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47+ Most Famous Frank Sinatra Nicknames You Probably Didn't Know

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Frank Sinatra has been hailed as one of the world's most renowned artists and was regarded as the greatest American singer for over three decades of the 20th century.

Having never received formal music training, Sinatra had to work twice as hard to establish himself as a musician. His impeccable sense of style, accompanied by his stage and camera presence, earned him a lot of prestige and respect as an entertainer.

Frank Sinatra was not just a musician but a performer, actor, and entrepreneur. Sinatra won the Academy Award for his role in 'From Here to Eternity' and was also a recipient of the Golden Globe in 1971, his fourth Golden Globe award. He gained popularity as an American singer with his compositions 'My Way', ‘New York, New York’, and 'The Way You Look Tonight'. He is known for possessing one of the most unique baritone voices of all time. Sinatra was known for making television appearances through the '50s and '60s; his most notable work was 'The Frank Sinatra Show' which aired on CBS in 1950. He made another attempt with a show of the same name under ABC, not attempting any television series after.

Below is a list of all the nicknames that Sinatra had earned throughout his journey as an actor, a performer, a jazz aficionado, and a classic pop connoisseur.

Unique Frank Sinatra Nicknames

These names of Sinatra are unique mainly because these are of the characters he played on-screen.

1. Angelo Maggio - the character that won him the Academy Award in 'From Here to Eternity'.

2. Barney Sloan - from the movie 'Young at Heart'.

3. Danny Ocean - Frank Sinatra in 'Ocean's 11'.

4. Dave Hirsch - Frank Sinatra's character in 'Some Came Running'.

5. Johnny Dalton - from the '50s movie ‘Double Dynamite’.

6. Major Bennett Marco - the name of Frank's character from 'The Manchurian Candidate', a psychological thriller that won the Golden Globe.

7. Mark Brittain - the role Sinatra played in 'Assault on a Queen', an action-packed film.

8. Mr. Baldy - the origin of this name, in particular, is quite controversial. Due to Sinatra's crass nature, he was either loved or hated by his co-stars. Unfortunately, Marlon Brando Jr. was one of the latter. This nickname was given to him by Brando.

9. One-Take Charlie - throughout Sinatra's career in the film industry, he preferred approaching his roles spontaneously instead of learning lines and rehearsing. This earned him his Hollywood nickname One-Take Charlie.

10. Ricardo - Sinatra in 'The Kissing Bandit'.

11. Sam Laker - Sinatra's character from 'The Naked Runner'.

12. The Bones - this mainly referred to his bony appearance at that time.

13. The ComeBack Guy - Frank's comeback in the late '50s was termed 'the greatest comeback since Lazarus, hence the name.

14. Tony Manetta - from 'A Hole In The Head'.

15. Tony's Pal - this nickname references Frank's best friend for life - Tony Oppedisano. Another possibility is that Frank deeply admired Tony Bennett, which earned him this nickname.

16. Tony Rome - Frank Sinatra in and as 'Tony Rome'.

17. Zack Thomas - Sinatra's character in ‘4 for Texas’.

Funny Frank Sinatra Nicknames

Check out these funny and adorable nicknames given to Sinatra by his friends, family, and fans, based on his incredible voice.

18. Bony Baritone - as funny as it might sound, this name refers to his appearance and unique voice.

19. Frankie - this was the name given by Sinatra's mom in adoration of her son.

20. Frankie Boy - an extension of the already silly nickname.

21. Piano Man - Frank has played the piano in several movies. Even though Bill Miller initially played the piano, his appearance as a piano player earned him this nickname.

22. Scarface - Frank had a mishap during his birth which reflected on his face as scars. This earned him the nickname Scarface.

23. Slacksey - this was what he was called in his neighborhood. This was a modified version of the name Scarface.

24. Nancy's Dad - Frank Sinatra and Nancy Barbato gave birth to their first child Nancy Sinatra, and hence he was lovingly called Nancy's Dad by friends and family.

25. Sweet Baby Franz - Frank Sinatra's fanbase was often referred to as 'Bobby-soxers' who also earned the title of a 'Phenomena Of Mass Hysteria.' They lovingly called Frank Sweet Baby Franz.

Cool Frank Sinatra Nicknames

Nearly no one could top Frank Sinatra in being the coolest in the industry back in the '50s and '60s - be it as a singer, actor, or entrepreneur. Here you'll find some cool nicknames that Sinatra earned throughout his career and life.

26. King Of New York - One of Sinatra's most famous compositions was 'New York, New York', which led to him earning this cool name.

27. King Of Swing - The Swing era or the Big Band era was predominantly dominated by Sinatra, naturally making him the cool King of Swing.

28. King Of Swoon - Just another version of a swooning name.

29. Mr. Pinstripe Suit - This refers to Sinatra's formal but cool appearance and is an iconic and funny name.

30. Mr. Swooning - Sinatra's charming 'ol' blue eyes' and love songs made fans swoon over him in every sense of the term.

31. New York's Love - A different adaptation of the nickname King of New York.

32. Sultan Of Swoon - A different version of swoon.

33. Swing Machine - From the cool King of Swing to the Swing Machine.

34. Swoonatra - For the Sinatratics who swoon!

35. La Voz - The Spanish translation of ‘The Voice’. Frank Sinatra's voice was one in a million.

36. Music Minatra - people also called him a musical genius.

37. The Sultan With A Silky Voice - The traditional pop musician had a voice as smooth as silk which earned him this nickname.

38. The Voice - Frank indeed had a dreamy baritone voice that captured the hearts of so many.

Popular Frank Sinatra Nicknames

Sinatra was renowned for having some of the craziest and classiest names. Here are some nicknames that people frequently used while addressing Frank Sinatra. 

39. Big Guy - Referring to a legend.

40. Blue-Eyed Soul - A reference to his beautiful blue eyes.

41. Ol' Blue Eyes - Sinatra had charming blue eyes that could make anyone fall in love with him. Ol' Blue Eyes is one of the most popular nicknames for Frank.

42. Chairman - A shorter version of 'Chairman of the Board.'

43. Chairman Of The Board - This is by far the most popular nickname for Sinatra, along with Ol' Blue Eyes. Sinatra was given this nickname after he founded his record label and became the chairman of Reprise Records.

44. The Crooner's Crooner - Such a cool nickname for the decadent singer and his voice.

45. The Best Of The Best - Refers to Sinatra's silky voice and his journey in Hollywood.

46. The Greatest - A synonym for the best.

47. The Legendary Star - Frank Sinatra was a legend indeed, and hence the name.

48. The Voice Of The Century - This nickname doesn't come as a surprise since Sinatra's voice is truly timeless.

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