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50+ Nicknames For Anthony

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Why Nicknames For Anthony?

The name Anthony represents highly worthy, brave, and priceless. Anthony's nickname is one of the most popular American boys' names, rooted in Latin. So, pick up cool nicknames for Anthony for your boys. We provide each nickname based on interest, profession, skills, and incidents. Therefore, giving nicknames has no rules or obligations. It is just that there are countless nicknames with diverse suggestions based on culture and history. Most nicknames are of European origin, namely Greek, French, Italian, and Hebrew. We suggest enjoying it when you write down every possible nickname for each personality. Check out these 53 different nicknames for Anthony. We have compiled each name with possible ideas and origins.

Popular Nicknames for Anthony


1. Andon - Meaning 'priceless.'

2. Andy - (Greek origin) means 'manlike' or 'brave.'

3. Ant - Short name for Anthony.

4. Antal - Meaning 'beyond praise.'

5. Antek - It means priceless.

6. Anth - (Roman origin) means 'highly praiseworthy.'

7. Antin - (Latin origin) means 'worthy of praise.'

8. Antonello - (Latin origin) means 'worthy of praise.'

9. Antonin - Meaning 'beyond praise.'

10. Antonini - (English origin) means 'strength.'

11. Antonio - (Latin origin) means 'highly praiseworthy.

12. Antonius - Meaning 'worthy of praise.'

13. Antwan - (French origin) means 'inestimable wealth'.

14. Megaton - The name combines 'Mega and Ton.' Ton is rooted in German, which means 'highly praiseworthy,' and Mega is rooted in Italian, which means 'big.'

15. Nat - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift of God.'

16. Stoney - (English origin) Rhymes with Anthony, which means 'stone.' For a person who looks harsh outside but has a soft heart.

17. Thanos - (Greek origin) means 'immortal.' A reference to Thanos in Marvel comics.

18. Ton - means highly praiseworthy.

19. Tone - (Slovenian origin) means 'highly praiseworthy.

20. Tones - (Slovenian origin) which means 'praiseworthy.

21. Tonito - (Spanish origin) Derived from the Spanish word 'Antonio.' Which means 'highly praiseworthy.

22. Tony - (Greek origin), which means 'priceless.

23. Toon - Perfect for someone who loves cartoons.

24. Twan - It is a diminutive form of Anthony.

Creative Nicknames for Anthony

25. Antolicious - The name combines 'Anthony and delicious.'

26. Antomini -The name combines 'Anthony and Mini.' For a short person.

27. Antun - (European origin) means 'inestimable worth.'

28. Pony - Another name that rhymes with Anthony and Refers to 'young horse.'

Unique Nicknames for Anthony

29. Ant-Man - Based on the superhero “Ant-Man

30. Irony - A name that rhymes with Anthony. Rooted in Greek, it means 'feigned ignorance.'

31. Nino - Rooted in Italian, which means 'little.'

32. Tony Flex - The name combines Tony and Flex. For a person who likes to boast.

33. Tony Hawk - Tony Hawk is a combination of Tony and Hawk. Tony means 'priceless one,' and Hawk refers to a bird. Tony Hawk means 'the priceless bird.'

35. Tony Stark - also known as “Iron Man”

36. Tony Thunder - The name combines Tony and Thunder.

Funny Nicknames for Anthony

37. Ander - (Scandinavian origin) means 'lion man.'

38. King Tony - The name combines 'King and Tony.' King Tony means 'Tony is a King.'

39. Tiger Ton - Tiger Ton is a combination of 'Tiger and Ton.' Ton is a Dutch name.

40. Tony Baloney - Tony Baloney is a combination of 'Tony and Baloney.' Tony means' priceless one.' Baloney means 'pretentious nonsense.

41. Thon Cakes

42. Thankony

43. Thoney bun

44. Antho-pico

45. Thoncules

46. An-Funny

47. Pepper Toni

48. Antennae

49. T-Pony

50. An-Dummy

51. Rantony - For a person who constantly rants. 

52. Man of Thrones - Reference to Game of Thrones

53. Ani-Gma - Similar to Enigma, it is perfect for a mysterious Anthony


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