

10.The Breakfast Gang: You three are inseparable – even for breakfast!

Four-People Funny Group Chat Names

Four friends enjoying their time on the mountain

Have a look at these comical names. They would be great options for your gossipy four-person chat.

11.Confession-booth: The close-knit gang using this platform to speak the truth.

12.Don’t kiss and tell: The secret keepers - will never divulge your secrets out!

13.Drama Club: Hysterics and drama unloaded.

14.Funny meme team: The best friends who love to share memes and share a laugh.

15.Gossip guys: Guys who love to gossip. Of course, there is the more common Gossip Girls as an option too.

16.Non Stop Talk: The ones who can talk nonstop for hours.

17.Single ladies: For all single ladies who have eternal love for gossiping.

18.Talk way too much: The gossip mongers - the chatterboxes!

19.Tell me the gossip:  The best group that will gossip about anything and everything.

20.The Secret of Chambers: A funny twist on the Chamber of Secrets making a good name for a group of Potterheads.

Five-People Group Name

Five friends walking on the street

When five friends are in one place, everything is chaos - kudos for a fun ride with these funny group chat nicknames.

21.Always bored: The group who get bored together but party together.

22.Are you listening?: A hyper set of friends who will raise voice against everything.

23.Forever pout: The Snapchat obsessed friends.

24.Five-lies: Each knows that the other is lying and yet believe in being together.  

25.Richie-rich: Everyone's earned well in life- now is the time to go back to the amusing days.

26.Squad bite: The hang who love calling names and teasing one another for something or the other.

27.Too cool for fives: The cool bunch of folks who love to show on social media.

28.Too glam to give damn: The beautiful girls who love shopping.

29.Too many groups: The lazy chat.

30.Why Snap: Friends that love to snap themselves on the camera.

31.Where’s my selfie: The selfie-obsessed gang with fantastic looks.

Six-People Fun Group Chat Names

Six best friends who love to hang out together can choose from the interesting, funny names for group chats below.

32.6 Musketeers: Who think they are inseparable and have fun on the group chats.

33.Best-Friends-Six-Ever: The supportive group of friends who will stay tight for life.

34.Brainless-group: The group who loves to tease each other.

35.Backstreet Girls: The coolest pack of girls who love to dance and enjoy life together.

36.Devil’s Home: Name given after a friend who's house is the hub of fun.

37.MerMADE to-be friends: A group of buddies who love mermaids.

38.Not so powerful rangers: Fans of power rangers.

39.No-name: The popular gang who requires no name and tag for their friendship.

40.Not nerdy: The nerd herd who is very sarcastic.

41.Shall not be named: Those who do not bother much about a  group name.

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