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51 Nicknames For Christian

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The word 'Christian' comes from a Latin word that refers to the followers of Jesus Christ.

It is a gender-neutral name that can be used for girls and boys as well.

Many celebrity artists are holding this name gracefully like- Christian Dior, who is a French fashion designer; Christian Troy, an American actor; and Christian Wolf, an actor who plays a role in 'The Accountant'. Christian Grey was the main character in the storybook, and in the movie entitled '50 Shades Of Grey', Christian Bale and Christian VII the King played the king of Denmark, and this word is derived from Greek. And on the other hand, 'Christians' are those who have faith in Christianity or follower of Christ, and who have this kind of name refers to their faith in his religion. This name gained popularity during the 17th century and during the Middle Ages. The name Christian was mainly used as a female name and did not gain much popularity. Giving someone a nickname can be tricky, but this name is perfect for all who are believers in Christianity, and this is the kind of nickname that won't reveal their character.

Cool Nicknames For Christian

The name Christian is itself a cool name, and many famous people have this as a name, like the French fashion designer Christian Dior, and actor Christian Bale. Here are some cool nicknames for Christian that would be a great choice for anyone. Check this informative portion to get them to know.

1. Chet- It is mostly used as a male name but can also be used as a female name that means a fortress or a camp.

2. Christopher- This is a Greek name that came from the word Christóforos, and it means 'bearer of Christ'.

3. Christy- This is a gender-neutral name that came from the name Christos, which means follower of Christ.

4. Cristian- The name Cristian means the follower of Christ, and Cristian is another variation of Christian that is written without the h after c.

5. Christine- It is a classic name that was popular among many countries that means the follower of Christ.

6. Cristino- It is another variation of the name Christiano that means the follower of Christ. It is suitable for any baby boy.

7. Kristen- The origin of this name is German. That means a follower of Christ or God.

8. Kristian- This name originated from Albanian, which means the son of God.

9. Krisztian- It is a male Hungarian name that means Christian. It can be a stylized version of the actual name.

10. Xtian- A cool kind of name that is an abbreviation of the name Christian.

Funny Nicknames For Christian

The word Christian came from Christianity, a popular culture. The aforementioned nicknames of Christian are cool. There are plenty of nicknames, but here is the most popular variation of very funky nicknames, and the nicknames can be given to any Christian. Read this portion of this article to know them all.

11. Crissy- This is the abbreviation of Christine, which is a Scottish baby name that means 'follower of Christ'.

12. Cristos - This is derived from Χρίστος. This is a Latin name that refers to Christ.

13. Critter- This name is suitable for a Christian who is very tall, and the word is also used for any kind of living creature or animal.

14. Crix- The word Crix originated from a Scholarly Crux, and the meaning of this word is a question that is unsolved or a puzzle that is very difficult to solve.

15. Kristijan- A name of Slavic origin that refers to the people who are mainly Christian by their religion.

16. Kristo- This attractive name means 'bearing Christ'.

17. Nutty Christian- The nickname refers to a Christian who is naughty.

18. Stina- This is a Greek name that means Christian.

Unique Nicknames For Christian

Nicknames for Christian.

Christian, this name is the name of a baby boy, but some parents name their girls Christian too. Here are some unique nicknames for Christian that would be a great choice for those who are looking for a unique and good nickname are listed below. Anyone can suggest them to their friends and family they will be amazed.

19. Christina- This is a beautiful feminine name that originated in Greek that means 'a Christian'.

20. Criston- This name is also another variant of Christian that can be a great choice for baby boys.

21. Karsten- This name is derived from German and Dutch and is also popular among them. This is usually a boy's name that means 'anointed'.

22. Krish- It can be a short form of Christian, but also it is an Indian name that refers to Lord Krishna.

23. Krystian- A name of Polish origin that came from the Latin name Christian.

24. Risty- This is another version of Kristi, and this refers to a person who is ingenious, inventive, or visionary.

25. Tia- A feminine name and a very cute name for any baby girl.

26. Xian- The origin of this word is Chinese and this name is related to Chinese mythology, which refers to a person who is immortal or leads a long life. It can be the best choice for a baby.

Cute Nicknames For Christian

Christian can have several nicknames, but here are some cute and popular nicknames given below that can represent someone's character as well as symbolize that specific person is a believer in Christianity. These are the names that show affection towards the person to whom this name was given. Read this portion for further information and cute nicknames.

27. Baby Christ- It is a perfect nickname for a baby boy or baby girl because the name Baby Christ refers to a Christian who is a baby or can be given to those who behave like a baby.

28. Chris- This is a sort of version of Christian, which is suitable for Christian as a nickname.

29. Christianne- This is another variation of Christian; this name is suitable for any baby girl.

30. Christella- This is a feminine English baby girl name. The meaning of this name is Crystal and Christian woman.

31. Cristiano- The origin of this Christian name is Italian and Greek. It is derived from the Christos or Χριστός which means 'I am Christ'.

32. Cristobel- It is a Christian name with a great meaning. This name refers to a person who holds Jesus Christ in their heart.

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