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25 Nicknames For Desiree

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Desiree was a popular name for girl babies born in the '80s.

Ever since then, it has fallen out of favor with soon-to-be mothers in recent years. It is because of its meaning that it and its variants are favored for a baby born on Valentine's Day.

Many celebrities born during the '50s, '60s, and '70s were named Desiree or a variation of that name. Before that, there was Desiree Clary, Queen of Sweden and Norway, born on November 8, 1777. One of the earliest born celebrities with the name Desiree was the French-born singer Desiree Artot. In the US, actress Desiree Gould was born in 1945, and in Germany, actress Desiree Nick was born in 1956.

Desiree came into fashion only in the 20th century as a name for an individual. 'Désirée's Baby', a short story by Kate Chopin, had appeared way before in 1893. Kate Chopin was an American author of novels as well as short stories. She was based in Louisiana and is regarded as the forerunner of feminist authors from southern America.

Cool Nicknames For Desiree

The meaning of its root word in Latin is 'longing'. The Latin root word is 'desiderium'. The most common variants of the name are Dezi and Dezie. Dez is one of the variants typically used for a baby girl.

  • Dee- It means 'swarthy' and is of Welsh origin. This nickname is gender-neutral.
  • Des- This nickname is derived from 'Deas Mumhain', which means 'South Munster' and is of Irish origin. It is an English baby name.
  • Desi- This means 'yearning' or 'sorrow' and is a variant of the Italian and Latin name Desiderio.
  • Rae- This name is of Hebrew origin. It is a biblical reference to Rachel, one of the wives of Jacob.
  •  Ree- This nickname means 'to tie or bind' and 'enchantingly beautiful' and is of Hebrew origin.

Cute Nicknames For Desiree

Children of this name are said to be energetic, empathetic to fellow beings, and have a positive outlook on life. Des, Rae, and Desie are all variants of the name Desiree.

  • Dechi- This means 'hope' and 'better tomorrow', whose origin is unknown.
  •  DD- This is a short nickname with no meaning in particular.
  •  Desie- This nickname is simply short for Desiree.
  • Dess- It means 'flat and inexpressive'. It's of American origin.
  •  Desy- This nickname means 'desired,' and 'yearning', and its origin is unknown.

Funny Nicknames For Desiree

Desiree's origin is from the Latin word Desiderāta which means 'desired'. Desire as a name was given by Puritans from New England to their baby girls in the 17th century. The most popular nickname for Desiree is Desi.

  • Deisy- It is about the daisy flower and is of American origin.
  • Dez- Means 'Lord of light' and is of American origin.
  • Dezi- This nickname means 'desired' and is of Latin origin.
  • Dezie- Means 'yearning' and is of Latin origin.
  • Ire- This nickname means 'extreme anger'.

Best Nicknames For Desiree

The baby name Desiree burst onto the English-speaking scene through the Hollywood movie 'Desiree' in 1954. This Hollywood movie tells the tale of Napoleon Bonaparte and Desirée Clary.

  • Daisy- This means 'day's eye' and is of Old English origin.
  • Dede- It means 'swarthy' or 'sorrowful' and is of Welsh origin.
  • Desii- This is a variant of the nickname Desi.
  • Desire- Means 'want' and is of French origin.
  • Dezz- This is a variant of the nickname Dez and is of American origin.
  • Dezzie- This is a good nickname used typically for a girl.
  • Ray- It means 'wise protector' and is of German origin.
  • Ray-Ray- It means 'advice' and has a Norman origin.
  • Deseray- It means 'desired'.
  • Desir- This nickname also means 'desired'.

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