397 Nicknames For Brooke

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Most people use nicknames to address their loved ones. Check out some fun nicknames for Brooke.
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The feminine name Brooke is a name of English or Germanic origin, meaning stream or water.

This name became most popular in the ’50s. Earlier it was popularly used as a surname to refer to people living near a stream.

According to the Social Security Administration website, the name Brooke debuted in the top 1000 girl names in 1953. The popularity of the name peaked in the early ’00s. Even though the name has fallen lately, it remains one of the most popular girl names in the US. Nicknames are a term of endearment used to address someone close to you. Brainstorming is one of the best ways to come up with the best nicknames. Our comprehensive list of nicknames for Brooke provides cool nicknames like Brooksies, Croak, Ookie, Brookins, Bwookie, Brocks, and Bruck to cute ones like Brookie Wookie, Streamy, Bugsy, Bug, Rooks, Mai Brook, Brookelle, Broksta, and Bubbles. Read on to see more adorable, fun, and interesting nicknames for Brooke!

Cool Nicknames For Brooke

People named Brooke are said to have the coolest personality. They can be optimistic, outgoing, and inspiring. Choose the perfect nicknames for Brooke from the bunch.

B/Bee- A shortened version of Brooke.

Bambi- Little girl in Italian.

BarookeObama- For the smarty pants, an obvious reference to the former president of the US.

Baroque- If Brooke follows a gaudy and elaborate style, you can call her Baroque.

Bea- It means one who brings happiness.

Bella- A French name meaning beautiful.

Bestie Festie- Best friends forever!

Betty- Pledged to God.

Bo- To live.

Bobby- Bright fame

Boo bear- A lovely name for your best friend.

Breck- A name of Irish origin meaning ‘freckled’.

Brewkins- For the Brooke who loves to drink.

Broccoli- Derived from Italian Broccolo, meaning 'the flowering crest of a cabbage.'

Broke ass- A poor person.

Brood- For someone who overthinks.

Brook- It means a small stream.

Brooke Brains- For the brainy one.

Brooke Bruddah- If you share a bro vibe with Brooke.

Brookey Bear- For your closest friend.

Brookie Brains- A perfect nickname for the nerdy Brooke.

Brookie Cookie- Yet another rhyming nickname for Brooke.

Brookie Wookie- Rhyming nickname

Brookie-Brookie- A fun nickname.

Brookins- A cute one that rhymes with the endearing name Poppins. It is of ancient Roman origin.

Brooklyn- Well known variant of Brooke. It means beautiful brook.

Brooklynne- Variant of Brooklyn.

Brooks- This name also means stream.

Brooksie- Means a little one from the water stream.

Brookster- For the charming personality.

Brooky- A sweet nickname for Brooke.

Bruhkowski- For the literary Brooke, a name referring to the poet Charles Bukowski.

Brundon- English origin

Bugsy- A playful name

Butterbean- Foodie.

Callie- Beautiful.

Cass- Clever

Charlie- Freeman

Charmer- With an attractive personality.

Casey- Brave

Chipmunk- Adorable.

Chiquita- A Spanish word for the little one.

Crooklyn- A reference to the 1994 film.

Cuddly Wuddly- Your cuddle partner.

Eye candy- Pleasing to the eyes.

Firecracker- Hot stuff.

Freckles- For the freckled beauty.

Happy feet- Always grooving.

Jazzy- Life of the party.

Jen- Fair and soft.

Jody- Jehovah increases.

Kate- Pure.

Lee- Pasture.

Lena- Ray of light.

Long Legs- Tall like a runway model.

Mandy- Loveable.

Marshmallow- Soft-hearted.

Mi Vida- It means my life in Spanish.

Molly- Bitter.

Oz- Powerful.

Pooh Bear- Reference to the fictional bear by A. A Milne. This name is perfect for a friendly person.

Princesa- Princess.

Princess Brooklyn- High maintenance.

Queen B- A nickname of the pop singer Beyonce.

Reina- Spanish for a queen.

Romy- Dew of the sea.

Rookie- An adorable and funny nickname.

Rooks- Dark hair.

Rory- Red king.

Ruthie- Compassionate friend.

Screwball- The crazy one.

Shortcake- Petite.

Smiley Face- Cheerful.

Sweet pea- For the sweetest person ever.

Teo- Gift of God.

The Brookester- For the fashionista.

Funny Nicknames For Brooke

Nicknames are a term of endearment used for our loved ones. Check out this compilation of funny nicknames for Brooke, your little one, bestie, or girlfriend to keep the fun in the relationship.

Archie- Brave.

Art- Noble one.

Asa- Healer.

Babble Brooke- Talkative.

Babble- A cute nickname for Brooke, who loves to talk.

Bestie- Best friend.

Billie- Protection.

Birdie- Delicate.

Book- An apt name for bookish Brook.

Bookie- If your Brooke has a gambling problem.

Brecks- A simple sweet name.

Brecky- A cute, feminine name.

Brock- A roughened version of the name for the tomboy Brooke.

Brocks- Roughened version of Brooke.

Broksta- For the rockstar Brooke.

Brook-stick- Brook-stick is a reference to the Harry Potter ‘broom stick.' This will be perfect if your Brooke is a Potter's head.

Brooke Christa Shields- A popular American actress.

Brooke Page- A fictional character in Ever After High.

Brooke Penelope Davis- A fictional character in the TV series, One Tree Hill.

Brooke-back- A reference to the popular movie Brokeback Mountain.

Brookie Cookie Wookie- a cute rhyming pet name.

Brookie bug- Filled with love.

Brooksies- Fun, quirky nickname for Brooke.

Bruck- A German origin name meaning one who lives under the bridge.

Bubbles- This name will be perfect for Brooke, who is always happy.

Bubbles Bug- Cute and charming name.

Bwookie- A quirky and fun pet name.

Chan- Snow.

Croak- One who babbles a lot.

Crooke- For the naughty Brooke.

Dumpling- Filled with sweetness.

Ella- Fairly maiden.

Elsie- Pledged to God.

Freda- Peaceful.

Ginger- A perfect nickname for a redhead Brooke.

Gummy bear- This name is perfect for someone who is always beside you.

Hermione- A character from the Harry Potter series. Someone intelligent and sassy.

Honeydew- Sweet like honey.

Hot pants- For the diva in the group.

Jellybean- Soft-hearted.

Leenie- This is a variant of Brooklyn, a common alternative of Brooke.

Max- Greatest.

Mia- Queen.

Natty- Trendy.

Ollie- Latin name meaning olive tree.

Ookie- Lovely short form of Brooke.

Pudding- A silly, affectionate nickname.

Pumpkin- Round and cute.

Raven- Dark-haired.

Snuggle Buggle- Warmth and comfort.

Squishy- Too cute to handle.

Sugar bear- Sweet girl.

Sugar plum- For your romantic partner.

Thea- Goddess.

Tillie- Mighty in battle.

Twinkles- Sparkling personality

Best Nicknames For Brooke

Nicknames make the relationship more intimate and fun. It is the perfect way to show affection to your friends and family. The best nicknames reflect the person's personality and are short and quirky. Check out our comprehensive list of best nicknames for Brooke. Here you go!

Abby- Father's joy.

Addy- Noble.

Annie- Grace.

Angel face- Innocent.

Angel- Gorgeous.

Aunty Brookie- A simple, cute one.

Aurora- Mystical.

BFF- Best Friends Forever!

Baby Face- Adorable.

Barbie- Perfect woman.

Bean- Small and adorable.

Bebe- Baby.

Belle- Beautiful girl.

Boo Boo- Sweetheart.

Brainiac- For a brilliant girl.

Bree- Irish girl name meaning noble.

Brew- If she is a caffeine addict.

Broke Lynn- A little tease.

Brookie Brooke- Quirky.

Brookelle- A fun variant of Brooke. Belle at the end makes the name sound more fun.

Brooker- A person who lives by the stream.

Brookins Nets- A reference to the American professional basketball team.

Brooky Bear- A perfect name to show your affection for Brooke.

Brooky-Pooh- A reference to Winnie the Pooh.

Brown Sugar- For the caramel skin beauty.

Brownie- For the one with lovely chocolate skin.

Bumblebee- Sweet and pretty nickname.

Burak- Turkish name meaning lightning.

Buttercup- Affectionate nickname.

Caramel- Brown skin-toned girl.

Chatterbox- Always talking.

Cheeky Monkey- For the one with the cheekiest smile.

Cheerleader- Mood booster.

Cheesecake- Soft and sweet person.

Chica- A Spanish origin name meaning a sweet little girl.

Chipmunk Cheeks- For one with chubby cheeks.

Chubster- Cute and chubby.

Crazy pants- The crazy one of the group.

Cruella- Reference to the film Cruella.

Cutie patootie- For the curpte and adorable girl.

Dimples- For the girl with the pretty dimples.

Dolly- An English-origin name that means 'gift of God'.

Doodles- Playful.

Donut- Sweet.

Drama queen- Center of attention.

Dreamer- Always dreaming.

Eddie- Wealthy.

Enzo- Home ruler.

Flawless- Perfect.

Fluffy- Chubby.

Foodie- Loves food.

Forever Friend- A trusted friend.

Friend for Life- Childhood friend.

Frogger- Pet lover.

Funny Brooke- An obvious name for the jokester of the group.

Gal- A Hebrew origin name meaning 'wave'.

Gem- Precious.

Giggles- Happy pill.

Girly- Feminine.

Goldilocks- One with the golden hair.

Goofy- Silly

Gorgeous- Attractive

Hamster- Cutest

Handsome- Good looking

Heartbreaker- Extremely attractive

Hollywood- Glamourous

Homegirl- Member of one's peer group

Honey Suckle- Sweet as honey

Honeybunch- Darling

Hulk- Strong

Jewel- Precious

Junior- Younger one

Kayla- Arabic name meaning crown.

Kiddo- Child

Kim- Bold

Kitkat- Sweet and attractive.

Knuckles- A fighter.

Lioness- Takes charge

Lolita- The hottest girl

Lottie- Free

Lou- Warrior

Lovey Dovey- Loveable

Lovey- A lovely British origin name.

Mai Brook- Possessive

Millie- Strong

Miss Independent- Free-spirited

Missy- A nickname for a young girl

Muffin- Sweet and lovely

Munchkin- Tiny

Noodles- Curly-haired beauty

Nugget- Innocent

Oldie- Old at heart

Peaches- Pleasing

Piccola- This means little one in Italian.

Popeye- Popular cartoon character

Queen- Elegant and bold

Rain- If she is a water sign.

Richie- Powerful leader

Ride or die- Extreme loyalty

Rockstar- Trendy

Sadie- Hebrew origin name meaning princess

Senorita- Charming

Shortie- A cute nickname for a short and adorable girl.

Silly Billy- Behaves in a silly way.

Sim- Listener

Sis- A friend who is more like a sister.

Smartie- Brilliant

Smarty- Genius

Snuggles- For your snuggle buddy.

Soul Sister- Sister-like friend.

Streamy- Reference to the meaning of Brooke.

Sunshine- Bright as the sun

Sweet Tarts- Kind-hearted

Sweetums- Romantic

Teacup- Small stature

Tess- To harvest

Toots- Darling

Tori- Winner

Treasure- Irreplaceable

Theo- Gift of God.

Tweety- Chirpy

Twinkly- Shining personality

Winnie- Gentle friend.

Witty- Funny

Wonder woman- Strong and independent.

Wookiee- A reference to the name of aliens in the Star Wars universe would make a cute nickname.
Unique Nicknames for Brooke
Every person and every relationship is unique. Nicknames should reflect the unique characteristics of a person. Take a look at our innovative and unique nicknames for Brooke!

Ace- Unity

Aggy- Virtuous

Ailie- Nobility

Alfie- Wise

Allie- Harmony

Ally- Partner

Alma- Spanish name meaning my soul.

Amor- Amor means love in Spanish.

Auggie- Magnificent.

Bab- Traveller

Baby Boo- An endearing name to call your little one

Bambi- Little child

Barney- Slavic name meaning defender

Beau- A male lover.

Becca- Servant of God

Becky- Captivating

Bel- Beautiful

Blair- Scottish origin name meaning meadow.

Blake- A name of British Origin meaning Dark.

Blondie- Perfect for the one with beautiful blonde hair

Blossom- Dainty like a flower.

Blue eyes- For the one with stunning blue eyes.

Bobbie- An old fashioned name

Bowie- Scottish origin name meaning 'blond'

Brave Heart- Courageous

Bryce- Freckled

Brynn- Welsh name meaning hill.

Bubba- Little brother

Buffy- Popularized by the fictional character in the American series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Bunny- Cute and chubby.

Bunty- Little lamb

Candy- The sweetest ever.

Care bear- One with the biggest heart.

Carina- Means sweetheart in Italian.

Coco- French nickname.

Cookie- Tough on the outside, soft on the inside like a cookie.

Cory- From the hollow.

Cupid- The ancient Roman God of love.

Cuteness- Effortlessly adorable

Daisy- Graceful

Dave- Beloved

Dex- Right-handed.

Dilruba- Indian nickname meaning Hearthrobe.

Dolcezza- This sweet Italian name means sweetheart.

Doll Face- Absolute beauty with doll-like features.

Doll- Precious looking.

Dora- Greek name meaning gift.

Elle- Sunray

Ellie- Bright shining one.

Erin- Peace

Essie- Star

Eva- Life

Evie- Life

Flo- Mythological Roman goddess of flowers.

Frankie- Truthful

Fifi- A delightful nickname.

Genie- Wellborn

Gia- God's gracious gift.

Gigi- French origin name

Gio- God's greatest gift.

Goldie- Bright like gold

Goofball- Always playing around and eccentric.

Gumdrop- A sweet candy

Isa- Strong-willed

Izzy- God's gift

Jade- Green gemstone

Jamie- Supplanter

Jo- God is gracious.

Josie- Jehovah rises

Julie- Youthful

Khaleesi- A name meaning queen popularized by the character in the 'Game of Thrones' series.

Kiki- Double happiness

Kit- Pure

Kitty- Pure

Len- Lion

Lex- Defender

Lexi- Man's defender

Lil- Short form of Lily.

Lily- A sweet-smelling flower.

Liv- Scandinavian word for life.

Liz- God's promise.

Loie- French name meaning 'understanding.'

Lovebug- For your favorite girl.

Lulu- It means pearl.

Meg- Pearl

Melody- A Greek origin name meaning melody.

Mimi- Sweet French name

Minion- From French, meaning darling. The fictional yellow creatures are very popular.

Minnie- Popularized by the cartoon character Minnie Mouse

Minta- Fresh

Mo- Saviour

Ms. Congeniality- Friendly, social butterfly.

Nat- Gift of God.

Nell- Shinning one.

Nico- People of victory

Nora- Light

Pat- Noble

Peanut- An affectionate name for a little one.

Pearl- Precious and beautiful

Peggy- Greek name meaning pearly.

Pippa- Lover of horses

Pixie- Fairy

Plum- Chubby and sweet

Polly- Latin name meaning 'star of the sea'

Pookie- Darling

Poppy- Delicate

Posy- Bunch of flowers.

Rapunzel- A perfect name for someone with long luscious hair.

Ray- Wise protector.

Robbie- Shinning.

Rosie- Rose

Roxy- Dawn

Ruby- A precious red stone.

Sally- Means princess in Hebrew.

Sam- God hears.

Sammi- God has heard.

Smiley- Always happy and smiling.

Snickerdoodle- Sugary

Sue- Lily

Suki- Japanese origin name meaning loved one.

Superstar- Hollywood glamour

Stevie- Crown

Sweetie- For your significant other

Tam- Naive

Tammy- Twin

Tater Tot- Delicious

Tavy- Darling

Teddy- English origin name meaning divine gift.

Teeny- Tiny

Tibby- Pledged to God

Tinkerbell- Fairy

Twinkle- Shining like the star.

Vicky- Victory

Vivi- Life

Walt- Commander.

Wild rose- For the wild child.

Willy- Desire

Zaza- Hebrew name meaning movement

Zuzu- Lily

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