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70+ Nicknames For Dorothy

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Why nicknames for Dorothy?

The name Dorothy is a translation of the Greek name Dorothea, which consists of the words 'Doron' meaning 'gift', and 'Theos', meaning 'God'. The word Dorothy thus means 'the gift of God' in Greek, and the immense popularity of this name is accredited to its beautiful meaning. Besides, personalities such as Dorothy Arnold, Dorothy Appleby, and Dorothy Coburn, famous American actresses, also inspire parents to name their little princesses Dorothy. Another popular instance of the name is its appearance in 'The Wizard Of Oz', which is adored by kids and adults alike. However, thinking of a nickname for Dorothy that is sweet yet unique might be perplexing. Fret not! Read this article to pick your favorite pet name for your little one.

Cool Nicknames For Dorothy

1. Adora - (Latin origin) means the 'beloved one'.

2. Dee

3. Dodee - (Hebrew origin) means 'gift' or 'well-loved'.

4. Dodo

5. Doll

6. Doll Dottie

7. Dolly

8. Dora - (Greek origin) means 'a gift from God', and is also a fictional character from the popular animated series 'Dora The Explorer'.

9. Dore

10. Dorothy Gale - is the female protagonist of 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

11. Dory

12. Dortsy

13. Dot

14. Dotti

17. Tee

18. Thea

Unique Nicknames For Dorothy

19. Da

20. Dara

21. Dot Dot

22. Dartha

23. Dart

24. Deothi

25. DT

26. Dorly

27. Dove

28. Dovey Dorothea

29. Dorsica - is a play on 'Corsica', which is a place in France, famous because of the popular comic 'Asterix In Corsica'.

30. Pandora - is a famous mythological character, especially famous because of the story of Pandora's Box.

Funny Nicknames For Dorothy

31. Day

32. Darie - (multiple origins) means 'kingly' or 'possess well'.

33. DD

34. Dottie Dolly

35. Dorothy Lyman - is the name of a famous American actress.

36. Dorothy Jean Dandridge - an American actress and singer.

37. Doron - (Hebrew origin)  means 'dweller' or 'gift from God'.

38. Doreen

39. Droo

40. Princess Dorothy

41. Pretty Dollie

42. Star Dorothy

43. Super Doriee

44. Tornado Do

Creative Nicknames For Dorothy

45. Adorthy

46. Cheeky Dory

47. Dee-Dee

48. Dith

49. Dizzy Dorsie

50. Dobby - is famous because of the Harry Potter franchise.

51. Doe

52. Dorothy Bush Koch - is the daughter of former American president George W Bush and a famous author herself.

53. Dori Dorothy

54. Dorfie

55. Dory Doro

56. Dorika

57. Dorotia

58. Dot Dottie

59. Errie

60. Odorata

61. Oddo

62. Ori

63. Oro

64. Orotheus

65. Rita

66. Ritty Ditty

67. Rothy

68. Theodora - (Greek origin) a regal nickname that means 'God given'.

69. Thia

70. Theon

71. Tia

72. Thy

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