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Looking For A Black Desert Family Name? Welcome To The Ultimate Guide

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It was developed by the Korean video game developer 'Pearl Abyss' and was originally released for PC in 2015. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are called 'Black Desert', released in 2019.

Four years later, as the game grew in popularity, the developer rolled out a mobile version called 'Black Desert Mobile.' The mobile adaptation first released for Asia and then launched for the rest of the world in December 2019.

You also need to choose a class before starting your game adventure. There are a total of 20 classes in 'Black Desert Online', each class has its unique weapons. Some of these classes are Archer, Berserker, Dark Knight, Guardian, and Hashashin.

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What Are Family Names And Character Names?

The family name is a unique name for your account that is used for all your characters on every server within one region. This name will appear above your characters throughout their adventure. As the game has a global community, the family name uniquely identifies the player more than his individual characters. In a nutshell, it acts as a surname for your characters.

Character name serves as each character’s personal identity. It does not appear that often in the game, except when choosing the character and on the 'My Info' screen.

Choose a cool family name for Black Desert.

Can I Change My Family Name In Black Desert?

Yes, you change your family name in 'Black Desert Online' (BDO). In order to do so, you need to purchase a name change coupon from the in game 'Pearl Shop.' You can use it to change either your family name or your character’s name. After you have used the coupon, the change will be applied post 'Pearl Abyss's' next scheduled maintenance. So, no need to worry if you don’t see the change immediately.

How Do I Delete My Family Name In Black Desert?

Sadly, you cannot delete your family name once you have chosen it. Even if you delete all of the characters it will not delete the family name. Once you have selected your family name, you can only change it by using the coupon from the 'Pearl Shop' as mentioned before.

How Do I Change My Family Name In Black Desert Mobile?

'Black Desert Mobile' follows the same family name change procedure as BDO. In 'Black Desert Mobile', you can family name change by purchasing a family name change coupon. This 'Black Desert Mobile' family name change coupon will then get stored in your inventory and the change will be applied during 'Pearl Abyss’s' next maintenance.

How To Choose A Family Name And Character Name?

Selecting a family name is the first step of account creation. The family name is visible to the other 'Black Desert Mobile' players as well. However, you can’t just pick any name you want. The name you enter must be available (not used by another player) and must follow certain naming rules.

You need to pick your name before you play 'Black Desert.'

Naming Restrictions

   1. The Family Name in Black Desert mobile must be between three and sixteen characters long.

   2. The first letter must be in uppercase and you can use alphabets, numbers, and underscore only.

   3. You cannot use a letter more than 3 times consecutively.

   4. A maximum of 4 numbers is allowed at the end of your name.

   5. An underscore can be used only once and can only occur between a minimum of 2 characters.

   6. The letters on either side of an underscore must be capitalized.

Moreover, the same guidelines are applicable for selecting a character name or while using a name change coupon.

Family Name Black Desert Choices

If you have a name change coupon and are looking for a name change of your family, here are some 'Black Desert' family name ideas.

1. Adventurers – danger excites them!

2. Avengers – it’s time to punish the wrongdoers. Avengers Assemble!

3. BlazingBlade – for players who like to blaze past the obstacles on the road to victory.

4. Bravehearted – boldest of all. Fear can’t touch them. A great choice for your Black Desert online family name.

5. Champions – this one is for when winning is all they know and care about.

6. Combatants – war or game! We always fight. A cool BDO family name.

7. Derrota – means “defeat” in Spanish, which is exactly what the player will inflict on his opponents.

8. Deathwish – whosoever faces against this Family Name must have a death wish!

9. Eliminators – eliminating their rivals is what they love the most. One of the cool family names Black Desert.

10. Gladiators – a warrior breed and always equipped to face off in a battle.

11. Incassable – means “unbreakable” in French. Perfect name for those with an unbeatable spirit.

12. NinjasGo - their skills never disappoint. A great family name BDO choice.

13. PeerlessUs – perfect for those who finish the game uniquely. One of the coolest BDO names.

14. Tenacious – persistent and persevering. Giving up is not what they do.

15. Terminators – a moniker suited for game-changing players who are always ready to terminate the enemy

16. TheProdigies – an apt name for players possessing unmatched talent.

17. TheProphets – perfect for the legendary players. If you want to change your name, this one is great.

18. Titans – hard to handle, harder to take down. A cool Black Desert family name.

19. Triumph – the names explains that nothing less than a triumph will do.

20. Vigorous – standing strong against all odds. They strive for a win at any cost.

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