150+ Hawaiian Fish Names That You Might Not Have Heard Before

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Originally Published on Dec 14, 2020
A pair of bettas fish in mating face.
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Hawaii is the land of sun, sea, and sand. And the land of the sea is rich in aquatic life from beautiful fishes to coral reefs.

There is everything in Hawaii. And what's more beautiful about Hawaii is the Hawaiian fishes. There are a plethora of fishes that can be found in Hawaii, from bigeye scad to uhu parrotfish and ahi yellowfin tuna,

You name it and the Hawaii sea or the local fish seller have it. So, in case you have an opportunity to become a fish parent and are looking for some beautiful name for your Pacific Ocean home friend than you in for a treat.

The fish in Hawaiian coral reefs have been around for millions of years. These reefs have allowed them to feed, protect themselves, and sustain themselves. Look at some cool Hawaiian fish names. So, in case you loved our fish name articles, you can also check fish names & Betta fish names articles.

Small Fish

Multi color Siamese fighting fish.

1. Achilles Tang, you can always choose to name your fish after the Greek warrior Achilles.

2. Black Triggerfish, a simple name for your black triggerfish.

3. Bluestripe Snapper, these yellow and bluefish are very sacred on the Hawaii island and it is strictly prohibited to eat them there.

4. Four Spot Butterflyfish, you smart swimmer, yes, these fish have four spots.

5. Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse, this Hawaiian Island local fish is tri-colored, which makes it beautiful.

6. Longnose Butterflyfish, these bright yellow fishes have a long nose. These are also known as Hawaiian tropical fish.

7. Millet seed Butterflyfish, these fish in the Hawaiian Islands are known for their dark stripe masking their eyes.

8. Moorish Idol, is a yellow andblackfish with hints of white stripes.

9. Parrotfish, these fish from Hawaii are known for their bright blue color.

10. Pennant Butterflyfish, often mistaken as Moorish idols, these fishes are similar in color and size.

11. Raccoon Butterflyfish, as the name suggests, these butterflyfish are known for their raccoon-like masks.

12. Saddleback Wrasse, are known for their energetic fish swoops.

13. Spotted Boxfish

14. Trumpetfish, these oddest-looking fish are superb hunters.

15. Yellowfin Goatfish, these yellow striped fishes are known for their almost transparent body and laziness.

16. Yellow Tang, these are the fishes you'll find on the snorkeling advertising brochures.

Big Fish

No matter how big the fish, each of them has names that have great significance in the Hawaiian culture. Below we have mentioned some common big fishes found on the Hawaiian Island.

17. Ahi, also known as Yellowfin Tuna. These are the highly prized fishes known for flavorful meat. These Hawaiian fish to eat have excellent taste even both are sashimi or cooked.

18. Aku, also known as Skipjack Tuna on Hawaiian island.

19. Blue Marlin, also known as Makaira Nigricans is a highly prized species by sport fishers.

20. Mahi, or as known as Dorado or the Dolphin Fish

21. Ono, or the Wahoo fish is a variety of fishes that are good to eat.

22. Sailfish, these fishes belong to the family ofMarlin and are known for their fighting strength.

23. Striped Marlin, are found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and are prize catch for sports fishers.

Famous Fish

Below we have listed comes of the very common and famous Hawaiian fish or iʻa names. These fishes are a common catch in the Hawaiian fishing scene.

Goldfish in aquarium with green plants.

24. Acute Halfbeak

25. Ala ihi, this Hawaiian ala ihi kalaloa is known for its long-jaw.

26. Albacore, also known as Ahi Palaha in the Hawaiian language.

27. Awa Milkfish, these are the last and sole living species from the Chanidae family.

28. Bigeye Emperor, or as known as Mu in the Hawaiian language.

29. Bigeye Scad

30. Bird Wrasse

31. Black Marlin, also known as A'u in the Hawaiian language.

32. Blackside Hawkfish, also known as Hilu piliko'a in the Hawaiian language.

33. Blackspot Sergeant, also known as Kupipi in the Hawaiian language.

34. Black Surgeonfish

35. Blacktail Wrasse

36. Black Triggerfish, also known as Humuhumu 'ele'ele in the Hawaiian language.

37. Bluelined Surgeonfish, also known as Maiko in the Hawaiian language.

38. Bluefin trevally

39. Blue Marlin

40. Blue Spine Unicornfish, also known as Kala in the Hawaiian language.

41. Christmas Wrasse, also known as Awela in the Hawaiian language.

42. Cigar, also known as Kupoupou in the Hawaiian language.

43. Crown Squirrelfish

44. Convict tang, also known as Manini in the Hawaiian language.

45. Dogtooth Tuna

46. Eagle Ray Family

47. Giant trevally, also known as Ulua au kea in the Hawaiian language.

48. Glasseye, also known as Aweoweo in the Hawaiian language.

49. Gray Chub, Rudderfish

50. Great Barracuda

51. Greater Amberjack, also known as Kahala in the Hawaiian language.

52. Green Halfbeak, also known as Iheihe in the Hawaiian language.

53. Halfbeak Fish Family

54. Hawaiian Bigeye

55. Hawaiian Flagtail, also known as Aholehole in the Hawaiian language.

56. Hawaiian Grouper, also known as Hapu'upu'u in the Hawaiian language.

57. Hawaiian Squirrelfish

58. Hawaiian Tenpounder

59. Hawkfish Family

60. Heller'S Barracuda

61. Hogfish, also known as A'awa in the Hawaiian language.

62. Keeltail Needlefish

63. Large Headed Scorpionfish, also known as O'opu Kai Nohu in the Hawaiian language.

64. Lei Triggerfish

65. Lowfin Chub, Rudderfish

66. Mackerel

67. Manta, also known as Hahalua in the Hawaiian language.

68. Manybar Goatfish, also known as Moano in the Hawaiian language.

69. Milkfish

70. Opakapaka, or as known as Hawaiian pink snapper is the best fish to eat.

71. Peppered Squirrelfish

72. Pinktail Durgon

73. Polynesian Halfbeak

74. Pomfrets

75. Porcupinefish

76. Porcupinefish Family

77. Psychedelic Wrasse, also known as Hinalea in the Hawaiian language.

78. Racoon Butterflyfish, it is the fish of Maui.

79. Reef Triggerfish, or as known as Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is the national fish of Hawaii for its unique color and patterns. It has the longest fish name in Hawaii. It is pronounced as “who-moo-who-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-pooah-ah”. This fish got its name for its powerful jaws and sharp, cutting teeth, and unique color.

80. Regal Parrotfish, also known as Uhu Lauia in the Hawaiian language.

81. Saber Squirrelfish, also known as Ala'ihi in the Hawaiian language.

82. Saddle Wrasse

83. Shortnose Wrasse

84. Skipjack Tuna

85. Spiny Porcupinefish

86. Spotfin Squirrelfish, also known as ala ihi in the Hawaiian language.

87. Squirrelfish Family

88. Striped Marlin

89. Striped Mullet

90. Surge Wrasse, also known as Ho'u in the Hawaiian language.

91. Teardrop Butterflyfish, another Hawaiian fish with a long name.

92. Thick Lipped Jack

93. Titan Scorpionfish, also known as Nohu in the Hawaiian language.

94. Triggerfishes/Filefishes

95. Unicorn Surgeonfish Genus

96. Von Siebold'S Snapper

97. Whitemargin Unicorn Fish

98. Whitesaddle Goatfish, also known as Kumu in the Hawaiian language.

99. Whitespotted Surgeonfish, also known as Api in the Hawaiian language.

100. Wrasse Family

101. Yellowfin Tuna

102. Yellow stripe Coris

103. Yellow striped Squirrelfish

104. Yellowtail Coris

105. Yellow Tang

Rare Fish

If you are looking for some rare fish in Hawaii, then you are in for a treat. We have compiled a list of names of rare fishes, which will make your experience of fishing on Hawaiian Island, an unforgettable one.

106. Albino" Yellow Tang

107. Bicolor Chub

108. Blotch-Eye Soldierfish

109. Bronze-Jaw Moray

110. Butterflyfish, also known as Kikakapu in the Hawaiian language.

111. Cardinalfishes

112. Cheekspot Scorpionfish, also known as Nohu in the Hawaiian language.

113. Coastal Manta

114. Delicate Roundherring

115. Dwarf Perchlet

116. Edmondson's Pipefish

117. Emperor Angelfish, also known as Mu Ahi in the Hawaiian language.

118. Freckled Driftfish

119. Giant Moray

120. Golden Batfish

121. Hawaiian Silverside, also known as Iao in the Hawaiian language.

122. Humpback Snapper

123. Lemonpeel Angelfish

124. Lined Frogfish, also known as Malamalama in the Hawaiian language.

125. Lipspot Moray

126. Longfin Batfish

127. Longnose Tang, also known as Maneoneo in the Hawaiian language.

128. Midget

129. Mimic Goatfish

130. Multicolor Angelfish

131. Nagareda's Viviparous

132. Nahacky's Angelfish

133. Nebulous Lizardfish

134. Noble Goby

135. One-Scale Dwarf Goby, also known as O'opu in Hawaii.

136. Palette Tang

137. Pelagic Manta

138. Pencil Snake Eel

139. Phantom Cardinalfish

140. Randall's Frogfish

141. Red Earth Dwarf Goby

142. Shorttail Snake Moray

143. South Seas Devil

144. Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish

145. Spotted Puffer

146. Susan's Pygmy Goby

147. Unicorn Filefish

148. Yellow Boxfish

149. Yellow morph of Blue Goatfish

150. Yellowtail Snake Eel

151. Zebra-Head

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our article about Hawaiian fish names then why not take a look at something different like Hawaiian pet names or Hawaiian last names.

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