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150 Nicknames For Elena

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Nicknames are names given to people by another person describing that person carrying the same qualities/traits.

They are the means for communicating our feelings/thoughts to others. Elena is a Greek and Romanian origin name generally given to a girl meaning 'shining light'.

It is off of the most commonly used names because it is easy to pronounce and has a girly but mature feel to it. It is not known if Elena is a Hispanic name, however, it is of Mexican origin.

The person with this name is considered to brighten up the room and put everyone into a happy mood. The name Elena is used in various countries with unique spellings that include Alena, Elizabeth, Elainna, and Ellena, Lennie. The main character traits of people named Elena include maturity, intelligence and kindness. If you wish to find a perfect nickname, find a list of Elena Nicknames below!

Cute Nicknames For Elena

Cute nicknames, when kept for loved ones, are sure to impress them! If you know someone named 'Elena' then this is your cue to give them cute nicknames.

  • Annett: Favored by god.
  • Anne: Graceful and lovely.
  • Baby Boo: Cute little child.
  • Baby girl: Someone who is daughter-like.
  • Bumble Bee: Lively and sweet.
  • Bunny: Like a tiny rabbit.
  • Coco: A cute nickname.
  • Daffodil: Elegant as a flower.
  • Eleena: Bright.
  • Elen: Moon's light.
  • Elena: Shimmering.
  • Elena belle: A beautiful lady.
  • Elena Princess: A lovely nickname.
  • Elena Rom: Romantic beauty.
  • Elena Rose: Blissful.
  • Elena Star: Shining in the sky.
  • Eleny: A short and sweet nickname.
  • Elham: An inspiration.
  • Elhanan: Ingenious.
  • Eliam: Someone who is creative.
  • Elianah/Ellaina/Elianna: These are incidental nicknames.
  • Eliany: Unique or one of its kind.
  • Elina: Brightly lit or dazzling.
  • Eline: Glittering.
  • Ella: Incidental nickname for Elle.
  • Elma: Used to protect something.
  • Elna: Covered or hidden.
  • Elon: A dense tree or vegetation.
  • Elona: Feminine nickname for Elene.
  • Fruit loops: A fun-loving person.
  • Leela: Indian origin nickname.
  • Len: Shorthand for Lena.
  • Lena: Abbreviation of Elena.
  • Lenú: Fair or just.
  • Lia: Wholly relaxed.
  • Nina: A tiny and cute person.
  • Nia: Nickname for Elena (ella-nia) excluding Ella.
  • Nora: A Latin word for a honorable person.
  • Sweet Elenae: As sweet as honey.
  • Twinkie: Nickname meaning shining light.

Funny Nicknames For Elena

Humorous and witty names are always remembered by all. Let us portray the fun side of Elena using some Funny Nicknames for Elena!

  • Albino Head: A strong-headed person.
  • Assassin: Unique nickname showing strength.
  • Bee’s Knees: Full of life.
  • Big Birdy: Excited and always enthusiastic.
  • Bree: Soup.
  • Bubbles: One of the cutest nicknames.
  • Buster Elenaie: Bold and brave.
  • Corn Pop: Someone with bubbly character traits.
  • Elena Bomb: Very dashing and sassy.
  • Elena Coffee: Just like Elena, everyone loves coffee!
  • Elena Curls: Curly hair Elena.
  • Elena Dork: The one who studies a lot.
  • Elena Locks: A firm opinioned person.
  • Elena Montana: Inspired by 'Hanna Montana' TV show.
  • Elena tan: A person who loves summer!
  • Elena the Aesculapius: The mistress.
  • Eliz: A shorthand for Elizabeth.
  • Elu: Short nickname for Ellie.
  • Ethan boy: Masculine name for Elena.
  • Eye Candy: One of the most commonly used nicknames.
  • Gamboge: Hard and brittle.
  • Galena: Shorthand for gallant-Lena.
  • Give Elena: Generous and kind.
  • Jelly Elenay: No one can resist Jelly!
  • Lagniappe: Advance or bonus.
  • Len-erdy: Nerd Elena.
  • Lucille: French origin word meaning 'of the light'.
  • Luna: Latin origin word meaning 'The moon'.
  • Maize: Bright yellow.
  • Mary Elena: Sea shimmering star.
  • MeLeNa: Creative nickname.
  • Olympia: An athletic person.
  • Pacman: A very witty name.
  • Peanut: Small and gentle person.
  • Murcurry: Someone who loves McDonalds!
  • New Elenarchy: Monarchy or the rule of Elena.
  • Tea Elena: Tea loving Elena!
  • Trinidad: A religious human-being.
  • Tweety Bird: Full of amusement.

Creative Nicknames For Elena

Creative nicknames are short and snappy! Below is a collection of some Creative nicknames overflowing with imagination.

  • Amok: Someone who is loving.
  • Anaya: Caring person.
  • Bionda: Fair and blond.
  • Bisque: Nutritious.
  • Bitsy: Mini or tiny.
  • Duckling: As cute as a duck.
  • Eh leh na: Split name or Elena.
  • Elena Kendrick: A researcher.
  • Elena Kin: World's explorer.
  • Elena Tropicana: Living in the tropics.
  • Elena Urbana: Settled in busy city life.
  • Elena vane: Showing the right direction.
  • Ellis: Alternate nickname for the name Ellie.
  • Ellowyn: One of the unique nicknames.
  • Elyon: Very respectable.
  • Endora: Light/No darkness.
  • Finn: Nickname meaning a brave warrior.
  • Fiona: A very fair and just person.
  • Gemma: Italian origin word meaning 'precious stone'.
  • Ghana: A mighty and strong fighter.
  • Juniper: Denoting a huge Juniper tree.
  • Lala: A comic nickname.
  • Luxor Elena: Someone who loves spending a lot of money.
  • Linzy: A cool nick for Lina (modification of Elena).
  • Melissa: Honey-like.
  • Musturd: A funny nickname for Elena.
  • Natasha: Born on god's birthday.
  • Penelope: Greek origin word meaning 'weaver'.
  • Pink Beauty: Someone with chubby cheeks.
  • Regina: Reigning queen.
  • Saffron: Autumn bliss.
  • Sis Elena: A person as close as a sister.
  • Sophia: Someone who is wise and full of wisdom.
  • Stellena: Steller Elena.
  • Wookie: A funky nick for Elena.
  • Xandra: The humanity's defender.

Sweet Nicknames For Elena

The best people should always have the sweetest nicknames. The name 'Elena' means 'Light' and a person who brightens up someone's day deserves to have a good nickname! Here are a few Sweet Elena Nicknames.

  • Alexa: Greek origin word meaning 'defender'
  • Alexandra: A defender of the world.
  • Cara: Greek origin meaning friend.
  • Diana: Heavenly and divine Latin
  • Elam: River Tigris.
  • Elanna: Bright.
  • Elayna: Someone who is very stable.
  • Elayne: Shimmer.
  • Eleana: A calm person.
  • Elenna: Light.
  • Elenaes: A misspelled fun nickname.
  • Elenaie: A cute baby name.
  • Elene: A cute nickname.
  • Elenita: Nickname meaning 'luminous'.
  • Elizabeth: Abundance or in a whole lot.
  • Ellamae: Complete in every sense.
  • Elle: Nickname meaning 'measurement of cloth'.
  • Elleana/Elleanna: Incidental nicknames.
  • Ellen: Light of the torch.
  • Elliana/Ellianna: God's answer of hope.
  • Elli/Ellie: Short form of Ellianna's nickname.
  • Elly: Rays of the sun.
  • Ellyana/Ellyanna: A modification of Elena.
  • Ellyn: Most beautiful female.
  • Elowen/Elowyn: Modern or urbaninan.
  • Elsie: Most common short nickname.
  • Elwynn: A perfect nickname.
  • Elyana/Elyanna: Nickname meaning 'gifted by God'.
  • Helen: Glowing or beaming.
  • Hope: Ambition and willpower.
  • Leni/Lenni/Lennie/Lenny: Someone who is known for their bravery.
  • Louise: A gallant warrior.
  • Nuni: Amazing or excellent.
  • Vanessa: As active as a butterfly.

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