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Names are very important for every human being as it gives us an identity.

The first gift given by a parent to their child is her name. The care, love, and affection you have for your child also shows in your beautiful choice of name.

So to ease your search, we have come up with a handy guide of Highlander names that might be perfect for your new baby. Highlanders are the descendants of Celts, who settled in Scotland, meaning that most of these amazing names are either of Scottish or Gaelic origin.

We hope you find the perfect baby name, for more ideas check out these Scottish baby names to Loch down and these Scottish last names with meanings and history.

Traditional Scottish Highlander Names For Girls

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We have come up with an amazing list of names for baby girls from the Highlanders of Scotland. There are so many names from different parts of Scotland, let’s take a look at some.

1. Aileen (Scottish origin) means "giver of life".  

2. Alana (Gaelic origin) means "beauty" or "serenity".

3. Albe (Scottish origin) means "someone who is responsible and stable".

4. Amelia (Scottish origin) a name that means "work".

5. Anabell (Scottish and Gaelic origin) means "grace and beauty".  

6. Arable (Scottish origin) means "the angel or the messenger of the Almighty".

7. Ava (Scottish and Celtic origin) means "a bird". Some other cute Celtic names like Ava are Adair and Aife.

8. Beileag (Scottish origin) a name that means "promise of God".

9. Blaire (Scottish and Gaelic origin) a name meaning "meadow, battlefield, or plain".

10. Bluebell (Scottish, Gaelic and Latin origin) means "everlasting love and gratitude".  

11. Bonie (Scottish origin) means "a beautiful and gorgeous woman".

12. Caitir (Scottish origin) means "honest".

13. Caitrin (Scottish origin) means "a pure soul".  

14. Camellia (Scottish and Latin origin) means "helper to the Priest".

15. Cora (Scottish origin) means "a young woman".

16. Daviana (Scottish origin) means "one who is favorite to all".

17. Davita (Scottish origin) means "one who loved and admired" or "someone with a jovial nature".

18. Davonna (Scottish origin) means "a leader".  

19. Eara (Scottish origin) means "someone who is from the East".  

20. Erwina (Scottish origin) means "a good and trustworthy friend".  

21. Flora (Scottish origin) means "a flower".  

22. Gavina (Scottish and Irish origin) means "a hawk woman".

23. Gordana (Scottish and Celtic origin) means "a leader in life".

24. Isla (Scottish and Aileach origin) means "rocky palace".  

25. Jaine (Scottish origin) means "a gift of God". Other good Scottish names similar to Jaine but for boys are Calum, Leith and Finlay.

26. Jean (Scottish origin) means "God is gracious".  

27. Kellina (Scottish origin) means "a strong willed lady".  

28. Lachina (Scottish origin) means "land of lakes".  

29. Leith (Scottish origin) means "river".  

30. Maezie (Scottish and Celtic origin) means "loving and loyal".

31. Nandag (Scottish origin) means "one who is merciful and gracious".  

32. Nes (Scottish origin) means "a decent and gentle person".

33. Olivia (Scottish origin) means "olive tree".  

34. Osla (Scottish origin) means "a person who belongs from a steep place".

35. Pate (Scottish origin) means "a great fighter".  

36. Petal (Scottish origin) means "leaf".  

37. Reyne (Scottish origin) means "a ruler or a Queen".

38. Ronalda (Scottish origin) means "a wise ruler".  

39. Saundra (Scottish origin) means "protector of humanity".

40. Sophie (Scottish origin) means "wisdom".

41. Tansy (Scottish origin) means "immortality".

42. Torri (Scottish origin) means "someone who is victorious".

43. Vertie (Scottish origin) means "the nature of the person is derived from virtue".

44. Yvaine (Scottish origin) means "an evening star".

Traditional Scottish Highlander Names For Boys

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If you are looking for some less conventional Scottish Highlander names then you can choose one of the four names of the horsemen from 'The Highlander': Caspian, Silas, Kronos and Methos. But, if you want conventional Scottish Highland names take a look at this list!

45. Adair (Gaelic origin) means "ford of the oaks" or "oak grove". Some of the other cute Gaelic names for babies lik Adair are are Aisling, Saoirse and Niamh.

46. Ailbeart (Scottish, Gaelic and Irish origin) means "bright nobility".

47. Alastair (Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic origin) means "defender" or "defending man".

48. Bryce (Scottish origin) means "pied" or "speckled".

49. Calum (Gaelic origin) means "dove".  

50. Duncan (Gaelic and Scottish origin) means "strong warrior". This is one of the 16th century names that was common among Kings and Knights.

51. Eachann (Scottish origin) means "horse".

52. Finlay (Scottish origin) means "Knight or warrior".

53. Fraser (Scottish origin) means "strawberry bearer" or "grower of strawberries". It is also among the most popular Scottish Highland surnames.

54. Gavin (Scottish origin) means "hawk man". This name has been very popular in the Middle Ages.

55. Gordon (Gaelic origin) means "hill fort". Is one of the famous Scottish clans' names.

56. Iain (Gaelic origin) means "God is gracious".

57. Irvine (Scottish origin) means "green water". The name can also be used as surname.

58. James (Scottish and Gaelic origin) means "one who supplants". Often seen in Scotland from the 13th century, James is very popular with Scottish royals. There were seven Scottish King James'. Also seen in its Gaelic form as Hamish.

59. Kennedy (Scottish origin) means "helmet wearer".

60. Lachlan (Gaelic origin) means "from the land of lakes". Is one of the historical Scottish names and has been popular in the Scottish Highlands since the 13th century.

61. Leslie (Scottish and Gaelic origin) means "holly garden". The name is a Scottish Gaelic name that first became popular in the 11th century and is also a surname.

62. Lewis (Scottish origin) means "noted warrior". Is one of the most popular baby names.  

63. Muir (Scottish origin) means "moor" or "fen".

64. Mungo (Scottish origin) means "dear one" or "beloved". Is one of the ancient Scottish names.

65. Owen (Gaelic origin) means"born to nobility". This name will take you back to Scotland's Picts.

66. Raibert (Gaelic origin) means "bright flame". This is a Scottish name and was popular among the Normans in Scotland.

67. Ross (Gaelic origin) means "headland," or "promontory". This has been a popular name in Scotland since the 12th century.

68. Stuart (Gaelic origin) means "a steward," or "animal warden". The name can also be spelt Stewart and is a very popular Scottish surname.

69. Tamhas (Gaelic origin) means "twin".

70. William (Scottish origin) means "strong protector". The name was brought by the Normans in the 11th century to Scotland.

Traditional Scottish Highlander Last Names

In Scotland, the law still legally recognizes groups with a chief that are called clans. The most common clan names are now used as last names by members of many Scottish families. Check out some cool clan or last names common in the Scottish Highlands here!

71. Anderson (Scottish origin) means "son of Andrew".

72. Aris (Scottish origin) means "a former inhabitant of Arras in France"

73.  Bànach (Scottish origin) means "a complete normed vector space".

74. Barron (Scottish origin) this name is derived from Baron. Is one of the most popular last names for Scottish Highlands clans.

75. Breck (Scottish origin) means "uncultivated land".

76. Erskine (Scottish origin) means "upon the knife". It is a popular Scottish surname.

77. Galbraith (Scottish origin) means "stranger". The surname is popular with Scottish people.

78. Iverach (Scottish origin) means "a given name". This is used as a Scottish form of last names.

79. Ivory (Scottish origin) means "pure".

80. Latharnach (Scottish origin) means "a Lome man".

81. Larnach (Scottish origin) means "man from Lorne".

82. Mulloy (Scottish origin) means "proud chieftain".

83. Macan (Scottish origin) means "power".

84. MacNair (Scottish origin) means "son of the heir".

85. Stronach (Scottish origin) means "curious or inquisitive".

86. Shaw (Scottish origin) means "dweller by the wood".

87. Turner (Scottish origin) means "one who works a lathe".

88. Paterson (Scottish origin) means "father's son".

89. Reid (Scottish origin) means "red".

90. Urquhart (Scottish origin) means "thicket".

Scottish And Highlander Names From Fiction And Popular Culture

There are many fictional Highlander characters that have been portrayed in films and television shows. For example the three main horsemen from the film 'Highlander' are Caspian, Silas and Kronos.  

91. Adam McAdam, is a fictional Scottish character from the movie 'Owd Bob'. Adam is portrayed as an arrogant man who quarrels most of time in the film. The film is a classic, loved by many.

92. Amy Pond, this Scottish fictional character is played by actress Karen Gillan in the science fiction television series 'Doctor Who'. Amy is the companion of Doctor Who himself.

93. Bella Caledonia, this Scottish fictional character is  mentioned in the novel 'Poor Things' by author Alasdair Gray.

94. Jean Brodie, is the fictional character from Scotland depicted in the book 'The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie' by author Muriel Spark. The book is about the influence of Roman Catholic and Calvinist beliefs in Scotland.

95. Connor and Duncan MacLeod, they were the immortal Highlanders in many films and television shows.

96. Donald Farfrae, is a fictional Scottish character played byJames Purefoy in the movie 'The Mayor Of Casterbridge'.

97. David Balfour, is the main lead character of the novel 'Kidnapped' by authorRobert Louis Stevenson. The character is a Scottish man.  

98. Desmond Hume, the character is a decent and charming man who is raised in Scotland from the television show 'Lost', he is portrayed by actor Henry Ian Cusick.

99. Dr. Finlay, is the lead character of the fictional television show 'Doctor Finlay'.

100. Jack Parlabane, the character is as a journalist in the novel 'Quite Ugly One Morning' by author Christopher Brookmyre.

101. James Bond, is one of the most popular Scottish fictional characters seen in the movie series of 'James Bond'.

102. Jamie Fraser, is the fictional Scottish name of a landowner and soldier from  'Outlander'.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Highlander names from history and fiction then why not take a look at something different like this list of 'Final Fantasy' names or these names that mean forest?

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