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210 Nicknames For Alexandra

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The name 'Alexandra' can be traced back to the Greek meaning- 'Man’s Defender' or 'Protector of Men'.

Originally it was a Greek name 'Alexein' (means 'defend') and 'Aner' (means 'man'). So, 'Alexandra' means 'The Defender of Man'.

It is a female form of 'Alexander'. Alexandra is a charming girl's name which combines royalty and beauty. Sometimes it is used for boys also. There are many examples of famous people who have the name, Alexandra. Alexandra is also one of the most common middle names.

Though the original name 'Alexandra' was previously used in Greece for the boys only, in the 1990s in the United Kingdom the name was introduced as the girls' names. Alexandra, however, has since been born by a number of famous people.

In the year 1912 Alexandra ranked 1081. After that its popularity grew over time and this name reached the position of 26 in the year 1996.

According to the available data from the 'Social Security Administration' of the United Kingdom, Alexandra was in the 127 positions on the top 200 female names.

Since 1983, Alexandra has been so popular that it has been ranked in the top 100. But its position started dropping down in 2015. However, many people still pick up this name for their loved ones.

Nicknames can be an alternative name for the good name of that individual, ridiculously or affectionately it is used. Nicknames are used after the proper names.

Every time we choose a nickname for someone, it is indispensable that we consider certain attributes of the individual which will reflect on the name. Some of the best nicknames are often funny and quirky, but the common criteria of all should be that each name must have a meaning behind it.

Nicknames can be an integral part of a child's identity, as very often, they may portray the personality, character, physical attributes, and social status of that individual. Well, unusual nicknames are pretty common too and parents often choose them over the mouthful varieties. It can often be informal, tiny, or even funny as well. But there is a risk!

When the child grows up and realizes the oddity of their names, they often go to hide it. To avoid that, finding a meaningful yet quirky and innovative nickname for your child often plays an indispensable and pivotal role in their nurturing.

Some Cute Nicknames For Alexandra

If you have been bothered to find cute nicknames for your child who bears Alexandra, you should bother no more. Here are some suitable and cute nicknames for Alexandra.

  • Andre - He is the warrior.
  • Andy - A cute name.
  • Ani - A beautiful girl's name of Slavic origin.
  • Ann - He is like a king.
  • Anne - Add the Latin touch.
  • Annie - Same meaning as Anne.
  • Anya - Alexandra loves melody.
  • Ari - A smart initial of Alexandra.
  • Axel - The Biblical name.
  • Axelle - The Biblical name of French origin.
  • Cesya - Is she the sixth sibling of her family?
  • Drina - Another classic nickname for Alexandra
  • Dzana - English girl name with the same meanings as Alexein.
  • Eda - A sweet name.
  • Elena - In her life, she will shine as light.
  • Ellena - A traditional Greek name.
  • Lana - Alexandra is blessed by God.
  • Lara - Give Russian, Greek, and Latin touch.
  • Lea - Alexandra is a very delicate person.
  • Leda - According to Greek mythology, she is the beautiful queen of Sparta and the mother of Helen of Troy.
  • Lena - She gives light to your family.
  • Lesy - The female form of Alexander in Latin.
  • Lesya - Another alternative form of the nickname Lesy.
  • Lexie - Baby name same as Alexein in the English language.
  • Lexine - Give a twist to Lexie, and call Alexandra Lexine.
  • Lexy - Girl's nickname with a Greek twist.
  • Lisan - The Arabic name with the lucky number of 6.
  • Lisandra - She is a defender of mankind.
  • Liss - She is a lucky girl.
  • Lissa - The popular American name.
  • Ndra - She is a perfect woman.
  • Sanda - Same meaning as Alexein.
  • Sande - Similar meaning as Sanda.
  • Sandee - Same as Alexein.
  • Sandi - What a modern name!
  • Sandie - It can be used as another alternative for Sandi.
  • Sandra - Same as Sandi.
  • Sandrina - Same as Sandra with a German twist.
  • Sandrine - Same as Alexein.
  • Sandy - Same as Alexein.
  • Sandye - Same as Sandy.
  • Sanndra - Short form of Alexandra with the same origin.
  • Sannie - Alternate form of Alexandra.
  • Sasha - Same as Alexein with a Slavic twist.
  • Zanda - Derived from Greek origin.
  • Zandra - This is an English baby name same as Zanda.
  • Zanndra - This can be another vintage alternative name for Alexandra.
  • Zohndra - She is the defender of man in her life.
  • Zondra - This is a baby girl name with a Greek twist.

Some Funny Nicknames For Alexandra     

If you want to have some funny nicknames for Alexandra, then these names will definitely bring a smile to your face.

  • AL - What a funny initial of Spooky Al!
  • Aldine - The German form of Alina.
  • Aleca - A Filipino name that means 'Lovable Daughter' can be a good nickname for Alexandra.
  • Alexanda - If Alexandra mocks you, then call her with fun.
  • Aleza - She brings happiness to her parents, giving her this Arabic name.
  • Alina - A unique name in English with the meaning of 'noble'.
  • All - It is really a funny form of Alina or Aldine.
  • Alli Boo - Instead of All you can call Alli Boo.
  • Allie-Cat - Give Alexandra this funny name.
  • Ally Billy - Funny name with an Old German touch.
  • Ally Girl - Is Alexandra your best partner? You can give her this name.
  • Ally/Allie/Aly - Alexandra is your best companion who always has fun and brings a smile to your face. Then you can give any names.
  • Alondra - He is the true defender. Give this Spanish name.
  • Alu - Alexandra is an intelligent girl, give her this name.
  • Alya - She is like a beautiful sky.
  • Android - Is Alexandra addicted to mobile? Then you can call on Android.
  • Axe - He is strong and steady like an axe.
  • Axx -Call Alexandra by these alphabets only.
  • Balling Alec - Alex is a very rich person who maintains a wealthy lifestyle.
  • Dizzy Alex - Is Alex a light-headed man? Then this is suitable for him only.
  • Dzana - She is the guardian of her family. Give her this English name.
  • Eda - Alexandra has good manners.
  • Lander - Is Alex your laundry man? Then give him this English name.
  • Landry - Might be Alexandra is the name of the laundry in your locality.
  • Lexie Lou - Alexandra has a great fortune and is the most successful person.
  • Lexiz - He is the defender of the people in the world. Give him this name.
  • Leysa - This Ukrainian name for the true defender.
  • Liss - After her birth, she brings good luck to her family, they give her this name of Latin origin.
  • Listen - Give Alexandra this funny name.
  • Lizal - Are you a music lover and a fan of the fictional heroine, Eliza Doolittle?
  • Picky Allie - He is a handsome man like the saint.
  • Roxy - Give Alex this smart name.
  • Silly Alie - Alien is a silly girl.
  • Sondra - Same as Sandra.
  • Spooky Al - Are you frightened by Alexandra? Then you can call her by this name.
  • Xani (Zan-ee) - She is a kind-hearted woman with awesome beauty.
  • Xanna/Zanna (ZAN-ah) - She has beautiful, long, blond hair, give her this African-American name.
  • Xerox - Call Alexandra by this mechanical name.
  • Zan/Zanna/Zana - Same as Zanna.

Some Best Nicknames For Alexandra

Choosing the best nicknames for your loved one is a very hard job. Here is the list of some of the best nicknames for Alexandra.

  • Alexa - Alexandra is your loved one, give her the name.
  • Alexandria - Instead of Alexandra you can call.
  • Allessa - It has a similar meaning as Alexa.
  • Allie - Same as Ally.
  • Ally- Alexandra is your best companion who always makes fun and brings a smile to your face. Then you can give any names.
  • Andre- This is the best for the boy's name Alexandra.
  • Andy - This is a unique name for Alexandra.
  • Eda - She is a person with good manners.
  • Elena - In her life, she will shine as light.
  • Lexa - When you search for the best and most modern name for your loved one, this will be the best option.
  • Lexy - Same as Alexein.
  • Luxary - If Alexandra maintains a luxurious life, call by this name.
  • Sandy - You can prefer this name also.
  • Shura - You can add some Russian twist.
  • Sondra - Same as Sandra.
  • Xandrine Lexa - Give Alexandra this Slavic name.
  • Xie - Give Alexandra the Chinese twist.
  • Zana - If you are grateful to God for having a beautiful girl named Alexandra, then call her by this Croatian name.
  • Zanda - Same as Zana.

Some Unique Nicknames For Alexandra

Want to stay in vogue? Here are some stylish suggestions for nicknames for Alexandra.

  • Aleci - Are you choosing some historical names for your loved ones? Then this will be the best option for you.
  • Aleck - This is suitable for both a boy and a girl.
  • Alessia - The most popular name for girls in Italy.
  • Alexei -Same as Alexandra but with a Bulgarian touch.
  • Alexis - It is meaning the same as Alexandra of Greek meaning.
  • Alexis Alya - She has a vast heart like the sky and protects her parents from all odds.
  • Alissandre - A unique nickname for Alexandra with the touch of German.
  • Alista - You can use the unique nicknames for Alexandra in the Greek style.
  • Alix - She is a noble lady.
  • Alondra - A rare name with a Spanish twist.
  • Anders -In the future that boy Alex, will be the warrior of his family.
  • Andrew - Alex is a strong and brave man.
  • Ani - This is for that beautiful girl with a beautiful soul.
  • Lala- Alexandra is a lady with beauty.
  • Leon - A mythological name after the 'King of Sparta'.
  • Lexan - It is for the people who have a warm heart and they feel for others.
  • Lisa - She is as pure and devotee as the lily flower.
  • Ra Ra - Give the woman Alexandra this Indonesian twist.
  • Ria - Compliment her depths of thoughtfulness to the deep waters of a tranquil river.
  • Shurochka - You can call Alexandra in the Russian style.
  • Xaany - He is enthusiastic and has lots of energy.
  • Xan - One of the smart nicknames for Alexandra.
  • Xen - Does Alexandra follow Buddhism? Then this Buddhist name will be the best option.

Short Nicknames For Alexandra                               

In lots of places like at home or in the workplace people like to call that individual by his or her short and simple nicknames. Actually, the individual loves it when you call by simple nicknames.

The individual is lucky because nowadays these short nicknames are granted and these are used by other people. Here are some examples of simple and short nicknames For Alexandra.

  • Ada - Is Alexandra your first daughter? Then this name is only for her.
  • Addison - He is the 'son of Adam' born with leadership qualities.
  • Aldine - You can call an old lady with prosperity.
  • Alexina - The best nickname for Alexandra in short form.
  • Anailtila- Instead of Analia you can call her Anailtila.
  • Analia - The girl's name with the touch of Spanish.
  • Analopa - You can give this numerical eight-valued name to your Alexandra.
  • Andi - To honour Alex's bravery give him this name.
  • Cesya - A girl's name of Greek root, which is related to Alexandra and Celena.
  • Dazu - Are you like the character of 'Zazu' in 'The Lion King'? He was a hornbill bird and the informer of 'Mufasa-The Lion King'. Then you can call Alexandra Dazu.
  • Deremy - You can prefer this smart American short nickname for Alexandra.
  • Dia - It is the cute and short nickname for Alexandra.
  • Dron - It sounds like the rhyming word of Ron.
  • Durian - Does Alexandra always poke you like a thorn? Give her this prehistoric name.
  • Lena - She is the ray of your survival; she is your everything. Give her this name.
  • Lexiz - Lexiz can be a short form of Alexis.
  • Lisandra - The suitable nicknames for Alexandra with Greek meanings.
  • Luxurious - This name is for luxurious people.
  • Narmada - Are you of Indian origin but living in abroad? If you do not want to forget your roots, then give your Alexandra this nickname.
  • Noddy - Have you ever seen the animated television series 'Noddy' in your childhood? Then give you a sweet and cute boy by this name.
  • Radu - You are the happy one who has a cute daughter like Alexandra. So, call her by this nickname.
  • Ron - Alexandra is a strong boy and can win each and every hurdle. Give him the name.
  • Samaira - Alexandra believes in God. Give her this Arabic name.
  • Sandee - Sandee is another alternative for the name Alexein.
  • Sinisa - He is the 'Son' of yours in Slavic style.
  • Sunny - He brings sunshine to your family. Then this is only for him.
  • Xanny - It is the most popular nickname in the United Kingdom.
  • Xian - Are you a fan of 'Doremon'? Then you can call your little naughty and fatty boy by this name.
  • Zia - A short nickname in a smart and modern form.

Cool Nicknames For Alexandra             

Here are some suggestions for the nicknames for Alexandra that overflows with the perfect combination of elegance, vogue, and popularity. Read further to find out.

  • Alandra - For your son Alex, you can prefer this Spanish name.
  • Alastrina - Same as Alandra with the Celtic touch.
  • Alek - For Alex, you can use short nicknames like Alek.
  • Aleka - The unique nickname for Alexandra.
  • Alexandra Asimaki –After the water polo player of Greece.
  • Alexandra Bastedo - After the famous British actress.
  • Alexandra Botez – After the American-Canadian professional chess player.
  • Alexandra Boyko – After the Russian tank commander.
  • Alexandra Breckenridge – Inspired by this famous American model, actress, and photographer.
  • Alexandra Brooks – After the British football player.
  • Alexandra Brushtein – After the author and playwriter of Russia.
  • Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy - After the American author and actress.
  • Alexandra Hughes –Inspired by the Canadian Singer-songwriter.
  • Alexandra Nikolayevna Pakhmutova (also known as Alya)- Inspired by the Russian singer.

Unique Nicknames For Alexandra                

Here are some nicknames for Alexandra, which have no relation to the original name. But still, these are used as nicknames.

  • Bunny - The American girl, Alexandra is like a cute little rabbit.
  • Dolly - She is an adorable girl to her parents.
  • Peaches- Alexandra is a cute girl with soft and reddish cheeks like a peach.
  • Skeeter - If Alexandra is a very fast man, then this will be suited for him.

Sound-Alike Nicknames For Alexandra

In the different parts of the world, there are different kinds of people and their languages. They call Alexandra in different ways, but the original meaning remains the same.

  • Alejandra – This is a Spanish alternative for the name Alexandra.
  • Alessandra - The Italian people pronounced like this.
  • Alexandriana - This type of alternative is famous in Egypt.
  • Aliaksandra – It is the Belarusian alternative for the name Alexandra.
  • Alikhandra – This is the Egyptian alternative.
  • Alissandre - This is a Brazilian alternative for the name Alexandra.
  • Alixandra – Alixandra is pronounced in Greece.
  • Oleksandra – The Ukrainian people are pronounced like this type of alternative

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