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162 Hit Wrestling Move Names For All WWE Addicts

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Professional wrestling moves can be categorized as submission moves and finisher moves.

WWE is one of the most famous professional wrestling leagues in the world. It has given some of the biggest wrestling superstars to the world who mesmerized the fans with their moves.

Read on for some of the most famous moves used by WWE wrestlers. Also, learn about some of the wrestlers.

WWE Wrestling Move Names

Boston Crab, Last Ride, and Powerbomb are popular finisher moves used by WWE wrestlers. Read on for more WWE wrestling move names.

DDT is a lethal completing move used by Triple H, where he would drop his rivals carelessly from a front face lock position.

Sharpshooter is a variation of the Sharpshooter, similar to the changes made from the Boston Crab to the Liontamer.

Moonsault is a move for driving the adversary into the ground back-first in a side hammer position.

Powerbomb is generally a predominant move that changes the speed of the match or completes it.

Backbreaker is a move where the wrestler lifts the rival onto their shoulders as in an Argentine backbreaker rack and pushes the adversary's legs.

Nelson Hold in proficient wrestling typically appears as the full Nelson, half Nelson, or three-quarter Nelson.

Brainbuster is a move where a grappler places their adversary in a front facelock, snares their leggings, and lifts them as though they were playing out a vertical suplex.

Piledriver is a move for pummeling the rival's head into the ground. Appropriately executed standard piledriver has the rival's head scarcely contacting the ground.

Powerslam is any move where the grappler playing out the strategy falls face-down on top of their rival.

Neckbreaker is one more method in which the grappler tosses their rival to the ground by winding the rival's neck.

Stunner is the signature move from Stone Cold Steve Austin, who dubbed the move as Stone Cold Stunner.

Facebuster is a move where the grappler powers their rivals face down to the mat.

Professional Wrestling Hold is one of the most pulverizing moves in the exemplary long periods of expert wrestling.

Pin is a move that can be spanned into a pin, or the grappler can drift into another fallaway hammer.

Suplex is a toss that includes curving or connecting either upward or winding aside, so the rival is rammed to the mat back-first.

Cutter is a three-quarter face lock bulldog. This move sees an assaulting wrestler while confronting away from the adversary, applying a three-quarter face lock.

Superkick is a frequently used move in wrestling and is also a sort of entertainment move for the audience. Shawn Michaels used this move and dubbed it Sweet Chin Music.

Shooting Star Press is one of the most wonderful ethereal moves in wrestling made by Jushin Thunder Liger.

Arm Wringer is when the grappler snatches the rival's wrist with two hands and curves it over the grappler's head to twirl the arm around.

Canadian Destroyer is a move that has, at any point, genuinely been performed on the large stage by one man, Petey Williams, previously of TNA.

Figure Four is one of the oldest and most popular moves in wrestling. A figure-four hold finished with the legs around the neck and arm is called figure-four.

Doomsday Device is a name used in professional wrestling to describe a tandem move in which one wrestler hoists the opponent onto their shoulders in the electric chair position.

Dropkick Leg Drop is characterized as an attack where the wrestler hops up and kicks the rival with the bottoms of the two feet.

Arm Drag is a move in which the wrestler utilizes their rivals' energy to the rivals' drawback.

Armbreaker is when the grappler sits on one or the other side of a rival who is lying either inclined or recumbent on the mat, with the grappler's legs scissoring one of the rival's arms.

Tombstone is one of the most outstanding provoking pinfalls and strikes dread into almost any individual who sees it.

Michinoku Driver is a popular Japanese wrestling move by a famous Japanese wrestler Taka Michinoku.

Best Wrestling Move Names

Here are some best wrestling moves that will help you know about wrestling more and learn about different wrestling moves.

Mandible Claw is made popular by Mankind, where he shoved his fingers down the throat of his opponent. Mankind uses Mandible Claw. Mandible Claw is a popular wrestling move.

Style Clash is completed when the opponent is upside down; the grappler hooks the legs over his arms and throws him into the mat.

Spear is a very common and basic move used in wrestling. Goldberg and Edge use it.

Blue Thunder Bomb, just as the name suggests, is quite thundering. Sami Zayn used this move.

Hurricanrana is a popular wrestling move. Rey Mysterio is at his best when he is bouncing onto individuals' shoulders for a huge Hurricanrana.

Ankle Lock is a very common and famous wrestling move that almost everyone knows. Kurt Angle often used the ankle lock move.

Attitude Adjustment is a famous move used by a very famous wrestler named John Cena.

Walls of Jericho is a popular move used by Chris Jericho.

Liontamer is another name for Walls of Jericho and is used by Chris Jericho.

Bank Statement is used by world champion wrestler Sasha Banks and thus got its name as a bank statement.

Jackhammer is a move everyone must have heard about as it is a very popular move in wrestling.

Dirty Deeds is a very common wrestling move used by many famous wrestlers.

F5s move includes driving the rival into the mat rather than simply allowing them to tumble from extraordinary height.

Scorpion Deathlock is another name for sharpshooter and is often the final move of the wrestler for a particular round.

Frog Splash is an attacking move. Eddie Guerrero's frog splash is a horrible jumping strike from the top rope. Rob Van Dam also uses Frog splash in WWE.

Pedigree is one of the moves used by Triple H.

Flying Elbow is a move from the top rope, dropping the elbow on the rival's chest.

Rock Bottom is sort of Hulk Hogan leg drop of present-day WWE joined with the Peoples Elbow.

Razors is the move to hold your opponent up in the air in a crucifix position and then throw them on the mat.

Outsiders Edge is another name for Razors used by Razor Ramen and Scott Hall.

RKO is a move where the wrestler can hit from multiple angles and even out of nowhere.

Sweet Chin Music is a move that is not pleasant like its name. Its just a popular kick used in wrestling.

Stone Cold Stunner is a very popular move that will be picked even by the non-wrestlers.

Diamond cutter is another name for RKO. Just like a diamond is hit from multiple angles for its shape, this move represents the same.

Codebreaker is a move used by the popular wrestler Chris Jericho.

Burning Hammer is a popular move worldwide and is used in almost every wrestling tournament.

Gutwrench Powerbomb is a popular move. The distinction between this and any normal powerbomb is that Swagger gets his adversary without their head in the middle of his legs.

Submission moves allow the wrestler to win a match in a short time.

Funny Wrestling Move Names

Here are some of the funny wrestling move names used by WWE stars in pinning their opponent to the ground.

The Stink Face is a move where the wrestler rubs his behind on the opponent's face. Rikishi commonly uses this move.

The Cobra is one of the other names for the go-to sleep wrestling move.

Mr. Socko is the move for placing a clenched hand in the mouth of the rival as they stifle and fall to the ground.

Curb-Stomp is one of the cowboy wrestling move names.

The Worm is one of the wired finishing moves by Scotty 2 Hotty.

The Peoples Elbow is a move where the Rock eliminated his elbow cushion, fell off the rope twice or multiple times, and put an elbow on the throat.

The Camel Clutch is perhaps the most seasoned move in the game and has assisted a modest bunch of whizzes with winning the titles.

Kinshasa is a move that has been a devastating one in wrestling.

Punt Kick is a very dangerous move in wrestling and thus is also banned from WWE for years now.

The Lariat is a move that has been the final move of the wrestlers if executed drastically.

Spinebuster is a move that has a couple of varieties, and every one of them is compelling.

GTS is a global move used by CM Punk.

Crossface is a compelling accommodation hold.

The Nature Boy is a move broadly utilized by Ric Flair.

Leg Shot is a wrestling move where the wrestler shoots the opponent with the leg.

High Jumps is a jump shot in wrestling.

360 degree is a move where you throw your opponent at 360 degrees.

Five Knuckle Shuffle is a very popular move played by John Cena.

Break Tower is a move where the wrestler attacks the opponent's leg and makes him fall.

No Way Back is the finishing move and would be devastating for the opponent.

Finish Before Start is a name that can be given to the powerful move applied at the start such that the opponent loses the first half.

The Unforgettable is a popular wrestling move that can't be forgotten in the history of WWE.

Bigshot is a big powerful shot enough to make the opponent fall.

Thunder is a move with electrifying energy enough to make the opponent fall on the mat.

Lightning is the fastest wrestling move.

Oodi Baba is a jump-wrestling move enough to make the opponent fall on the mat.

Big Slam is a powerful slamming move where the wrestler throws the opponent down on the mat.

Cool Wrestling Move Names

Here are some cool and unusual wrestling move names that are actual wrestling moves, and some of them are made by us to make the moves sound a little more humoristic and cool.

Lie Detector is essentially only a flying lower arm of sorts.

Worlds Strongest Slam is the strongest slam move made by Mark Henry.

Ballin' Elbow is an elbow move.

Clothesline From Hell is one of the more misrepresented completing moves. Its a simple lariat.

Knockout Punch is a powerful punch that does the biggest damage.

Brain Chop is a move where The Great Khali grasps his hand and does a karate hack to an individual's head. 

Khali Vice Grip has been The Great Khali's significant move for some time.

619 is a wrestling move used by Rey Mysterio.

Atomic Leg drop is a leg move.

Headbutt is a head move.

Crane Kick is a karate kick.

Master Lock is a very popular move to lock the opponent.

Standing Moonsault is a moonsault done in a standing way.

Heart Punch is a powerful punch to the chest.

Samoan Spike is a popular WWE move.

Edgecution is a famous move by the rock.

Explosive Leg Drop is a powerful leg move in wrestling.

Dragon Punch is a powerful punch like a dragon.

Grizzly Bear Death Grip is a locking move to make the opponent unable to move.

Bone Buster is a powerful move affecting the bones.

Imploding Body Grip is a lock move where the opponent cannot make any other move.

Double Knee Dive Bomb is a knee move.

Sleeper Headlock is a head wrestling move.

Double Legged Takedown is a leg wrestling move with the leg.

Leaping Frog Body Slam is a body slam to make the opponent fall.

Rebound Headbutt is a head wrestling move.

Diving Whale is a wrestling move where a wrestler can dive into the opponent.

Jackhammer headbutt is a move that has combined both jackhammer and headbutt.

Spinning Leg Sweep Takedown is a wrestling move that includes leg action.

Backstab Elbow Slam is an elbow wrestling move.

Thrusting Spear Elbow Drive is an elbow wrestling move.

Spinning Crane Leg Kick is a big leg kick.

Overshoulder Discus Throw is a shoulder move where one can hit over the shoulder.

Spinning Crane Neck Buster is a neck-breaker wrestling move one can use to attack.

Chicken Wing Arm Lock is to name one of your arm moves.

Inverted Facebuster is a suitable name if your move is towards your opponent's face.

Gorilla Shoulder Swing is a name for one of your best shoulder moves.

Hurricane Powerslam is a combination of two wrestling moves. You can keep this name if you combine these two moves.

Dragonfire Bodyslam is a big body slam where you literally throw the opponent like a dragon spits fire.

Polar Bear Death Chop is a big finishing move.

Diving Knee Bomb refers to two kinds of moves, one by diving and the other by the knee.

Facebreaker Elbow Smash is one of the elbow and face wrestling moves. This move includes elbow and face action and can be given this name.

High School Wrestling Move Names

Here are a few more wrestling move names for you to read about.

Overhead Body Throw refers to throwing the opponent over theIR head.

Shooting Star Elbow Dive is a powerful move.

Full Body Earthquake is a terrible move.

Serpent Sting Forehead Chop is a forehead wrestling move.

Lunar Assault is an attacking move.

Anaconda Tight Grip is a tight lock.

Lifting Body Slam is a very common and most used move by all the players.

Elevated Muscle Buster is the name that can be given at the time to showcase your muscles and perform.

Alligated Spinebuster is a good wrestling move for all spine wrestlers.

Lifting Body Slam is a very common and popular wrestling move.

Full Body Avalanche can be treated as the finishing move.

Elevated Muscle Beat Share is a two-handed muscular and RBI braker.

Polar A Skit is a long skit organized by ream service.

Electric Harmshock is an electrifying move.

Octopus Chokehold is a move with a hard choke, just like an octopus.

Butterfly Body Grip is used to play for the next round.

Starfish Kaif Kick is a kick in wrestling.

Starfish Leg Lock is widely used for a leg lock move in wrestling.

SuperNova Body Bomb is a name for an attacking move.

Rhino Charge Gutbuster is also a good name for one of your wrestling moves.

Rhino Charge Headbutt is a head move as hard as a Rhino's horn.

Dragonfire Body Slam is a big and powerful body slam.

Angel Wings is a move having a flying shot.

Thunderbird Elbow Smash is an elbow move.

Knuckle Buster is a move for hitting the opponent with the knuckles.

Abdominal Tight Grip is a submission move.

Hangman Body Lock is a move where the opponent is locked, hanging upside down.

Sweeping Leg Shin Breaker is a painful leg move.

Dragonbreath Face Twister is a deadly face move.

Iron Fury Cannonball is also a cool wrestling move.

Wrestling Signature Move Names

Here are some wrestling signature moves to make your list a little more humoristic and cool:

Big Swing is the signature move from Cesaro.

Beats of Bodhran is Sheamus' signature move.

Old School is Undertaker's signature move following the Tombstone Piledriver.

Chest Kicks are one of the greatest mark moves by Daniel Bryan, where he kicks the chest of his adversary again and again.

Chop is Ric Flairs' signature move and one of the coolest wrestling move names. A great move by one of the most popular WWE wrestlers.

Chokeslam has been utilized as a finisher by Kane and The Big Show. One of the most popular WWF wrestling moves.

Triple Suplex is a signature move from Brock Lesnar. It is one of the freestyle wrestling move names.

Knuckle Shuffle is John Cena's signature move. It is one of the pro-wrestling move names

Draping DDT is Randy Orton's signature move. It is one of the weirdest wrestling move names.

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