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Top Lord Of The Rings Elf Names For Your 'Precious' Child

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Why Lord Of The Rings Elf Names?

It is often accepted that elves are magical, humanoid legendary beings with access to extraordinary abilities. This list is for you if you're searching for unusual Elvish names for your newborn. Most Elvish names take their inspiration from the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Epic fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkein invented a whole world and a new language for his characters, the Elves. Quenya, Goldogrin, Noldorin, and Sindarin are all made-up languages with complex syntax. The baby names are based on characters from Middle-earth, but they have grammatical, phonetic, and cultural significance beyond that. You'll find a list of Elven names for newborns here. Continue reading to identify the profile that best describes your newborn.

Lord Of The Rings Elf Names in The Sindarin language

1. Aegnor - Meaning 'fell fire' in Sindarin.

2. Aerin - Meaning 'ocean' in Sindarin.

3. Aragorn - Meaning' noble valor' or 'respected king' in Sindarin.

4. Arod - Meaning 'swift' in Sindarin.

5. Baron - Meaning' house' or 'home' in Sindarin.

6. Callon - Meaning 'hero' in Sindarin.

7. Eryn - Meaning 'wood' or 'forest' in Sindarin.

8. Galadriel - Meaning 'radiant hair' or 'glittering hair' in Sindarin. Also, the name of a powerful elf in The Lord of the Rings.

9. Garrett - Meaning 'support' in Sindarin.

10. Glóredhel - Meaning 'elf of the golden light' in Sindarin.

11. Haleth - Meaning 'exalted one' in Sindarin.

12. Idril - Meaning 'sparkling brilliance' in Sindarin.

13. Logon - Meaning 'warm at heart' in Sindarin.

14. Thalias - Meaning 'bravery' in Sindarin.

15. Arwen or Arwyn - Meaning 'noble maiden' in Sindarin. Also, the name of Elrond's daughter in The Lord of the Rings.

16. Beleg - Meaning 'mighty' in Sindarin.

17. Calen - Meaning 'green one' in Sindarin.

18. Círdan - Meaning 'ship-maker' in Sindarin.

19. Draug - Meaning 'wolf' in Sindarin.

20. Elanor - Meaning' sun star' in Sindarin. Also, the name of Samwise Gamgee's daughter

21. Elbereth - Meaning 'star queen' in Sindarin.

22. Elladan - Meaning 'elf-man' in Sindarin.

23. Elrohir - Meaning 'elf-knight' in Sindarin.

24. Estel - Meaning 'hope' or 'trust' in Sindarin. Also, Aragorn's name while growing up.

25. Ethuil - Meaning 'spring' in Sindarin.

26. Gildor - Meaning 'star-lord' in Sindarin.

27. Haldir - Meaning 'hidden hero' in Sindarin.

28. Iorhael - Meaning 'old and wise' in Sindarin. The Elvish name for Frodo Baggins.

29. Ithil - Meaning 'moon' in Sindarin.

30. Legolas - Meaning 'green leaves' in Sindarin.

31. Lindir - Meaning 'fair singer' in Sindarin.

32. Lúthien - Meaning' daughter of flowers' in Sindarin.

33. Melian - Meaning' precious gift' in Sindarin.

34. Mithrandir - Meaning 'grey wanderer' in Sindarin. Another name for Gandalf the wizard.

35. Morwen - Meaning 'dark maiden' in Sindarin.

36. Perhael - Meaning 'half-wise' in Sindarin. Also the Elvish name of Samwie Gamgee.

37. Rohan - Meaning 'horse kingdom' in Sindarin.

38. Tauriel - Meaning' daughter of the forest' in Sindarin.

39. Thalin - Meaning 'dauntless' in Sindarin.

Lord Of The Rings Elf Names in The Quenya Language

40. Aina - Meaning' holy one' in Quenya.

41. Aldon - Meaning 'tree' in Quenya.

42. Alma - Meaning 'maiden garlanded with good fortune' in Quenya. Also, the name of the daughter of Vëantur in The Lord of the Rings.

43. Anna - Meaning 'gift' in Quenya.

44. Aredhel - Meaning 'noblewoman' in Quenya.

45. Earendil - Meaning 'devoted to the sea' in Quenya.

46. Eldacar - Meaning' elf helm' in Quenya.

47. Eldarion - Meaning 'son of elves' in Quenya.

48. Elrand - Meaning 'star-dome' in Quenya.

49. Elva - Meaning 'friend' in Quenya.

50. Iston - Meaning 'wise one' in Quenya.

51. Lia - Meaning 'thread' in Quenya.

52. Nessa - Meaning 'youthful one' in Quenya.

53. Nienna - Meaning "tear' in Quenya.

54. Poldo - Meaning 'big and strong' in Quenya.

55. Rina - Meaning 'crowned one' in Quenya.

56. Ronda - Meaning 'solid' or 'firm' in Quenya.

57. Tara - Meaning 'wise one' in Quenya.

58. Tuilë - Meaning 'spring' in Quenya.

59. Voronwë - Meaning 'steadfast' or 'constant' in Quenya.

60. Yavanna - Meaning' giver of fruits' in Quenya.

Lord Of The Rings Elf Names in Other languages of The Tolkien universe.

61. Balin - Meaning' knight of the round table' in Khuzdûl.

62. Eowyn - Meaning 'horse joy' in Rohirric.

63. Gandalf - Meaning' elf wand' in Norse ‒ also the name of the powerful wizard in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

64. Theoden - Meaning 'king' or 'ruler' in Rohirric.

65. Tinuviel - Meaning 'daughter of twilight' in Snidarin.

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