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101 Nicknames For Chris

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The word Chris is a very popular short version of the masculine name of the word Christopher.

The word 'Chris' derives its root from the late Greek word 'Christophoros' and stands for Bearing Christ. The name Chris was largely inspired by the legend of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers who spread the name and soon became a very popular masculine name.

The name Chris is associated with numerous well-known personalities as well as fictional characters, thus making the name Chris one of the most widely used names in the world, especially in the United States.

The popularity of the name Chris surged during the 1930s, reaching its peak position at 450 on the popularity chart of the top masculine names in the United States, and now, as of 2019, it ranks at 507 among the most popular masculine names of the last century in the United States. Many famous personalities share the name Chris, including Chris Brown, Chris Card, Miachel Chris, Chris Evan, Chris Hemsworth, and many more.

If you are willing to learn some nicknames for the popular name Chris, check these out.

Cool Nicknames For Chris

Hop on to the trend by checking out these cool nicknames for Chris and standing out in the crowd. Here you go with these nicknames.

  • Bumble bee - A nickname for Chris with a mischievous personality.
  • Captain America - Nickname for a Chris as strong as Captain America.
  • Cayden - An Arabic- Scottish name meaning 'companion'.
  • Cee-Cee - A dramatic touch to the name Chris.
  • Cherry - A nickname for Chris that is as sweet as a cherry.
  • Chretaphor - A nickname just sounding similar to a metaphor.
  • Chris- A nickname full of affection as well as funny.
  • Chris Chan - A superb take on Chris that sounds similar to Christan.
  • Chris Dogg - Just like Snoop Dogg, now we have Chris Dogg.
  • Chris Lee - Heard of Bruce Lee. Now we have Chris Lee.
  • Chrisanthi - This means 'Golden flower'.
  • Chrisboo - A version of Baby Boo for Chris.
  • Chrishea - For your cheerful friend Chris.
  • Chrissy - Chrissy is a trendy nickname for Chris as well as one of the best nicknames for Christopher.
  • Christina - An alternate to the name Christine.
  • Christine- A popular feminine version of Christopher, meaning follower of Christ.
  • Christoph- An alternate to the name Christopher.
  • Christophe- Another version of the name Christopher.
  • Christos- A much trendy way to say, Christopher
  • Christoski - A nickname for Chris that shines like Swarovski diamonds.
  • Christrophy - A superb take on the name Christopher.
  • Chriz- Chriz is such a superb way to say, Chris.
  • Churros - A Latin American sweet and savory snack.
  • Cinnamon - A nickname to add some spice to the name Chris.
  • Coco - A sweet and cute pet name for Chris.
  • Crepes - A nickname for Chris that is as delicious as it sounds.
  • Crix - A one of the fun nicknames to use.
  • Cuddle bear - A nickname for Chris, full of love and warmth.
  • Cup Cakes - A affectionate nickname filled with love and warmth.
  • Critter - For Chris who likes fritters.
  • Crizzy - For your crazy friend Chris.
  • Cross - For your friend who loves to argue.
  • Dr C - A name similar to Dr Strange but for Chris.
  • King Chris - A nickname for Chris with a tinge of royalty.
  • Kip- A unique and catchy nickname for Chris.
  • Kree Kree - A fancy superhero version of the name.
  • Kristof- The Turkish version of the name Christopher.
  • Missy - A feminine version of the nickname Chrissy.
  • Mr. C - A nickname filled with suspense, making him feel like a superhero.
  • Pie - A nickname for Chris, who loves pies.
  • Ross - The character from the popular American sitcom Friends.
  • Seraph - A word, in Christianity, means angel.
  • Star Chris - You can name this to Chris, who is a future star.
  • Vance - Inspired by the actor Chris Vance.

Funny Nicknames For Chris

Have your chance with these rib-tickling nicknames for Chris that are funny and suit Chris's character. Here you go.

  • Apollo - One of the Olympian Gods in the Roman religion.
  • Cauliflower - A veggie-inspired nickname for Chris that is chucklesome.
  • Chrisotto - A funny take on the Italian dish risotto exclusively for Chris.
  • Chrissoiant - Chris but inspired by the French favorite Crossaint.
  • Christopus- A cute and funny take on Octopus.
  • Christmas - Give this name to the 'Christ-bearer' of your life.
  • Chrome - For your friend who loves using Google Chrome.
  • Cockerel- A chucklesome nickname meaning 'rooster' for Chris.
  • Colombus- A nickname after the person who discovered America, Christopher Colombus.
  • Creasy - For someone who loves to creasy shirts.
  • Crusty - Someone who is tough on the outside and soft on the inside will enjoy this nickname.
  • Dobby - Inspired by the house-elf in the fictional British fantasy drama Harry Potter.
  • Harmony - The synchronized version of music
  • Harp - The Musical instrument with large strings.
  • Isaiah - A popular masculine name meaning 'Christ is salvation'.
  • Kree Man - Nickname which will make Chris feel like a superhero.
  • Krispy Kreme - You can change your friend's real name with donut Krispy Kreme.
  • Mathew - A Hebrew name meaning 'Gift'.
  • Mjolnir- The hammer of the Greek god Thor.
  • Short Chris - A funny way to call a short Chris.
  • Smaug - The terrifying fictional dragon from The Hobbit.
  • Sprite - A forest elf or a fairy.
  • Topper-Chopper - A your friend who is a topper.

Unique Nicknames For Chris

These cool nicknames for Chris will blow your mind.

Check out these unique nicknames for Chris. Don't call him Chris anymore; use these creative nicknames for Chris. Hop on.

  • Calcifer - The fire demon from the Japanese anime Howl Moving Castle.
  • Catfish - A comical name who lies a lot.
  • Ceto - Inspired by the famous Keto diet but just for Chris.
  • Choco Chip- A sweet byname for Chris.
  • Cuckoo - A sweet pet name for Chris.
  • Darius - Inspired by the name of King Darius of Babylon.
  • Elon - A popular Biblical name meaning 'Oak tree'.
  • John - A popular Biblical name inspired by one of the disciples of Christ.
  • Keto - Derived from Keto diet if he is into dieting.
  • Krixty- A sassy and sexy nickname for Chris.
  • Lexy- A popular Christian name that stands for Defender of ManKind.
  • Liz - A Hebrew word for God's Promise, apt for Chris.
  • Mufasa - The character from the Disney movie The Lion King.
  • Oliver - A popular masculine name meaning 'an olive tree'.
  • Simba - The central character of the Disney movie 'The Lion King'.
  • Sun Shine - A nickname full of warmth for Chris.
  • Stoffer - An elite version for your upper class society friend.
  • Topper Chopper - A nickname for Chris, who is studious.

Creative Nicknames For Chris

Check out these creative bynames for Chris to add to your vocabulary. Check these out. 

  • Adam - Inspired after the first man of the earth Chris.
  • Candy Crush - A sweet name for Chris.
  • Caramel - an orange-brown confectionery product made by heating a range of sugars, a creative one for Chris.
  • Chimchim - Your Chris would love this cute name.
  • Chrims - A unique version of Chris.
  • Chrishell - For Chris, who loves shells?
  • Cuddles- A name filled with love and warmth for Chris.
  • Dior - A luxury fashion brand suitable for Chris.
  • Griffon- The mythical winged creature.
  • Gryffindor- One of the four houses in Hogwarts, a creative one for Chris.
  • Topaz - A valuable gemstone for the precious Chris.
  • Trophy - A sweet name for Chris, who is the real prize.
  • Welsh - A person from the country of Wales.
  •  Zimmerman - The luxury Australian clothing brand is apt for Chris.

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