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64 Nicknames For Evan

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The Welsh name 'Iefan,' which is a variant of the name John, is the source of the male given name 'Evan' in both English and Wales.

The names John and Ivan are both derived from the ancient Hebrew name 'Yəhôḥānān,' which means 'Yahweh is gracious.' In other languages, they could be compared to 'Ivan,' 'Juan,' and 'Ian.'

Since 1957, when it was rated 440th among boys' names, the popularity of the name Evan for boys in the United States has continuously increased, reaching a peak in 2009 at number 35. Since then, it has dropped; by 2013, it was no longer among the top 50 male first names in the US, and by 2020, it was no longer within the top 100. It was never a common name for girls, but it became slightly more popular in the '80s and '90s; it has since fallen, just like it has among boys.

The Hebrew word has meanings in other languages as well as English. Its Scottish translation is 'right-handed,' and it connects to the Gaelic term 'Eóghan,' which signifies 'youth' and comes from Euan, which means 'young warrior.'

Cute Nicknames Of Evan

'ehv-IN' is how you pronounce Evan. It should sound like the word 'heaven' when spoken. Some cute and adorable Evan nicknames are as follows:

 1. Aden- meaning little and fiery.

2. Aeron- that means mountain of strength.

3. Afon- a gender-neutral name of Welsh origin that means River.

4. Arawn- means King Of The Otherworld.

5. Bowen- meaning 'son of Owen.'

6. Bowie- meaning yellow, fair-haired.

7. Bran- that means broom-covered hill.

8. Bryant- meaning honorable, virtuous, is of English origin.

9. Caerwyn, meaning love, fair, or blessed.

10. Cullen- meaning good-looking lad; handsome.

11. Declan- means a person of prayer.

12. Dewey- meaning cherished; Beloved.

13. Dillon- meaning like a lion or loyal.

14. Eevee- means a girl who was born in charismas eve.

15. Efan- that means God has shown favor.

16. Egan- means the bright-eyed little one.

17. Eirwyn- meaning white/blessed snow.

18. Evi- means one who breathes and lives.

19. Evy- a girl's name of Hebrew origin.

20. Giovanni- a name of Italian origin.

21. Iain- that means the Lord is gracious.

22. Ifan- that means gift of God.

23. Ioannis- meaning God is gracious in formal Greek.

24. Kellen- it is of Irish origin and means swamp; slender.

25. Leven- that means place of the flood.

26. Orrin- the name refers to in English as a river.

27. Van- meaning is glad.

28. Vani- means eloquent in words.

29. Vany- it means sound friendly God.

Unique Nicknames Of Evan

Evan's nicknames are loved by all! Any gender could use the name Evan. Although boys are statistically more likely to have the name than girls, girls are starting to accept it more and more. Some unique nicknames for Evan are listed below.

30. Euan Welsh- a variation of Iefan Variations.

31. Euan- a Scottish Evan, born of Yew.

32. Euen- a youth of Evan.

33. Ev- a short form of Evan.

34. Eva- a young Evan.

35. Evion- an American Evan.

36. Evo- a French Evan.

37. Ewan- meaning God is gracious.

38. Ewen- an Irish Evan.

39. Farmgirlev- an Evan who loves farming.

40. Vin- a Latin Evan.

Creative Nicknames Of Evan

The nicknames mentioned above are really creative, but Evan has many other interesting nicknames. Although the list is endless, we have made an effort to include the names with the most originality here.

41. Evana- a peaceful Evan.

42. Evander- also a Greek nickname for Evan.

43. Evandro-the Evan who is a good person.

44. Evanee- a young Evan who loves to fight.

45. Evanell- a kind Evan.

46. Evanelle- it is derived from the Latin words' iustus' or 'istunus.'

47. Evangelita- the Evan who brings good news.

48. Evangelo- a Greek Evan.

49. Evangelos- which means good news.

50. Evangely- a baby girl's name of Greek origin.

51. Evangelyn- a Greek baby who brings good news.

52. Evangelyne- a beautiful exclamation for your new baby girl.

53. Evangelynn- a messenger of good news.

54. Eve- it means full of life and mother of life.

55. Evie- a girl's name which means life.

56. Evin- a Judaistic name for boys.

Funny And Cool Nicknames Of Evan

There are some really funny and exciting nicknames for Evan. The names that are frequently shortened to nicknames are usually bold. The nicknames for Evan listed below will blow your mind.

57. Devin- a dark-haired Evan.

58. Ethan- who is strong and enduring.

59. Evans- it means rock.

60. Ivan- a Slavic Evan.

61. Ivon- a French-born Evan.

62. Jeevan- means life, an Indian (Sanskrit) nickname for Evan.

63. Jovan- a Latin Evan.

64. Owen- a noble-born Evan.

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