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115 Nicknames For Amanda

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Amanda is a beautiful name for females with its origin in Latin.

The Latin word is the feminine version of the saint Amandus. It appears from the word amāre, meaning 'worthy of love', 'worthy of being loved', or 'to love'.

The name was first used in the early 1200s in England. Since 1930, Amanda has become a quite popular name in the American subcontinent. This name has often been used in plays and novels also.

Amanda is being used across the world but is most popular in countries like Sweden, Puerto Rico, and Finland. The name was on the list of ten most popular baby girls' names in the United States from 1976 to 1995. The name ranked in the top four from 1978 to 1992. In 1980, Amanda was the second most popular name. In fact, it was one of the most trendy names in the '80s. However, the popularity of the name dwindled with the passing year.

Though you will find plenty of people from the '80s and '90s with this name, it is not common now. In 2009, the name ranked 166. Its popularity further decreased, and the name slipped down to the 447th spot in 2020 as per the data released by the US Social Security Administration. In 2021, one in every 2725 baby girls was named Amanda, meaning your daughter may have a high chance of friends having the same name. Regardless of the declined use of the name, Amanda is always a very sweet and lively name.

You will find many matches if you search the internet for movie and television characters named Amanda. There are also several famous personalities having the name Amanda in real life, like 'Mean Girls' and 'Mamma Mia' fame Amanda Seyfried, 'A Walk to Remember' fame Mandy Moore. Then there is Amanda Peet, known for 'A Lot Like Love' and 'Something's Gotta Give', Amanda Bynes, who became famous as a child star in the '90s, and Amanda Schull is known for 'Pretty Little Liars' and 'One Tree Hill'.

As this name is special, nicknames for Amanda also have to be special so that your friends, family members, parents, and other loved ones never forget it. Parents in search of nicknames for Amanda for their baby girl can either go with the meaning of the name to find adorable nicknames or select words that match h their girls' personality.

There are no strict rules you have to follow for nicknaming a person; the only criterion is that the names should not be embarrassing or humiliating for an individual or their family. This is especially important for parents nicknaming their kids. The nickname may appear cute or funny for a little one but will it suit a grown-up? It is necessary that you give thought to this. The idea is to cherish your bond with people by giving them names that would remind them of you.

As nicknames hold a special place in one's life, before you search for a person's nickname, try to find a connection the name may have with that person. This will not only make them happy and proud but also make the nickname timeless and memorable.

As the name is too common, you may find it difficult to search an appropriate nickname that will perfectly suit the Amanda you have in mind. We have prepared a list of 160-odd nicknames to make your job easy.

Creative Nicknames for Amanda

Amanda is quite a popular name and you can find several creative and cool nicknames for Amanda. Here is a list of such nicknames for Amanda to help in your search. 

  • A- A sweet and simple nickname.
  • Aah -This creative nickname has been made by following the pronunciation of the first letter of Amanda.
  • Adnama - Just reverse the letters of Amanda.
  • Ama- Just cull out the first three letters of the name to get this nickname.
  • Amada- A Spanish version of the name.
  • Amah - This nickname has its origin in Arabic.
  • Aman - Coined from the first four letters from the name.
  • Amand - Just remove 'a' from the name to get this quirky nickname.
  • Amandi - A quirky and creative nickname for Amanda.
  • Amandie - A Latin variation for Amanda.
  • Amandine - A French word meaning 'much loved'.
  • Amandus - A boys' version of the name Amanda.
  • Amandy - One of the nicknames for Amanda with its roots in Latin.
  • Amata - A Spanish nickname for Amanda.
  • A-May - For an Amanda who is May-born, A-May is a perfect nickname.
  • Ames - The list of creative and cool nicknames for Amanda has to include Ames, a French word meaning beloved.
  • Amie - For a beautiful friend Amanda.
  • Ammdi - A simple and elegant nickname for Amanda.
  • Ammy - A nickname having French origin meaning 'beloved'.
  • Ams - A simple yet creative nickname for Amanda.
  • Amy Able- The nickname Amy Able is a pun-laced option for an Amanda who is quite amiable.
  • Amy -One of the famous nicknames for Amanda, Amy is the French variant of Amanda meaning 'dearly loved'.
  • Amy-Dee -A fun and creative way to nickname Amanda, stressing on the letter 'D'.
  • Anda -A nickname for Amanda which has a Greek origin.
  • Andie - May look like a name for boys but can also be a sassy nickname for a tomboyish Amanda.
  • Ann - A Latin variant for Amanda.
  • Anna -A Latinate version of the French name Anne that works perfectly as one of the nicknames for Amanda.
  • Da - Just take out the last two letters from Amanda to get this nickname.
  • Dah - Modification of the last two letters of the name.
  • Dee- This nickname has been taken from the name of a river in Wales.
  • Madee -A spunky nickname for a fun-loving Amanda.
  • Madi: -Being creative with the letters in Amanda results in this sweet nickname.
  • Ma-Ma - For an Amanda, who has motherly instincts.
  • Mami-Da -One of the cute nicknames for a toddler named Amanda.
  • Mana - One of the Hawaiian nicknames for Amanda.
  • Manda - Remove 'A' from Amanda to get this nickname.
  • Mandee -A nickname of Latin origin that translated to 'Fit to be loved'.
  • Mand-ella -This nickname has been taken from two words: former South African President Mandela and French word 'Ella' for a tough and beautiful woman Amanda.
  • Mandie - This nickname shares the same meaning as Amanda.
  • Mandy -An English nickname meaning.
  • MD - Coined by taking out two letters from Amanda.
  • Minnie Mandy - Inspired by the cartoon character Minnie Mouse, the nickname Minnie Mandy is for the lovable child named Amanda.
  • Triple A -A nickname created by taking about the three 'As' from Amanda.

Funny Nicknames for Amanda

Amanda is a very sweet name and you can find several funny nicknames for Amanda. Wondering what they can be? Below is a list of a few funny nicknames for your beloved Amanda.

  •  A-Danda - Culled from the word 'Dandy' for a marvelous and refined Amanda.
  • Ah-Mah - Suits an Amanda, who is very loud.
  • Aimee - A French word meaning 'loved'.
  • Aim-Manda - For an Amanda who always aims high.
  • Ama-Nada - If Amanda is the coldest and most pessimistic, then this nickname is for her. Amandah - Just emphasize on the last syllable of the name Amanda.
  • Amand-ate -Inspired by the word 'Mandate' for a disciplined and stern Amanda.
  • Aman-d-lie -If Amanda is a chronic liar, then this nickname is for her.
  • Amand-Pour- Inspired by the name a famous reporter, Christaine Amanpour. This nickname suits a promising journalist or reporter named Amanda.
  • Amandy- A Latin nickname for Amanda
  • Amango - For an attractive and curvy Amanda.
  • Am-manjula - If Amanda is charming, Am-manjula is for her.
  • Brandy Mandy -An Amanda who loves Brandy.
  • Daa Daa - A perfect nickname for a cute baby girl named Amanda.
  • Demandy - For a demanding Amanda.
  • Gra-Ammy -If Amanda is a talented songwriter or singer, you can give her this sweet nickname.
  • Handy Mandy - For an Amanda who is good at running errands.
  • Mandaboo- For a lovable and sweet girl named Amanda.
  • Manda-Doodles - For a childish and playful Amanda.
  • Mandasaurous- Inspired by the word Dinosaur for a strong and tall Amanda.
  • ManDee - A Latin nickname for a muscular and fit Amanda.
  • Manders -If Amanda always talks in a commanding tone, you can call her Manders.
  • Man-d-iac - For an Amanda who loves living life the crazy way.
  • Mandroid - For an Amanda who behaves like a robot.
  • Mands - One of the cool nicknames for Amanda, who has the girl-next-door vibes.
  • Mandy Maddy - If Amanda ends up doing the stupidest things, this nickname is for her.
  • Mangestic - For a majestic lady named Amanda.
  • Manny - A Greek nickname for Amanda.
  • Miss Mand-nificent - For an extraordinary Amanda.
  • Sal-amanda - Taken from the lizard salamander's name for a sneaky Amanda.
  • Tha Amantha - If Amanda is very special to you, this one is for her.

Unique Nicknames for Amanda

You definitely want to give a unique nickname to the Amanda you know to make her feel special. The main advantage of cool nicknames is they remain quite uncommon, easy to remember, and relatable when compared to the original name

  • Ah-Man-Ah - If Amanda is flirtatious, and becomes excited when sees a charming man, this nickname will work for her.
  • Ahmanda - Just a variation of the name Amanda.
  • Aimy-Cakes - If Amanda is fond of cakes, why not call her Aimy-Cakes?
  • AM - Just the first two letters of the word.
  • Aman-Dazzle - For an Amanda, who is sophisticated and flashy.
  • A-maneuver - If Amanda is a bit of pushover, this nickname is for Amanda.
  • Amantie - A combination of Amanda and Auntie.
  • Amie-Lamie - For a lame Amanda.
  • Amity -For an easygoing and cheerful Amanda. This name has been inspired by a Latin name meaning 'harmony and friendship'.
  • Amm- An unique nickname for your aunt named Amanda.
  • Amma-Money - For a super-rich Amanda.
  • Ammy Dandily - If Amanda is fun-spirited and cheerful, this nickname is for her.
  • Amu- A nickname for the 'beloved'.
  • Amy Candy - For an Amanda, who is fond of candies.
  • Amykins -A cute and unique nickname for a tiny Amanda, inspired from the word munchkin.
  • Amylily - For a fair-skinned girl named Amanda.
  • A-Nanda - Ispired from the name Nanda, which means a happy and vibrant soul
  • A-Team - If Amanda is the leader of any team or gang, this nickname is for her.
  • A-Yawn-Da - For a sleepy-head Amanda.
  • Em - Stretching on the M in Amanda.
  • Emmy - A French nickname for Amanda that means hardworking.
  • Mamycita - A Spanish nickname for Amanda, inspired from the word Mamacita.
  • Manda-Granda - For a chubby and cute Amanda.
  • Mandaranda - For a sport-tempered, aggressive, and hyper Amanda. This nickname has been coined from the combination of Randy and Amanda.
  • Mand-O-War - For an independent and tough Amanda.
  • Mandu - A shortened version of the name Amanda.
  • Man-ish - A perfect nickname for a tomboyish Amanda.
  • ManMan -A rhythmic nickname for Amanda.
  • Meemaw - A cute nickname for a great grandmother with the name Amanda.
  • Moomoo - A sweet nickname for a ridiculous Amanda.
  • Nana - Just jumbled up a few letters from the name.

Cute Nicknames for Amanda

If your Amanda is cuteness overloaded, they deserve some cute nicknames. If you are searching such nicknames for Amanda, here is a list that you should consider.

  • Adna - Reverse the last four letters of Amanda.
  • Alexandra: A queen-like nickname for a royal Amanda.
  • Auntie EM: This nickname is for your favortie aunt Amanda.
  • Bonanza: For an Amanda for lives life queen-size.
  • Mamba: For a Kobe Bryant Amanda fan.
  • ManDay: This nickname has been inspired from Monday.
  • Panda: One of the cute nicknames for Amanda.
  • Santa: For an Amanda, who is a fan of Santa.
  • Simba: A rhythmic nickname for Amanda.


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