100+ Illithid Names For Your Characters, Ships, And Cities

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Originally Published on Dec 08, 2020
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Illithids, also known as mind flayers are evil aberrations in the 'Dungeons And Dragons' game that are feared by sentient creatures across the multiverse.

They are known for their powerful psionic abilities. They are a popular character in the Forgotten Realms setting in the role playing game called 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

Thanks to all the raw power that they have, they are among the most threatening monsters. Their race has no concept of gender, so there are no specific male and female illithid names or male and female mind flayer names. With the head of a squid, purple-ish skin and four-digited hands, mind flayers value their appearance fondly. You wouldn't necessarily expect a race with such vicious intentions and alien appearances to care much for their names, but they do,and that is why we have created this list of the best mindflayer names for your characters, ships and cities.

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Illithid Names For Characters

Check out these mind flayers names from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for your 'Dungeons And Dragons' game that can be used as female illithid names or male illithid names.

1. Alhoon, a magic using outcast illithid lich who defied the elder brains.

2. Artuur, an illithid merchant living in Zorbak’S Mur who wants to conquer the Underdark.

3. Aulagol, an illithilich wizard who was also a member of the Concord of Elders.

4. Beast Lord, an incredibly secret and alhoon mage ally of Zhentarim in the North who wants to conquer parts of the Deep Earth.

5. Brainstealer Dragon, an illithid dragon that ruled illithid settlements without an elder brain.

6. Cephalossk, a powerful ulitharid Creedmaster from the Venerator Creed of Oryndoll.

7. Ceremorphosis, an illithid tadpole who has reached maturity and whose brain will now be inserted into another being’s brain.

8. Methil El-Viddenvelp, an illithid who founded the Sept of Ill’Ghact and served Yvonnel Baenre and Quenthel Baenre.

9. Elder Brain, a mind flayer at the final stage of their lifecycle who guides the illithid community through dreams of domination.

10. Encepthalithid, the elder brain living in Oryndall with an unmatched level of psionic powers.

11. Galgast, the ulitharid leader of Sept of Ill’Ghact who originated from the House Oblodra’s drow host.

12. Galuum, a mind flayer living in Ryxyg.

13. Glorghakt, an illithid from Ryxyg who was driven by the desire for knowledge of the future and the surface world.

14. Genome Ceremorph, a creature created from the modified version of ceremorphosis when a gnome was used to implant the illithid tadpole.

15. Gnome Squidling, a creature created from the unsuccessful attempts of implanting an illithid tadpole into a gnome, ceremorphosis’ modified version.

16. Grazilaxx, an illithid who was a member of the Society of Brilliance.

17. Hlaavin, an illithid who was created as a result of an experiment and then later became the Head of the Unseen.

18. Hooded One, an illithid merchant living in Mantol-Derith who was congenial and curious for an inhuman monster.

19. Huum, the name of a mind flayer living in Sporedome who lived like a hermit.

20. Ilserv, the name of an illithid sage living in Ch’Chitl who was also a statue in the Mirt’s mansion.

21. Klondras Imdree, an alias used by a mind flayer archmage who lived in the Whistling Wizard Inn, Boonlar.

22. Kajeel, the name of a large illithid barkeep from Westgate who had dealings with the Night Masks.

23. Killithor, the name of an alhoon mercenary living in the Evermoors who was the leader of the Claw.

24. Lugribossk, the name of the proxy for Ilsensine, the illithid God.

25. Mind Worm, powerful psionic creatures who looked like small purple worms and could attack using probe worms from a far distance.

26. Mindwitness, a flying nightmare of tentacles and eyes created by illithids by inserting their tadpoles inside a beholder.

27. Mozgriken, the name of a mind flayer who was created by inserting a tadpole inside a svirfneblin gnome and then performing a dangerous psionic ritual.

28. N’ghathrod, the name of an illithid pirate who was the leader of the spelljammer Scavenger.

29. Neothelid, an extremely rare creature who was created when illithid tadpoles had undergone neoteny.

30. Nihiloor, the name of an illithid working for the Xanathar’ Thieves Guild.

31. Nurr’Korzahg, the name of an illithid living in the city of Ch’Chitl in Northdark who thought about helping non-mind flayers, just to know what would happen.

32 Oedachlo the name of a powerful illithid wizard who was imprisoned under the sands of Anauroch by a human wizard.

33. Quelarazzalarr, the name of a mind flayer who created chaos among the Sembian mercenaries.

34. Quthnorak, the name of a male illithid sorcerer living in the Vournouth’s Mire. He was inquisitive, contemplative, and even collaborated with non-illithids.

35. Ralayan, the name of an alhoon member of Twisted Rune who was Priamon "Frostrune" Rakesk’s right hand man.

36. Ralayn, the name of an outcast mind flayer body tamer who lived in the Lowerdark with the beholder Tobulux, his partner.

37. Ruulam, the name of an illithid cleric of Mammon living amongst the drow.

38. Sangalor, the name of an illithid outcast who became a devotee of the God of knowledge and the cleric of Oghma.

39. Shaalabhak, the name of a mind flayer living in the Plane of Shadow who appeared out of nowhere to serve Despayr.

40. Cernd Shattermind, the name of a hybrid mind flayer dwarf who lived in Iltkazar and was a member of the Clan Arnskull.

41. Sluuguth, the name of a roaming mind flayer who discovered the Archmage of Menzoberranzan, Gromph Baenre in Lake Donigarten.

42. Surrell, the name of a rich illithid in Glyth who was the leading breeder of humanoids to be consumed by illithid.

43. Syrzan, the name of a powerful alhoon who lived in the Underdark and led a revolt to take control of Menzoberranzan.

44. Shaun Taunador, the name of the primary illithid merchant in the city of Ch’Chitl who originated by implanting an illithid tadpole in a quaggoth shaman.

45. Thalynsar, a mind flayer witch who once led the city of Ch’Chitl in Northdark.

46. Thrcereli, the name of the Loretakers Creed’s ulitharid Creedmaster with an abiding hunger for knowledge.

47. Thlorrog, the name of an illithid who lived in Gauntlgrym and led the illithid sept responsible for kidnapping beings to be used for experimentation.

48. Tsurlanej, the name of an illithid sorcerer who was the first elder of Concord of Elders governing the city of Ch’Chitl.

49. Tzakandi, the name of an illithid created by inserting the illithid tadpoles into lizardfolk.

50. Uchuulon, the name of a mind flayer created by implanting an illithid tadpole into a chuul and used as hunters and guardians.

51. Ulchalothe, the name of an illithid living in the Dragonspear Castle’s underground area who managed to get the Blazer of the Eternal Flame.

52. Ulitharid, the name of the illithid society of nobles who possessed extraordinary talents of strength and malicious intellect. They were often treated as Godly beings by their illithid brethren.

53. Ulquess, the name of an illithid ambassador living in the hobgoblin settlement in Undermountain who had a pet beholder zombie.

54. Urophion, a mind flayer created by implanting an illithid tadpole inside a roper who was used as sentries and guards in illithid cities and outposts.

55. Vampiric Illithid, the name of a feral, barely intelligent and undead mindflayer who was unable to create spawn. They needed fresh brains and fresh blood to survive.

56. Vanquo, the name of an illithid living in the vast region who aimed to get antiquities from the Elemental Plane of Earth.

57. Vestress, the name of a rogue mind flayer working as the Regent of Ascarle who loved weaving the person’s soul into a tapestry.

58. Vilcuum, an illithid in Ryxyg who was a part of the allied attack on Maerimydra.

59. Vrushnom, the name of the cleric of Shar who lived in LoobliShar, the secret Shar worshipping enclave in the Middle Darklands.

60. Xetzirbor, an illithid from the colony of Cyrog, situated thousands of miles from Gravenhollow.

61. Xicvizt, also known as Rogue Thought, this is the name of a rogue illithid from Ryxyg who devoted himself to Graz’zt,

62. Yalghoor, the name of an illithid living in Dread Vault of Gauntlgrym who was killed by adventurers.

63. Yharaskrik, the name of an illithid with a horrible appearance who had psionic energy powers and could defeat its enemy with mind blast.

64. Yshiggol, the name of a mind flayer elder brain who lives in the Dread Vault of the Whispering Caverns and was responsible for corrupting the dwarven Clan Duergar.

65. Z’dusk, the name of an elocater of Oryndoll and an illithid psychic warrior who served the Council of Oryndoll.

66. Zellix, an illithid who established and managed an asylum during the Rage of Demons in the Underdark.

67. Zoartik, a violent illithid from the city of Ch’Chitl who couldn't sublimate the mind of his drow host.

Illithid Names For Your Ships

Here are some illithid ship names for worldbuilders playing 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

Sinking of the boat

68. Boreworm, the smallest ship design of illithid that has been recently added to their arsenal. It is mainly used as a boarding craft and is frighteningly effective.

69. Caravel, a medium sized sailing ship used on the Inner Sea by Sembia, Impiltur and Cormr.

70. Citadel, the name of a spelljamming ship mainly used by dwarves. The vessel is solidly built and is saved by powerful magic.

71. Coaster, also called The Round Ship, this is a medium sized sailing ship commonly used on the Inner Sea.

72. Cog, the name of one masted sailing ship that is used on the Sea of Fallen Stars.

73. Damselfly, the name of a spelljammer ship that has a similar design to a dragonfly but has several modifications that allow it to be operated with a smaller crew.

74. Deathspider, the standard spelljamming ships that can be easily recognized by their characteristic shape and size.

75. Dragonfly, a small and easily maneuverable spelljammer that is known for its versatility among the space vessels.

76. Dragonship, the name of a flying spelljammer from Shou Lung that is difficult to use and resembles the sailing ships.

77. Drakkar, also called a Dragonship, is a larger vessel used in the Moonshae Isles by different races.

78. Dreadnought, an immense and rare spelljammer used by illithids. It is a variant of their more commonly used ship, Nautiloids.

79. Dromond, a large warship that is used for commerce as well as war on the Sea of Fallen Stars by a multitude of races.

80. Flitter, is the smallest spelljamming vessel that was built by vessels and is mainly used by fighters, scouts and messengers.

81. Galleon, the name of an advanced sailing vessel that was rarely found, even in the relatively wealthy countries in the fantasy world.

82. Great Galley, the name of a large ship used for commerce as well as war on the Sea of Fallen Stars.

83. Hammership, the name of a large, resilient and powerful spelljammer ship that is in the shape of a shark and used by several races.

84. Lance, the name of a spelljamming ship that was built by humans and used by several spacefaring races including illithids.

85. Longship, an oared ship that has a removable single mast. It can be adapted for a space flight by installing a spelljamming helm.

86. Man-O-War, a large and highly maneuverable spelljammer ship that has an ethereal design with crystalline wings and is used by different races.

87. Mosquito, a small spelljamming ship that is among the smallest vessels that can carry a spelljamming helm.

88. Nautiloid, the name of the bizarre flying ship that is used by mind flayers for travelling through the Astral Plane and between worlds.

89. Octopus, the name of a spelljamming ship used by illithids and humans. Built as a convoy protector, it has the nickname Tailgunner, because of its weapon layout.

90. Squid Ship, the name of a spelljamming ship with the simple design. It is easy to use and maneuverable, making it a popular vessel among mind flayers.

91. Tradesman, a common spelljamming ship that is cheap to build making it the preferred first vessel for several adventurers and crews of all races.

92. Wasp, the name of a spelljamming ship created by the lizardfolk that comes in different versions: bee class (a heavily armed version) and bumblebee bee (a version with an expanded cargo hold).

Illithid Names For Cities

Here are some examples of illithid or mind flayer city names to help with your worldbuilding.

Downtown skyline at dusk

93. Ch’Chitl, one of the most commonly known illithid city names, is located beneath the Sword Mountains. It was founded by an illithid cult that was ruled by the elder brain until a surprise Githyanki attack.

94. Cyrog, the name of Underdark’s ancient mind flayers settlement that is dark, harsh, alien, twisted and covered in slime. It was commanded by Cyrog, the elder brain.

95. Ellyn’taal, the name of a city in Northdark that is inhabited by mind flayers ghosts and undead elder brain, Loulaum.

96. Gauntlgrym, an ancient dwarven city that was the capital of Delzoun. The city had such large doorways that even a mind flayer dragon could use them.

97. Oryndoll, also known as the City of Loretakers, is a large underground illithid citystate in Lowerdark. It was famed for the rampant collection of exclusive knowledge by its inhabitants.

98. Phanlinksal, the name of a ruined illithid settlement that was located in the Northdark and was home to about 120 illithids.

99. Ryxyg, the name of a mind flayer enclave located in the Deep Wates, a few miles under Sporedome.

100. Tellectus, the name of a city located in Upperdark near Beregost that was founded by Oryndoll’s Ariser Creed. The city was abandoned because of frequent raids.

101. Telnarquel, also known as The Hidden City, is a city in Underdark that was so well hidden that some drow explorers didn’t believe its existence until the illithids settled there.

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