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90 Luxray Nicknames

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A nickname is not just a word but in itself is related to the personality of the individual.

When it comes to the world of Pokémon, the importance of personality of the Pokémon becomes more important for selecting a good nickname. Luxray is one such Pokémon that enjoys considerable affection from fans.

If you are a Pokémon fan looking to find some adorable Luxray nicknames, then here are some of the best nicknames loaded with affection! So, what are you waiting for? Just scan the list below to find a nickname for the Electric-type Pokémon; choose the one that matches your vibe, ideas, and type, and get on with it!

Best Luxray Nicknames

Luxray is a quadrupedal Pokémon resembling a fully-grown lion. Mentioned below are some of the best nicknames for Luxray:

  • Amara - a truly royal nickname for Luxray.
  • Amperia - a reference to ampere.
  • Aslan - a very well-known fictitious lion.
  • Atom - a classy nickname for Luxray.
  • Aurora - a superb nickname for Luxray.
  • Axel - a go-to favorite for a Pokémon nickname.
  • Azula - a nickname derived from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender.'
  • Azure - a super cool nickname for Luxray.
  • Black Star - is a fun reference to the anime show.
  • Bolt - a fun nickname for Luxray!
  • Cat-Scan - a cute variation of CT-scan.
  • Charge - yet another nickname relating to electricity.
  • Corona - a term that has an implied meaning, ‘electrical discharge.’
  • Dinari - a classic Luxray nickname.
  • Dinari - a nickname that means ‘shining star.’
  • Disturbia - just a regular old funny nickname for Luxray.
  • Duotone - a cool nickname indeed for a Pokémon.
  • Electra - a cool nickname. Just like the name suggests, this is a very electric nickname for a Luxray.
  • Electro - a short variation of ‘Electricity.’
  • Felitening - a fun mix of the words feline and lightning.
  • Fundip - a ‘fun’ nickname for Luxray!
  • Gale - the cutest nickname for a Luxray!
  • Gamma - a reference to Gamma rays or the symbol ‘gamma.’
  • Giza - a reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Female Luxray Nicknames

If you are searching for a nice feminine nickname for Luxray, then you’ve got no reason to worry. Given below is a list of several amazing female Luxray nicknames:

  • Goggles - a short yet classy nickname for Luxray.
  • Iris - a short and simple nickname for Luxray.
  • Iris - yet another cool nickname for Luxray.
  • Jerusha - a nickname derived from the Bible.
  • Jupiter - a reference to the largest planet of the solar system.
  • Kakashi - a reference to a character in Naruto.
  • Karai - a reference to a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Kero - is a go-to favorite for a nickname!
  • Kilowatt - a reference to the unit of power.
  • Kimba - a name that means ‘a white lion’.
  • Kion - a reference to the son of King Simba in the Lion King.
  • Kolink - a fascinating nickname for a Luxray.
  • Lapis - a nickname that is a reference to ‘Lapis Lazuli’
  • Lasherpoint - the coolest nickname in existence.
  • Lazer - is an amazing and quite literally ‘sharp’ nickname for Luxray.
  • Leo - a short yet classy nickname for Luxray.
  • Leo - a term that needs no explanation. Yes, you don’t need to explain this nickname.
  • Leoshock - a nickname that is just reflective of Luxray’s core personality.
  • Levana - the initial part of the name ‘Lev’ means Lion.
  • Lightvision - a nickname that refers to Luxray’s vivid glowing eyes.
  • LionStar - a term that could be the best nickname for Luxray - hands down!
  • Lixy - a totally adorable nickname for Luxray.

Pokémon Luxray Nicknames

Some of the best Pokémon Luxray nicknames have been compiled into one single list and presented below.

  • Lustria - a nickname everyone’s jealous of!
  • Luxanna - a super cool feminine nickname for Luxray.
  • Luxaria - a cute, feminine variation of ‘Luxray.’
  • Luxio - a short yet classy nickname for Luxray.
  • Max - a short variation of Maximus.
  • Maximus - a simple yet sassy nickname for a Luxray.
  • Mono - a very interesting nickname for Luxray.
  • Monroe - a chirpy nickname for a Pokémon.
  • Nala - yet another reference from the Lion King.
  • Nibbles - a jovial nickname for a Luxray.
  • Nightflash - is just another very cool nickname for Luxray.
  • Nightlite - is a very good nickname for Luxray.
  • Nova - an innovative nickname for Luxray.
  • Pine - a super-cute nickname for Luxray.
  • Pinwheel - the perfect fit for a nickname for Luxray.
  • Plasmeow - a cute reference to ‘plasma’ and ‘meow.’
  • Raiden - a reference to the Japanese God of Lightning.
  • Raya - inspired by yet another character derived from ‘Raya and the Last Dragon.’
  • Rigel - a Pokémon nickname that means ‘star.
  • Rontgen - a unique nickname for Luxray.
  • Sarabi - a nickname that is derived from a character from ‘The Lion King’
  • Scar - a hilarious nickname for Luxray.
  • Scruf - a short variation of Scruffy.
  • Scruffy - a nickname filled with sass for Luxray.

Shiny Luxray Nicknames

Finding it difficult to find shiny Luxray Nicknames? Don't worry because here is a list of the best shiny Luxray nicknames.

  • Shadowbolt - a powerful yet ‘light’ nickname for Luxray.
  • Shazam - a very gangsta-type name for Luxray.
  • Shimmer - a very creative as well as a funny nickname for a Luxray!
  • Shinxie - a reference to the first form of Luxray - Shinx.
  • Shock - is a fun variation that makes for a solid nickname for a Luxray.
  • Sparkee - a very ‘sparkly’ nickname for Luxray.
  • Sparky - is an amazing nickname for Pokémon.
  • Squall - a reference to the protagonist in Final Fantasy 8, whose main symbol is a lion motif.
  • Tesla - a cool nickname with a side reference to the multi-million dollar company.
  • Thundercat - a funny and cute nickname for Luxray!
  • Tizzy - a variation of Lizzy and an extremely cool nickname.
  • Venus - a nickname that is a reference to the planet Venus.
  • Voltaire - a cool nickname that is a reference to the famous philosopher.
  • Wildcharge - really a very ‘wild’ nickname for Luxray.
  • X-Roar - a nickname similar to X-ray that’s a very cute nickname considering Luxray’s nature.
  • Yuna - a cool nickname for Luxray. It is surely one of the most unique nicknames.
  • Zapklaw - a creative mix of the words ‘zap’ and ‘claw.’
  • Zephyr - a ‘gem’ of a nickname! It indeed sounds like one of the gangsta-type names.
  • Zeus - a very cool nickname with reference to the Greek God.
  • Zuri - a cute nickname for Luxray.
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