60 Merchant Names With Meanings and History

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List of merchant names include funny merchant names, traveling merchant names, and merchant marine ship names.
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The word 'merchant' is derived from the Latin word 'mercari', its meaning is 'to traffic'; it is also believed to have a French origin, from the word 'mercis', meaning 'wares'.

Merchants during the medieval period would often travel and traffic with foreign countries. They played an extremely important role within their specific regions.

Do you want to find out more about different merchant names that are popular even to date? Read more about merchant guild names, merchant company names, and merchant navy ship names.

Fantasy Merchant Names

As we read previously, merchants are mostly known for traveling with their goods across various territories.  Some might be peaceful valleys, while others can be dangerous canyons. Nevertheless, it is a common feature of a lot of fantasy adventures. Since the list starts with names of merchants from fantasy, here are a few names and descriptions that might match the character’s appearance. Without any further ado, let's dive right into it!

Arnwik Livdi (English origin), is a slender young woman with short-cropped dark hair flying freely. She has a friendly attitude.

Bronann (Irish origin),is a slender woman with pale skin. Her long sandy ginger hair and azure eyes are attractive.

Cataron (Irish origin),is a tall and lean man with olive skin. He is quite a gentleman.

Chalvan (English origin), is a pale woman. Her cold and calculating gaze may come off as indifferent. A different merchant name based on a building in a popular city.

Disin (Irish origin),is a tanned skin, tall woman. Her beautiful brown eyes have a piercing gaze.

Dubin (English origin),is a tallyoung man. His long straw-colored hair compliments his ruddy skin. A short merchant name that is a part of common public discourse.

Egallow (Irish origin), is a well-built older woman with tanned skin. She has long black hair that goes hand in hand with her hazel eyes.

Elban (Irish origin),has quite an unfriendly demeanor. He is an older man with weathered and grey hair.

Groden (Irish origin), is a lean and tall man. His cold stare might make one feel uncomfortable, but he is a nice guy.

Lefer (Irish origin),always has a jovial outlook for things. He is a tall young man with beautiful amber eyes.

Lotheris (English origin),has blonde hair that goes well with her ocean blue eyes. A different merchant name based on the need of time.

Quenna (English origin),is a lean older man with olive skin. His thinning blonde hair shows his age.

Reose (English origin),is an older man with eyes that radiate his experienced mindset.

Srengat (Irish origin), is a well-built man with pale skin. His brown hair and piercing eyes are always indifferent.

Medieval Merchant Names

In the medieval period, Merchants were widely known as business persons associated with trade. Though, most merchants used to interact in guilds for security and profitable reasons. A Merchant Guild has many benefits like negotiating with the lord or regulating the trade. The Merchant Guilds were also responsible for controlling how trade was occurring. They also regulated rules and applied them for conducting trade properly. In the medieval period, the Merchant guild members become quite important resources.

This might have sparked some interest in your mind. So without wasting a single second, let's go through the names of some of the important merchants during the medieval period!

Aaron of Lincoln (English origin),was an English merchant and Jewish financier. He was quite wealthy at that time.

Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf (Arabic origin),was one of the wealthiest merchants of its time.

Agnes Bugge (English origin), was a notable English brewer in the 15th century. She was notable because she was a woman brewer during that period.

Al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (Arabic origin),during the early years of Islam, was a wealthy merchant. He converted after staying in Mecca for a while.

Domini Guardato (Italian origin),was a wealthy merchant from the Kingdom of Sicily.

Gloucestershire (English origin), was a merchant and a lawyer who served as Recorder of Bristol. He had a prestigious seat in the parliament.

Guglielmo Grasso (Italian origin), was a Genoese merchant. He was also an admiral and pirate.

Hanna van Recklinghausen (Dutch origin), was one of the earliest woman merchants in the Netherlands during that time.

Jeanne la Fouacière (French origin), belonged to the elite of Parisian merchants. She was a French linen merchant who died in 1313.

Jehan Boinebroke (French origin), was from Douai. He was a French merchant.

Johann Fust or Faust (German origin), was an early German printer who was a merchant.

John Twynyho (English origin),died in 1845. He used to go by the alias of Twynyhoe.

Peter Waldo (English origin),was a merchant and served as the leader of a Christian movement.

Song Wusao (Chinese origin), was a Chinese restaurant owner.

Thomas Alvard (English origin), was an important merchant from Ipswich, Suffolk. He traded a lot of stuff, from dairy products to tanned leather.

William de Machlinia (English origin), was an English printer and merchant during the 15th century.

Merchants have played an important role in the economic progress of the world.

Traveling Merchant Names

Since merchants were mostly known for traveling from one region to another in search of trade or business, traveling became closely associated. Do you want to learn how merchants used to move around the world and made their start in different businesses? Read further to find out more about these merchants and what lessons you can take and imbibe in your personality.

Elijah Merchant (Hebrew origin),aged 25, a laborer, who arrived in Nelson, New Zealand, aboard the ship 'Chile' in 1874

Emmanuel Merchant (English origin), (English origin),settled in the West Indies, Barbados, in 1685; a common merchant name who made his place in history.

Francis Hyatt Merchant settled in Texas from 1850 to 1906. A popular merchant name across the world.

Frederick Merchant (English origin), traveled to Nelson, New Zealand, in 1874, one popular merchant name.

George Merchant landed in Barbados in 1685. It is a short merchant name.

Henry Merchant (English origin), went to Allegany County, Pennsylvania, in 1840. A distinct merchant name.

James Merchant (English origin), arrived in Adelaide, Australia, in 1851. He was aboard the ship named 'Samuel Boddington'.

Jeffrey Merchant (English origin), settled in Virginia in 1637. It is one of top merchant names.

John Merchant (English origin), landed on Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1638.

Maria Katharina Merchant (English origin), arrived in Pennsylvania in 1731. It is one of the rare merchant names.

Martha Merchant (English origin), was 26 years old when he arrived in Nelson, New Zealand, in 1874, aboard the ship named 'Chile'.

Mr. Jesse Merchant (English origin), settled in New Brunswick in 1784.

Mr. William Merchant was convicted in Bristol, England, for 7 years. He was transported to New South Wales on 22nd July 1830.

Richard Merchant (English origin), arrived in Virginia in 1706. A common merchant name.

William Merchant (English origin), arrived in Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1641.

Ore Merchant Names

Merchants are professionals who moved from one city to another in search of different products that could make them the highest-earning members of the time. Metal has always been an important commodity, and during industrialization, merchants who sold metal products were held in high regard. Let's delve deeper and know about the merchants who used to revolve around the business of metals and ores specifically. Below are some of the merchants’ names who used trade metals and other commodities.

Cornelius Vijn (Dutch origin),was a Dutch trader. He was taken as an advisor for the Anglo-Zulu War.

David Moses ben Meir Dyte (English origin), was an English Jewish quill merchant. His way of distinguishing himself was quite odd, but it worked.

Edward Loveden Loveden (English origin), was a member of the English Parliament. When he moved around the world for different works, he often used to get help to learn more about the region.

Gaetano Magnolfi (Italian origin), was an Italian philanthropist, active mainly in his native Prato.

Grigore Mihail Sturdza (Moldovian origin), was Moldavian. But later became a Romanian soldier, politician, and adventurer as well.

Hans Puggaard (Danish origin), was a Danish merchant. His company became one of the leading and most active sellers of grain.

Hartvig Philip Rée (Danish origin), was one of the wealthiest Jewish-Danish merchants of his time. In addition, he was an author who built a large shipping and trade business.

Jacob Holm (Danish origin), was a Danish industrialist. He was a ship owner and merchant as well. Holm is one of the unique merchant family names.

James Maybrick (English origin), was a cotton merchant in Liverpool. His level of experience made him a distinct figure.

Johannes Søbøtker (Danish origin), died on 23 March 1854. He was a Danish merchant and plantation owner. He was a governor in the West Indies as well.

Nels Anderson (English origin), was a merchant who had a lot of experience at even the highest level and a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Poul Pagh (Danish origin), played an important role in developing the industry. He was a Danish merchant who used to get help to find different materials.

Rabbi Solomon Eger (Aramaic origin), was quite an influential man. He was the successor of his father as the rabbi of Posen.

Wu Bingjian (Chinese origin), was once known to be the richest man in the world. He was an important Merchant in the hong.

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