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210 Nicknames For Jonathan

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Choosing a kid’s birth name can be very exciting and if you are thinking about naming your baby boy Jonathan, then there are various variants of this name including, Johnathan, Jonathon, Jonothon, Johnathen, and Jonothan, and more.

In Hebrew origin, Jonathan name is a shortened version derived from Yehonatan or Jehonathan, where ‘yeho’ is explained as ‘about God’ and ‘Natan’ ‘to give.’ In old attestations, Jonathan was the oldest son of King Saul and was characterized as a person of great strength similar to Hercules or Tarzan.

Despite being an old name, Jonathan has been a popular and classic name choice for boys until now. But when it comes to picking the best nickname for Jonathan, there is a wide variety of choices, which makes it difficult. Especially when your friends and family keep providing suggestions and trying to confuse you.

However, we think that it is important to select a nickname that shows off the baby’s characteristics and uniqueness, and impresses others as well. But don’t be so stressed out, here is the list of unique, funny, and cool nicknames for Jonathan that might help you.

Cool Nicknames For Jonathan

Coming up with great nicknames for Jonathan is to know their characters and if your kid has cool characteristics our list of cool nicknames will be super useful to you. Have a look!

1. Jay Man - the man of the family.

2. Jon-O – pronounced as John ending with an O.

3. Jon-Ji – Jon with an Indian suffix-Ji.

4. J-Dawg – one who is a great friend.

5. Jonner – a variant for Jona.

6. Joburg – one who loves to travel, mostly as a reference for Johannesburg.

7. Jonty – a British nickname.

8. Johnny Bravo – like in a cartoon, strong and confident.

9. Jozilla – for a tall and a little scary Jonathan, as a reference to Godzilla.

Thanny – 'Than' of Jonathan with a ‘Ny’ sound.

11.   HotJo – one who is hot.

12.   JMoney – an oofy one.

13.  Spookster-Johnny- one who loves ghost movies.

14.   Honjo – one who loves trap music like a spin-off of Honcho.

15.   Jojo – African origin; cute as a yoyo.

17.   Jochella – a performer Jonathan.

18.   NatTheGreat – a popular one.

19.   NastyJo – lover of rap music like Nasty C.

20. Joxter- lazy and worry-free person.

21.   Jox - a mischievous one.

22.   Jonathaniee - one with an extensive noisy sound.

23.   Jo – short and crisp to suit anybody.

24.   Jockey – a sporty Jack.

25.   Joella - beautiful inside out.

26.   Nathan – coolest nickname to date.

27.   Jobeth - old yet cool.

28.   Jokyo - sounds like Tokyo.

29.   Jon - cool tiny Jonathan.

30.   Joolie - French origin; means ‘youthful’.

31.   Jazzie - a jazz lover.

32.   Jo-Bro - neighborhood Jonathan

33.   Jonath-Ham - one with reference to Hamburger.

34.  Skinny-johnny - thin one.

35.   Josce - Norman name; meaning lord.

36.   Shawnathan - one whose zodiac is Virgo.

37.   Jonathin - Jonathan with an ‘I’.

38.   Jobathan - simple and attractive.

39.   Jay - cool as hay.

40.   Jonner - cool and reliable one.

41.   Jonah - a Hebrew minor prophet.

42.   Jumbo Jon- huge Jonathan.

43.   Joynathan - joyful Jonathan.

44.   Natty Boy - a smart one.

45.   Jo-Knight-Ton - a brave one.

46.   Jodie - having Biblical roots; means 'Jewish'.

47.   Nastyjo - one who is a sweetheart.

48.   Jackie- Unisex name for Jonathan.

Best Nicknames For Jonathan

Nicknames are the short version of the name which is easy to understand and used by everyone. This list of best nicknames for Jonathan is just what you need.

49.   Jon – first three letters of Jonathan.

50.   Jona – first four letters of Jonathan.

51.   Nat – independent one.

52.   Jovi- Latin origin; father of the sky.

53.   Jonan – a great-great-great-great-great-grandson of David.

54.   Josh- is a playful person.

55.   Bae-than – a super cute option for Jonathan

56.   Jeet- Indian word, meaning ‘win’.

57.   Jonat – one with life lessons and good luck.

58.   Nate - a bit stubborn but loving name.

59.   Nath- lover of tranquility & comfort.

60.   Jo Man – the man of your life.

61.   Jonny Boo – silly yet affectionate one.

62.   Jodi- female version of Jody.

63.   Jowen- who has a friendly, congenial personality.

64.   JoButter- sweet and smooth.

65.   Joel- a Hebrew minor prophet.

66.   Joco- sharp-minded.

67.   Jono – an adorable one.

68.   Jothie - one who is practical and sincere.

69.   Jonavin- determined, original, creative, and honest Jonah.

70.   Jonny - the spunkiest name for John.

71.   Joram- a contracted version.

72.   Joynathan – someone who brings joy/happiness to you.

73.   Jonasun – one who is the sunshine of your life or is as bright as the sun.

74.   Thansome – a handsome Jonathan.

75.   Jonny Honey – one who is sweet as honey as well as fuzzy.

76.   Mr. J – compelling way of calling someone only with the use of initials.

77.   Jonen – someone who is humorous and a great comedian.

78.   Johaganny - rich and strong.

79.   Jombe - a person with a great memory.

80.   Johnella - female version of Jonathan.

81.   Jundub - a person full of life.

82.   Joe Box – the box of joy and happiness.

83.   Joey – someone who makes you go ‘Aww!’

84.   Jonathank – for someone whose presence makes you immensely thankful in your life; emo nickname.

85.   Captain Nathan – when he has the characteristics of a captain/leader.

86.   John Smith – to make him feel like a Disney character; if he loves being an actor or main character.

87.   Thaddeus - meaning heart.

88.   King J – to make him feel like he is the king of all hearts.

89.   Josyln - a member of the German tribe.

90.   Joson - similar to Jason.

91.   Nathaniel - Nathan with a gravitational and cute personality.

92.   Jago- Jogger Jonathan.

93.   Jaci - meaning moon; short for Jack.

Unique Nicknames For Jonathan

Give your kids a nickname that you heard before. Here is a list of creative and unique nicknames for Jonathan that nobody has ever thought of.

94.   Jolly – one whose smile makes you happy and jolly.

95.   Jonatha - a moody one.

96.   Jozsa- Herbew girl name.

97.   Jonattan - curious one.

98.   Gionatan - a very loving and adorable kid.

99.   Jano - a version of Jan.

100.  Jamathan - a jam lover.

101.  MJ - mini-Jonathan.

102. Juno – a pleasant one named after a Roman Goddess.

103.  Joep - of Dutch origin.

Jonath - one who is optimistic and determined.

105. Jon Snow - snow lover or if you just like 'Game of Thrones.'

106. Jojoba - with reference to American shrubs.

107. Yehonatan – this is a Hebrew variant of Jonathan that sounds aristocratic.

108. Jonatan - mainly used in the Scandinavian language.

109. Thandie - a loved one.

110. JBrodi - dude Jonathan.

111. Jax- short and tiny. 

112. Jonathrill – one who loves adventure and thrill.

113. Jorell- was inspired by the father of Superman.

114. Josiah- meaning God heals.

115. JonBenet - African origin; the person with blossom and exotic personality.

116. Jonasia - something that itself means unique.

117. Jovon - name of the father mostly.

118.  Jen – one who has a compassionate love for humanity.

119.  Jonas - Hebrew meaning dove; one who is peaceful and accomplished.

120. Jonatão - mainly used in the French language.

121. Jaguar – wild and feisty.

122. Joyner - joyful person.

123. Jencarlos - this name has powerful symbolism.

Jonanthony - someone who explores new horizons and has the freedom to make their destiny.

125. Juni - one born in June.

126. Jondee - a variant of Jonathan.

Show-Nathan – for a lively boy.

128.  Janny - a sweet name for a baby girl.

129. Jonavan - person with true essence; independent.

Jônatas - for one who is attractive and appealing to others.

131. Jonanthan - one who is full of life and can easily deal with difficult situations.

132.  Yaw-nathan - lazy and yawning Jonathan.

133. Jonaya - when the kid is something you prayed for, this name is perfect as it means ‘your prayer is answered.’

134. Bisque - a tennis lover.

135. Joop - just like the loop.

136. Jonay - unisex name; meaning God is gracious.

137.  Gionata - one who is bright and beautiful.

138. Jonalee - one with great willpower and is rebellious.

139. Jothy - Chinese Origin.

Joule - brilliant and often inventive.

141. Joatan - one who loves solving mysteries and learning about secrets is their favorite way to spend time.

142.  Jonaliz - one who is dependable, enthusiastic, and responsible. 

143.  Joyce - a person who brings light to every person's life she touches.

144.  Bacon - a unique name for the lover of bacon or bread.

145.  Jonalyn - for the one who is gracious.

146. Tahj - one who plays a big role in your life.

147. Jon-Boy - one of the ways to call your boy; a gift of Jehovah.

Joncarlo - a variation of John.

149. Jonam - one with leadership qualities.

150. Jonatã - Native American origin; means talk oaks.

151. JT - short form of Jonathan.

152. Jonaven - this name represents intuition, idealism, romance, and generosity.

153. Jonavon - American name meaning from god’s river.

154. Jonce - one who is bold and spiritual.

Funny Nicknames For Jonathan

Having a goofy and silly name makes it fun to remember one’s childhood. Here is a list of funny nicknames for Jonathan that would bring back fond memories and make you laugh:

155. JayBaybee – one who acts like a child.

156. Jay Boyo – is a funny way of saying Jay Boy.

157. JoSnacky – the one who eats a lot.

158. EmoJo – an emotional one.

Thana - a variant of thankfulness.

160.  Jo-Fish – a reference to Go fish; one who is an expert at card games

161. ChattyJay – a talkative one.

162. Jonathan Goatee – beardy or hairy Jonathan

163. BookieJo – one loves to read a lot.

164. Jonthee - a variant of Jonathan.

165. Jolopan - with reference to Jalapeno.

166. JoSnail – slow one.

167. Jordon - after the river Jordon.

168.  Jon-Satan – the one who is always up to something bad/evil.

169. Jozeg - Dutch origin.

170. Jonana – a fun name for a cool-headed person.

171. Jogathon – someone who doesn’t miss jogging or is a jogging freak.

172. Demo-nathan – if your son is a tiny devil.

173. Jinn – with reference to ‘genie’.

174. Jonathumb – one with an unusual thumb.

175. Janithan – if your son was born in January.

176. Jonathief – not a good characteristic, but for one who usually forgets after borrowing things.

177.  Joan - a feminine version.

178. Jevs - named after an infection.

179. Jonasty – one who is not so clean and tidy.

180.  Bookiejo - one is good with bookings and reservations.

181. Lardy - a chubby one.

182. Joshian - one who inspires candidness and authenticity.

183. Santhe - a very mystical and mysterious person.

184. Joanna - one who is good with music.

185.  Jonnyboy – similar to the poem Jhonny.

186. Jon Jon – Jon, but twice.

187. JellyJo – with reference to jelly, cute and soft.

188. Jody – someone who is really sweet.

189.  Jonty-Jo – one who is always excited.

190. Nae – a cute one.

191. Jove - lovely baby.

192. Tadeo - close to the heart

193. Hanathan - the gift of God.

194. BabJo - American origin; female name.

195. LJ - lil Johnny.

196. Jolynn - a feminine nickname.

197. Jem - like one of the gems.

198. Nateycakie – one who loves cake.

199. Junior - is the youngest one in the family.

200. NayNay – Na is spelled with ‘y’.

201. Almond Joy - sharp and cute.

202. Jock - enthusiastic and charming.

203. JellyBoo - a cute and adorable one.

204. Natty – naughty one.

205.Yann - French origin.

206. Joe – if he is like a cutie patootie.

207.  Jello – one who is your sweetheart.

208. Jonica - if your Jonathan is a girl.

209. Jujube – for one who is fruity.

210. JellyBean – the cutest boy.

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