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85+ Mormon Names And Surnames With Meanings And History

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The Mormons are a cultural and religious group associated with Mormonism.

They form the main branch of the Latter Day Saint Movement which was started by Joseph Smith in the 1820s in New York, United States. The Mormon Church is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a structure in the building is dedicated as the "house of the Lord".

Latter Day Saints are members of the Mormon church who form a part of the Latter Day Saint Movement. This collation of independent Church groups is non-Trinitarian in nature. It is a Christian restorationist Church that is considered to be a restoration of Jesus Christ's originally founded Church. 'The Book Of Mormon' serves as the sacred text of the Latter Day Saints.

Mormon prophets are believed to be those who inherited the plates of Nephi. The Mormon prophets are human beings sent by Jesus Christ to spread word of the 'Book Of Mormon'. Every President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is considered a Mormon prophet. Mormon prophets are chosen based on seniority. While Joseph Smith was the first Mormon prophet, Russell M. Nelson, the current President of the Church, serves as the Mormon prophet at present.

Some of the most common Mormon names are inspired by the the 'Book Of Mormon', the Bible, or even Utah names since that's where the church is based. Mormon last names are usually of English or Scandinavian origin, inspired by the names of some of the founding members of the movement. You'll definitely find a baby name you like from our extensive list of Mormon names.  

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Mormon Names For Boys

If you're looking for Mormon baby names that will suit your son, here's a list of names you'll love.

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning "exalted one" or "high mountain". A popular name for many years.

2. Abel (Hebrew origin), meaning "breath". A Saint's name.  

3. Ammon (Celtic origin), the name means "secret" or "faithful". A name from the 'Book Of Mormon'.

4. Amos (Hebrew origin), meaning "carried by God".

5. Bart (Hebrew origin), the name means "son of the earth".  

6. Beckett (Old English origin), meaning "bee cottage".

7. Braxton (Old English origin), the name means "Brock's settlement".

8. Brigham (Old English origin), meaning "small village near the bridge". Inspired by the Mormon leader and Church's 2nd President, Brigham Young.

9. Clement (English origin), meaning "merciful".

10. Cohyn (Hebrew origin), the name means "Priest".

11. Dallen (Irish origin), meaning "from the valley".

12. Domenic (Hebrew origin), meaning "Lord" or "master".

13. Elijah (Hebrew origin), the name means "my God is Yahweh". A name used by one of the prophets.

14. Enos (Hebrew origin), meaning "mankind".

15. Gideon (Hebrew origin), meaning "hewer" or "great warrior". The Church's loyal leader in the 'Book of Mormon'.

16. Hagen (Irish, Gaelic origin), meaning "youthful one".

17. Isaiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation". Popular among Utah baby names.

18. Jacob (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter".

19. Jared (Hebrew origin), meaning "he descends".

20. Jarom (Aramaic origin), meaning "to prosper".

21. Joel (Hebrew origin), meaning "Jehovah is his God".

22. John (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious".

23. Joseph (Hebrew origin), the name means "God will add".

24. Joshua (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation".

25. Juelz (English origin), the name means "precious gems".  

26. Layton (English origin), meaning "settlement with a leek garden".

27. Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning "rest".

28. Oakley (Old English origin), the name means "a meadow of oak trees".

29. Oliver (Latin origin), the name means "planter of olive trees".

30. Omni (Latin origin), meaning "all".

31. Orson (Latin origin), meaning "bear cub". One of the many Apostle names.

32. Porter (English, Scottish origin), meaning "gatekeeper". The name of Joseph Smith's bodyguard and friend.

33. Ronan (Irish origin), meaning "small seal". Commonly used by Irish and Scottish saints.  

34. Rudy (German origin), the name means "renowned wolf".

35. Seth (Hebrew origin), meaning "appointed".

36. Shilom (Hebrew origin), meaning "peace maker".

37. Spencer (English origin), meaning "administrator". Spencer W. Kimball was the Church's 12th President.

38. Teagen (Irish origin), meaning "attractive".

39. Thomas (Aramaic origin), the name means "twin".

40. Umar (Arabic origin), meaning "long life".

41. Wallace (Old English origin), meaning "stranger" or "foreigner".

42. Wyatt (Old English origin), meaning "brave in battle".

43. Xacian (Basque, Arabic origin), meaning "new house". Derived from Etxabier, in Spain.

44. Zoram (Hebrew origin), meaning "rock". A Saint's name.

Mormon Names For Girls

Portrait of a cute happy little Asian baby girl.

Want to explore some Mormon baby names for your daughter? Check out this list of names for inspiration.

45. Ada (Hebrew origin), meaning "noble". The first girl in the 'Book Of Genesis' and one of the Mormon names from the 1800s.

46. Alma (Latin origin), meaning "kind" or "nourishing". Another name from the 1800s.

47. Ardeth (Hebrew origin), the name means "blooming fields".  

48. Ashtyn (Old English origin), meaning "ash tree town".

49. Bonnie (Scottish origin), the name means "leader of the church".

50. Brighten (English origin), the name means "light".

51. Clara (Latin origin), meaning "clear" or "bright".

52. Danica (Latin, Slavic origin), meaning "morning star".

53. Dawnell (English origin), meaning "honeybee".

54. Dinah (Hebrew origin), the name means "God will judge".

55. Eden (Hebrew origin), meaning "a place of pleasure". Alludes to the Garden of Eden in the Bible.  

56. Eliza (Hebrew origin), the name means "consecrated to God". A shortened form of Elizabeth.  

57. Galilee (Hebrew origin), meaning "the province".

58. Hannah (Hebrew origin), the name means "grace".

59. Ivy (Old English origin), the name means "fidelity".

60. Josephine (Hebrew origin), the name means "God will show".

61. Jossilyn (Old German origin), the name means "member of the Gauts tribe".

62. Kaidence (Latin origin), meaning "rhythm".

63. Kairi (Japanese origin), the name means "sea".

64. Madelyn (French origin), the name means "woman from Magdala".

65. Martha (Latin origin), meaning "lady" or "mistress".

66. Naomi (Hebrew origin), the name means "gentle and beautiful". Also the name of a Saint.

67. Payslee (Scottish origin), meaning "church" or "cemetery".

68. Raeann (Hebrew origin), meaning "ewe". Names like this are unique choices.

69. Sariah (Hebrew origin), the name means "princess of the Lord".

70. Stephanie (Greek origin), the name means "crown" or "garland".  

71. Tabitha (Aramaic origin), meaning "gazelle" or "graceful". A name from The Old Testament.

72. Trinity (Latin origin), meaning "triad". A reference to the Holy Trinity.

73. Versailles (Latin origin), meaning "light of her father's life".  

Common Mormon Last Names

Baby with blue eyes sitting at the window in a nice suit.

Want to learn about some Mormon last names? You could even use one of these surnames as a baby name! Here's a list of the most common Mormon last names to inspire you.

74. Allred (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning "one who is noted for offering good counsel".

75. Brenton (English origin), meaning "flame".

76. Cannon (French origin), meaning "official of the Church".

77. Christensen (Danish origin), the name means "son of Christ".

78. Haglund (Swedish origin), meaning "enclosed grove". Last names like this are common among Mormons.

79. Heaton (Old English origin), meaning "high enclosure".

80. Hinckley (Old English origin), meaning "wood clearing".

81. Kimball (Welsh, Celtic origin), meaning "war chief" or "leader of men".

82. Pratt (Old English origin), the name means "tricky".

83. Rees (Welsh origin), meaning "fiery".

84. Smith (Irish, Gaelic origin), meaning "son of a blacksmith".

85. Thayne (English, Scottish origin), the name means "landholder".

86. Welch (Anglo-Saxon origin), the name means "foreigner".

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