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18 Kid Cudi Nicknames

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The artist Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi holds the nickname Kid Cudi professionally.

This nickname is really popular among the admirers of Scott Mescudi, the Moon Man. Kid Cudi is a person with several talents.

Kid Cudi is a songwriter, singer, record producer as well as a rapper who is mainly known as hip hop singer. Since Cudi was younger, he was sad and lonely because of many personal reasons. After he released his first mixtape entitled 'A Kid Named Cudi' in 2008 and from then Kid Cudi started to gain recognition then. Kanye West, who is a high-profile music producer, assigned Kid Cudi to a good music label. After that, Cudi overcame the sad and lonely phase of his life. Cudi wrote and sang many songs, and many of the lyrics of his songs are autobiographical, in which he mentioned the hardship of his childhood and all the struggles he has done. Cudi has worked in several fields as an actor and model. Cudi also worked with many clothing brands, and Cudi also mentioned that he would launch his own clothing line. The admirers of this person gave him several nicknames like- Solo Dolo, Lord of Rap, and many more.

Creative Kid Cudi Nicknames

There are plenty of interesting Kid Cudi Nicknames, but here are some creative and awesome names that can amaze anyone because addressing someone by these kinds of nicknames can be more fun.

1. KiD CuDi- This is another variation of Kid Cudi, which is the stylized one. This nickname can be used for both boys and girls.

2. Lord Of Rap- As a skillful rapper, this nickname is perfect for Kid Cudi and also for those who have the skill.

3. Mr. Solo Dolo- The word Dolo also means solo. He entitled one of his songs 'Mr. Solo Dolo' and described how he struggled on his own.

4. Scotty- Scotty refers to the first name of Kid Cudi, which is Scott. That can be a creative nickname for anyone.

5. The Man On The Moon- This is the name of Kid Cudi's album in which he included his best creations.

Famous Kid Cudi Nicknames

Kid Cudi is a famous personality. This article contains the most famous Kid Cudi nicknames that will surely amaze you. The name Kid Cudi can be used for both female and male children.

6. Moon Man- This name is the short variation of the 'Man On The Moon'. This name can be given to the kid who loves the moon and wants to go to the moon someday.

7. Mr. Rager- In the album 'Man On The Moon' he plays the role of Mr. Rager that's why he gets the name from his fans and followers. The song 'Mr. Rager' is about Kid Cudi's will to go to heaven.

8. The Lonely Stoner- This nickname also came from his other creation entitled 'Day 'n' Night'. In this song, the lonely stoner refers to Kid Cudi.

Cool Kid Cudi Nicknames

The nicknames are always cool because it reflects someone's personality. Not just one child can get a nickname, but everyone can get an awesome nickname. Here are some Kid Cudi nicknames that were given below. Anyone can choose the names of their close ones.

9. Cudder- Kid Cudi is also known as Cudder because once he mentioned himself as Cuddler on Twitter.

10. Hip Hop King- This is a cool nickname for the hip-hop experts.

11. King Wizard- This name was given to Kudi because he was a member of an American rock band that is called WZRD. Later, Kid named this band Wizard, inspired by a song by a heavy metal band of British.

12. Ruler- It is a nickname that can be given to someone who always rules.

13. Willis- Kid uses the name Willis as his Instagram account. He named himself Willis. This can be a great choice as a nickname.

Kid Cudi Nicknames based on his Collaborations

Kid Cudi is the stage name of Hip Hop Master Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, who is also known as the Moon Man and is one of the awesome names that was admired by many people.

14. Juan Pablo - This nickname is based on the character Cudi made to resemble his Mexican roots.

15. Sad And Lonely Cudi- Since his childhood, Kid Cudi has been depressed and lonely, and in adulthood, he goes through hardships. His struggles are depicted through the lines of his songs very clearly.

16. Super Duper Cudi - Kid is also famous for this nickname.

17. The New Age Rapper- Rap that is sung by Kid Cudi is the modern kind of rap that is praised by the new generation, so this name is a good choice for him as well as for every rapper of this new age or generation.

18. The Music Maker- This name is suitable for the people who sing, write, or produce music, like Kid Cudi himself.

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