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215 Nicknames For Joshua

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The name Joshua is derived from the Hebrew 'Yehoshua', which means 'God is salvation'.

According to the Bible, there was also an Israelite monarch named Joshua who took the Hebrews to the promised land. The gender of the name Joshua is often masculine.

The name Joshua has gained enough popularity in different parts of the world, so here we are today with the fine collection of 215 nicknames for Joshua.

Cool Nicknames For Joshua

There are a few well-known nicknames for Joshua that have stood the test of time admirably and have been in circulation for quite some time.

  • Alpha-J - A name of Greek origin suitable for both boys and girls. It means a gift of gab.
  • Big-J - It signifies responsibility, authority, and leadership.
  • Creamy Jolly
  • Don Josh - A cute nickname used to tease someone.
  • Ginger Jo
  • Jo-Jo - It means 'God raises'. Jo-Jo is for a sweet little Joshua. Jo-Jo has Hebrew roots.
  • Jolly Josh - Jolly Josh is a cute nickname. Jolly Josh is a name for jolly people.
  • Josh Cena - A name that was influenced by renowned wrestler and actor John Cena.
  • J-Breezy - A perfect nickname for a person who is happy, confident, and enthusiastic.
  • Jo Bear
  • JJ, the Clone
  • Jemo - A cute nickname.
  • Joey - A fun nickname that means a young child
  • J-Dwang - A cool name for a person who is attractive, intelligent, and competent.
  • Josue - An adorable and endearing counterpart of Joshua.
  • J-Boy - A sassy nickname that undoubtedly gives your personality a cool twist.
  • J - J is among the coolest nicknames for Joshua.
  • J Man - A moniker usually preferred by the strong and classy man.
  • J-Money
  • Jo-Money - An adorable version of J-Money. Jo-Money is as cool as it sounds. Jo-Money is addressed to a sweetheart.
  • Josh - A name perfect for the person who loves to tease everyone playfully.
  • Joshers - It is the noun form of Josh.
  • J-Papi - J-Papi moniker can be used in a teasing way. J-Papi is mainly used for loved ones.
  • Jolly Owlet
  • J Dolly
  • J Mimi
  • J- dawg - It is a moniker used for a friend. J-dawg also means a stranger. J-dawg can be used to show affection.
  • Joe Wei - It means the only one.
  • Jozua - A word with Hebrew roots that means 'Jehovah is salvation.'
  • Jehovah - A variant of God's Hebrew name that appears in several Bible translations.
  • Jay- A name with Latin roots that means 'glad or 'blue crested bird.'. Jay is quite a popular moniker.
  • Joshy Jay - Joshy Jay is as cool as it sounds. Joshy Jay refers to a bold and strong personality.
  • Jaden - A combination of Jay and Aiden. Jaden is of American origin which means God has heard. Jaden is a boy's name.
  • Joshue - A moniker given in the spirit of love and compassion.
  • Jay-Z
  • Joe - A moniker that means an ordinary man. it is well-adopted among all the nicknames for Joshua.
  • Strong Joe - A title given to a person who is straightforward but strong.
  • Joshy - Refers to a person who is filled with joy and happiness. Joshy has Indian roots.
  • Joko - The Javanese equivalent of Jaka which means young lad.
  • Joko Jay - A moniker as perfect as it rhymes.
  • Joe Schwa - A moniker that is not unique but also cool.
  • J-Luv - A moniker like this needs no explanation as it speaks for itself.
  • Joe Lovy - Another variant for your significant other.
  • Joshkins - A lovable extension of Joshua.
  • Jhusmine - It means intuition, romance, and generosity.
  • Joshismine - A variant of the moniker Jhusmine.
  • Jos - A biblical reference to the name Joshua.
  • Josy Jo - Perfect for the ones finding a trendy and catchy moniker.
  • Joshy Jos - A cool combination of Joshy and Jos.
  • J-Breezy - A person who is strong, confident, and cool like a wind.
  • Lil Chimp
  • Lil Joshy - It is a moniker that can be used to refer to the little ones in your house.
  • Masta Jo - Refers to a victorious person.
  • Super Joe - A cool name for kids who love superheroes.

Funny Nicknames For Joshua

There are many amusing nicknames for Joshua that not only make you laugh but also keeps you in a lively frame of mind. The list is as follows:

  • Bon-shua - It can be another moniker for Joshua.
  • Calculist Jo
  • Daddy Josh - It can be used in a funny way for your beloved.
  • Fishy Jo - Refers to a person who is always suspicious.
  • Foxy Jo - It refers to a person who has fox-like intelligence.
  • Fishy Joshy - A person having too many doubts.
  • Giggly Joshy -It is the one who laughs differently.
  • Giggly Josh - It is a modified version of Giggly Joshy.
  • Joe Mama - A wordplay that translates to yo mama. Joe Mama makes people laugh hysterically.
  • Joshy Poshy - A combination used by kids to playfully tease one another.
  • Jo Lean - A humorous nickname for someone who is constantly leaning against something.
  • Joe Walker - Joe Walker is a well-adopted moniker. Joe Walker is known for his voice.
  • Joe Mama-Lee - Another variant of Joe Mama.
  • J Fruity
  • Jo Mama
  • Jo Muffin - Jo Muffin is a perfect moniker for your beloved. Jo Muffin is comprised of love and affection.
  • Jaska - A name with Finnish roots which means supplanter.
  • Joshia - A catchy and cute nickname among the nicknames for Joshua.
  • Jish - Means winner or a victory.
  • Jumbo - Means a very large person or object.
  • Jumbo Joshy - A lovable extension of the moniker Jumbo.
  • Joshybeans - It is the one who sugar-coats a lot.
  • Josh Baby - It is an expression of love and compassion.
  • Jay Maddy - It is generally used as the girls' name which means tower.
  • Jolly-Polly - Polly refers to a person who acts like a politician.
  • Jishy-Pishy
  • JJ - Also refers to a Swedish band.
  • Joosh
  • Jafar
  • Jashn - It is of Indian origin which means celebration.
  • Jehan- It means the world.
  • Jahaan - It is another variant of Jehan.
  • Joshington - It is a moniker meaning, powerful.
  • Jo the Pooh - It is similar to Winnie the Pooh.
  • Jr.
  • Jeeta
  • Joshus
  • Jelly Josh - It is the one that is as sweet as jelly.
  • Jelly Joshy - It is another revised moniker for Joshua.
  • Jokeshua - It is for the ones who are great lovers and optimistic.
  • J-Drizzle - It is inspired by the J-Drizzle, a hip-hop star.
  • Joshy-Clutchy - It is ideal for the companion you will always have.
  • Jopher -It means healer and intelligent.
  • J Sweety
  • Master Jo - It hilariously designates a martial arts expert.
  • Musical Jo-Lean - A person who is interested in music. Musical Jo-Lean is a well-adopted moniker.
  • Munchkin
  • Oshy - It taken out of Joshy.
  • Oshu - It is also the name of the famous spiritual guru.
  • Sleepy Joe
  • Scrappy Josh
  • Silencer
  • Ultimate J-Man - A nickname for fans of superheroes. Ultimate J-Man is similar to ultimate Spiderman.
  • Yeshua

Unique Nicknames For Joshua

Here is the list of many distinctive nicknames for Joshua.

  • AJ- An abbreviation of Anthony Joshua.
  • BoBo - It refers to the person who is born on Tuesday.
  • Chief Josh - It is perfect for the ones who love cooking.
  • Enchanting Jimmy - Someone who is fabulously beautiful or engaging.
  • Gummy Josh - A person who always sticks around.
  • Gummy-J - Another version of Gummy Josh
  • Gummy-Jo - A modified moniker for Joshua.
  • Joslyn - It is a variant of Jocelyn which means a participant of a German tribe.
  • Jacy - It means the moon for the God of the moon.
  • Jenny - It means white wave.
  • Judith
  • Joshy Glow
  • Jacky- Packy
  • Jujube
  • Jackie-J - A name similar to Jackie-Chan.
  • Jacky-Chan - A modified version of Jackie.
  • Jimmy- Jo - Jimmy is used to addressing a male stranger.
  • Jim - A name of a Canadian actor, Jim Carrey.
  • Jimmy Josh - A unique and popular name.
  • J'Lo - A shorthand used for Jennifer Lopez.
  • Jailen
  • J Chip
  • Jady
  • Jady-Doo - Inspired by Scooby-Doo.
  • Jovy - Refers to a person who is romantic, self-sacrificing, and devoted.
  • Jdog
  • J-Bird - A term of endearment given to an attractive female.
  • J-Sizzle - A term for a hot and attractive person.
  • Jack Lopez
  • Jayanta
  • Jash - A moniker that means victory or fame.
  • Joah
  • Junior - The greatest option for your home's younger residents.
  • Josh Porkie - The ones who love to eat meat.
  • Jawsh - It is another variant of Josh.
  • Jaci - It means a healer.
  • Joki - A moniker that means river.
  • Joshlyn - It is a modified version of Joslyn.
  • Joyce - A name of Latin origin that means Lord.
  • Juice - A name inspires creativity and individuality.
  • Joshy-Woshy
  • Joshy-Poshy - Poshy refers to a rich individual and stands for elegance.
  • J-Corny - Refers to a sentimental person.
  • J-Bae - It is a moniker for your significant other.
  • J-Cole - Perfect for those who are J-Cole fans.
  • J-Puffin - Inspired by a seabird, Puffin.
  • Little Birdy
  • Moon Flower
  • Mr. J - It is used to show someone respect.
  • Prince Jay - Refers to a person who leads a regal lifestyle.
  • Puffy Joe - A cute moniker for the soft and sweet ones.
  • Shu - It is a Japanese moniker that means circuit.
  • Uncle Joshie - A cute moniker for your beloved uncle.
  • Yosy - It means desire, humor, and forthrightness.

Cute Nicknames For Joshua

Do you want a moniker that exudes confidence and style? Here is the list of some best nicknames for Joshua.

  • Angel Josh
  • Buttery Joe
  • Bubula - A Yiddish word for sweetheart.
  • Bubbly Joe - Refers to a person of high spirits.
  • Bambi Joe - A perfect nickname for Bambi lovers.
  • Blondie Joe - A person who has blonde hair.
  • Cheeky
  • Chickpea Jo
  • Chubby Jo
  • Daisy-Jo
  • Jolene - For those who are Jolene's fans.
  • J Pumpkin
  • June
  • Jas
  • Jam
  • Jeshaiah - It means God is salvation.
  • Joy - Means pleasure and happiness.
  • J-Ranger - Inspired by Power Ranger.
  • Joe Bean - A Magic Bean that grows fast.
  • Josh Buns
  • Jacy Butterbutt
  • JJ-Rockstar
  • Joshu Darling - A moniker for your loved one.
  • Joshu - A cute version of Joshua.
  • Joshy Honey - An alluring moniker.
  • Jo Candy - A person as sweet as a candy
  • Jelly Gum - Refers to a person as delicious as gums.
  • Jojo Puff - Inspired by Choco Puff.
  • Joshy-Pie
  • J Dumbbell - A term for someone who picks things up slowly.
  • Joe Bunny
  • Jay Buddy
  • Jos Checkers
  • Jimmy Gem- A person who is as precious as a solitaire.
  • Jacy Dumpling - A title who loves to eat dumplings.
  • J Hobbit - A name based on a fictional character.
  • Jimmy Choo- A name inspired by a brand.
  • J-Boozy
  • Jeho - Refers to a diplomatic person.
  • Josh Brownie - Invokes a love as dark as chocolate.
  • Jaai
  • Joshy Quill
  • J Pearl
  • Jay Autumn
  • Lil Cookie
  • Lil Meatballs
  • Lil Buggie - Evokes compassion, creativity, and generosity.
  • Oh Joy
  • Pudding - A moniker to express love.
  • Peachy Jo
  • Sugary Joe
  • Sweet Bun
  • Si - Similar to Josiah

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